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Author: topstuf
Date: September 16, 2018

Interesting Facts and Data About Treadmills For Home Use

The best treadmills for home use are designed for convenience, possesses the right features, and is powered by strong motors. The equipment is manufactured for workout guidance and entertainment. The home treadmills are versatile and meet the fitness requirements of every member of the family.

The best treadmills are well-built and supportive and have different routines to keep you engaged. The low-quality treadmill, on the other hand, makes you feel uncomfortable and you will be confused whether you are running or walking.

Before you spend your money on a top-tier treadmill, you need to know first the different features of the equipment. The best treadmill under 300 tends to be less expensive and is designed for casual users. The stationary models have solid construction and with large running belts designed for runners since it can accommodate a long stride.

The Increasing Demand for Treadmill

In 2006, the number of users of treadmills had increased significantly in the United States. After ten years it has ballooned to approximately 51.87 million users. It shows great success in the industry and treadmill is now considered as the best workout equipment in working out. (statista.com). 2010 was also an excellent year for treadmills. It continues to be the best selling fitness equipment, with around 50 million being sold. The figure is about twice the number of the elliptical trainers.

In 2010 also the wholesale of fitness equipment grew from 4.1% to 4.3%. This was greater than the overall growth rate in the sporting goods industry, which includes fitness and sporting goods equipment, athletic footwear, sports apparel, and licensed merchandise. It is considered the most significant growth swing in the industry of sporting goods for 20 years.

The Benefits of Using Treadmill

If you are looking for something that will help you stay active conveniently and efficiently, treadmill for home use is the best tool. But convenient is not the only benefit that you can get from using the treadmill. Here are some of the fantastic benefits of exercising on the treadmill.

  1. Ease of Use

When it comes to workout equipment, this equipment is the easiest to use. For those who are worrying about uneven terrain or had difficulty walking on an uphill, the treadmill has flat and predictable surface. The users don’t have to think about trails, curbs, or sidewalks. Treadmills are loved by many because they are easy to use.

  1. Monitors Your Progress

You can track your progress on the treadmill. Most of the treadmills have digital monitors that show you vital stats, such as the calories burned, distance, heart rate and time. Others allow multiple users and save your statistics, to monitor your improvements. It is essential to track your progress, mainly if you have plans on losing weight.

  1. Workout Programs

A treadmill with a digital monitor, it also has built-in workout programs. These workout programs may vary depending on speed or incline of your workout to make the exercise more challenging. Workout programs make your activities fun and exciting.

  1. Lose Weight

Losing weight is the most popular benefits of using a treadmill. You can burn 229 calories for running on the treadmill for 20 minutes at six mph. If you can extend it up to 8mph, you can burn around 300 calories. If you combine your treadmill activities and healthy diet, you can reach your weight loss goals quickly.

  1. Improved Cardiovascular Health

Treadmills can provide great cardiovascular workout and strengthen heart health. Exercising on the treadmill strengthens your heart. Having a good heart means low blood pressure. The act of walking or running helps you to let the blood flow, which lessens the stress on your heart. Aerobic exercise can reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

  1. Improves Muscle Tone

Running or walking on a treadmill helps tone and strengthens buttocks, quadriceps muscles, and buttocks. If you use the incline feature, it will help tone your legs. Running on a treadmill without holding on the handlebars can tone up your arm muscles.

  1. Improves Joint Flexibility

Exercising on a treadmill keeps your joints flexible. And since you are walking on a treadmill rather than on the hard pavement, the impact on your joints and knees are lessened. For those with arthritis, the treadmill is the best way to keep your joints loose and to avoid unwanted pain.

  1. Convenient

Working out on the treadmill is the convenient way to ensure that you are keeping your body healthy. If you have the best treadmill at home, you can exercise right in the comfort of your house.

Factors to Consider When Buying

You don’t just buy the first treadmill that you saw online or in an equipment store. Here are the things you need to consider when purchasing:

  1. The Design

If you have small space in your house dedicated to your fitness, then choose the one that you can fold and store in the closet when not in use. It is also best if the equipment has wheels for easy maneuvering.

  1. Helpful Tech Features

Working out at home cancels excuses for not being fit. However, when boredom strikes sometimes, you make excuses not to do your workouts. This is where the programming and entertainment features come in. A simulated trail running and a virtual personal trainer can help pump up your activities. Also, features like WIFI connectivity and downloadable exercises can make your workout fun and less boring.

  1. Spacious Deck Space

For many users, a 55 x 20-inch belt surface area lets you stride easily. If your primary workout is walking, then the regularly sized treadmill is enough. However, if you need to run and you have long legs, you might need more inches of length so you can move freely – around 60 by 20 inches is enough. You will not enjoy the muscle-toning benefit treadmill if you cut your strides.

  1. Strong Motor

The vital thing you need to look for is the CHP or the Continuous Horsepower.  Some treadmill companies twist the figures by recording the peak capabilities – the maximum horsepower the machine can exert within a given time. The treadmill must match your stride, regardless of how long you go.

  1. Incline

The treadmill under 1000 offers an incline option. The ideal incline on a treadmill is 15%. Most of the treadmill provides this and gets the job done. The primary feature you need to look on an incline is electronic adjustability.

  1. Heart Rate Monitoring

The heart monitoring is an option that can be provided on every treadmill, but it is vital that it should be accurate. It can be achieved by contact sensors on the grips, a thumb sensor or thru a chest strap. The most convenient and reliable of these is the chest strap. This lets you continue running without worrying about getting anything to take a reading.

  1. Warranty

Check the warranty with ten years or more on motor and frame. Buy a treadmill with a longer warranty. After a year of use, the treadmill may experience problems. Do not choose the super-cheap treadmill that offers 30 or 60 days warranty as it will wear out after 12 months.


Finding the best treadmill is not easy at all. You need to check all the vital features before buying. If you are on a tight budget, you can consider the best treadmill under 500 or less. However, these treadmills may not possess all the above features. Make sure that you choose the one that will fit your lifestyle and the purpose of buying it.

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