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Author: topstuf
Date: November 25, 2020

Easy To Use Roku Web Browsers - Free and Working Methods

Do you want to surf the web using your Roku device? Are you looking forward to use all functionalities of web browser on your Roku TV? Well, this has become a necessity for all Roku owners; but sadly, there isn’t an official Roku made web browser. If you too are facing the same situation then do not lose hope! Listed below are some amazingly easy-to use Roku Web Browsers that work seamlessly on Roku Players and Roku TVs.

Web Browser X

The best way to browse Internet on Roku devices is by using the Web Browser X, as it offers fully rendered pages with clickable links. By launching Web Browser X, you can easily do a Google search or enter a URL by clicking on the “star (*)” button on your remote. Another option to search on the net quickly is by making the current page as your start page by adding it as your “favorites”. To scroll through the page, you can make use of ‘up’ and ‘down’ arrows on the remote. Easy, isn’t it?

The Web Browser X will let you browse your favorite sites from various genres comprising of sports, news, entertainment, fashion, finance, and more. Similar to any other web search, you can make use of Google to lookout for a website or image. You can even save your preferred websites on your homepage so that visiting the site again gets simpler. Overall, it is the best way to surf the web on Roku; however, with a disadvantage that it cannot play videos on YouTube and other similar sites.

Casting Chrome Tab To Roku

Another easy way to browse your favorite websites is by mirroring your computer screen on your TV with the help of Google’s Chromecast. Good news is that this feature is already inbuilt into Google Chrome, so you will not require Google Cast extension like earlier. To begin with, you need to open your Google Chrome on your computer. Remember that browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge will not work.

Next step is to click on Chrome menu and select Cast from the list. Click the dropdown, cast your entire desktop or a video from supported websites, and start watching it on your TV. Similarly, if you are on a DIAL compatible site like Netflix or YouTube, you can use the same cast feature and view videos on your Roku. It is a very simple method to browse and play videos from your computer or phone, play games, use innumerable apps, discover various Roku channels, and much more on Roku.

POPRISM Web Browser

If you want to use the web browser only for reading text then the POPRISM Web Browser will be the perfect choice. So, those who enjoy reading books or extremely text-heavy content can make use of POPRISM. However, if you even want to view images or videos then you should pass this one.

Graphical user interfaces, style sheets, and Javascript will not work on this browser. Moreover, the website will open in an unformatted text. Even though the browser might be useless for majority of websites, it still works well for several readers. For instance; Yahoo News is somewhat POPRISM Web Browser friendly.

To conclude, Roku has gained immense popularity; yet, it does not have its own internet browser that can be used for streaming. Until and unless Roku releases a full-fledged browser, the aforesaid methods are the finest ways to surf the web on Roku. So, depending on your preferences, choose any one of them and start browsing right away. You can then relax and enjoy your favorite websites comfortably and easily.

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