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Author: topstuf
Date: November 27, 2020

Everything That You Ever Wanted To Know About The Abortion Pill

Abortion pills are used to end early pregnancy without going to a clinic and undergoing an abortion surgery. Most of them are safe to use and are very efficient. Here’s everything that you need to know about abortion pills, how they work, how they feel, their overall effectiveness, how to take them, and why choose an abortion pill over an in-clinic abortion procedure to end your pregnancy.


How Abortion Pills Work

Abortion pills is a term that describes two separate medicines to stop pregnancy: misoprostol and mifepristone.

The mifepristone pill is taken first. This pill prevents a pregnancy hormone from growing. The hormone is known as progesterone. After you take this pill comes the second one, the misoprostol. You can take the pill right after the first one, or you can wait for up to 48 hours later.

As a result of this medicine, there will be bleeding and cramping that will empty the uterus. It will feel like having an early miscarriage with plenty of cramps along the way. Typically, the process starts within the first 24 hours after you take the second medicine. If the bleeding doesn’t start within that time frame, call your physician.

The Effectiveness of The Abortion Pill Medicine

The abortion pill can be very effective, but how effective depends on how far along you are.

  • For women that are up to eight weeks pregnant, the pill works for 95 to 98 out of a hundred times.
  • For women that are eight to nine weeks pregnant, it is effective 94 to 96 times out of a hundred.
  • For women that are nine to ten weeks pregnant, it will be effective 91 to 93 times out of a hundred times.

In case, you fall in the small group for which the abortion pill doesn’t work, you need to consult a doctor or make an appointment for an in-clinic abortion.

When The Abortion Pill is Ineffective

Medical abortion is possible before day 70 (10 weeks) of your pregnancy. If 71 days have passed, then your only option is to have an in-clinic abortion. As explained above, its effectiveness is also determined by your timing, how far along you are. The general rule is the sooner the better.

Why Choose Medical Abortion Over In-Clinic Abortion

The main reason why so many people choose medical abortion over in-clinic abortion is that it feels a bit more natural and is less invasive. You don’t have to visit a clinic or any other medical facility, but take the medication at home. Just don’t plan any outdoor or physical activities during that day.

Plus, you can choose whether you will go through it alone or with someone else alongside you.

In Conclusion

Medical abortion is reliable and safe, there is no question about it. Just make sure that you do it on time, no later than day 70 of your pregnancy, and that you take the pills in the right order. All in all, there is no easier, faster, and more convenient way to terminate an early pregnancy.

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