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Author: topstuf
Date: November 18, 2021

Sky Viper Drone Reviews 2024 - All Top Drones In One Review

In this article, we will introduce you to this company and outline some of the reasons that make them such a leading force in the industry. In addition to that, we also give you an in-depth look at their current product line in our comprehensive Sky Viper Drone reviews.

The emergence of commercial drones and the propagation of their use across a wide array of sectors have prompted many startups to start developing affordable yet high-performing models that can be used by the masses. While most of these aspiring companies have failed to grab a significant share of the market, others have fared better. One such company is Skyrocket, a tech-entertainment outfit that is trying to disrupt the drone market with a number of advanced and cutting-edge technologies.

What makes Sky Viper such a trusted provider of drone technology?

Describing the drone industry as competitive would be an understatement. As demand for more flexible and reasonably priced drones continues to soar, new players enter the market every day. Amidst this overwhelming amount of available options, how does one identify a great brand? Here are the main characteristics that we like to focus on when assessing a company’s reliability.

Customer service

There is no stronger indicator of a company’s reliability than its customer services. Drones are inherently susceptible to damage and malfunction, so having access to a qualified team that can answer all your inquiries and fix any technical issue is a must. We can safely state that Sky Viper’s customer support satisfies these requirements. You can expect an immediate response to any question and comprehensive assistance for any issue regardless of its complexity.

Drone design

When we talk about design, it is essential to note that it is not just a matter of aesthetics. The design of the drone has a direct impact on how the device navigates and handles the elements of the outdoors. The high design quality is another thing that sets Sky Viper apart from its competitors. All models from the company boast an efficient and well thought out design that is predicated on proper weight distribution. This gives Sky Viper drones the ability to remain stable while in flight.

Battery life

Getting a drone that is not energy-efficient can really put a damper on your outdoor experience. Sometimes the root of the problem is the low quality of the battery, and in some instances, the issue is the subpar engineering that results in a unit that requires a disproportionate amount of power in order to function. Luckily, Sky Viper drones don’t suffer from either problem and they are often quite adept at retaining a charge and providing a decent flight time. Also you can always think about getting Sky Viper Drone Battery Upgrade directly on Amazon here.

The flight features

Unless you are an expert, you will inevitably need to use the flight features that facilitate navigation and automate some of its aspects. The list includes various modes that enhance the steadiness of the flight such as altitude hold and headless, adjustable speed for different types of users, and sensitivity settings for complete control over the responsiveness of the drone. Sky Viper employs most of these features in all its price ranges.

Availability of replacement parts

Having to get replacement parts at some point is another inevitable occurrence that every drone owner should expect. Even if you are a skilled user, crashes that are outside your control are bound to happen. That is why it is imperative for every established brand to have a wide selection of spare parts that cover the full scope of what the customer needs. Sky Viper does exactly that. All the components of their drones are available through Skyrocket’s Replacement Parts store.

Video streaming

Live video transmission is a relatively new feature that is becoming increasingly popular. The reasons for that are fairly obvious; who wouldn’t want to share all their captivating content with close ones across different platforms? Video streaming enables users to share the videos that they are recording in real time. Overall, this feature is far from being superfluous and it is entirely worth the price of admission.

The controller

The controller that comes with the drone plays an important role that is seldom discussed. It is a major determining factor in the unit’s navigation, responsiveness, maneuverability, and flight range. Sky Viper remotes are often hailed for their great designs and reliance on simple yet effective controls. They connect to the drone via high-frequency 2.4 GHz WI-Fi and are significantly more responsive than the controllers of products that are in their respective price ranges.

The camera

The Sky Viper brand is not geared toward professionals who expect to take vivid aerial images and record videos at 4K resolution. What these drones are ideal for consists mostly of normal usage by amateurs and outdoor enthusiasts. Sky Viper cameras are equipped with a wide angle lens, which enables you to capture stunning panoramic views of the sky.

Frequently asked questions

1 – How do I know if my phone is compatible with the Sky Viper app?

The app is constantly upgraded and is therefore mostly compatible with recent smartphones and operating systems. If your phone is older than three years, it is probably not compatible with it. You can check the list of compatible devices here.

2 – Is any registration needed for Sky Viper drones?

No registration is needed for any of the drones reviewed in this guide. Sky Viper drones are not large enough to require one.

3 – Are these drones children-friendly?

The models that we reviewed are all age-graded 12+. If you are buying one for a younger child, we highly recommend that you take the time to show him the basics and monitor his progress before letting him use it.

 Best Sky Viper Drones 2024

Popular Sky Viper Drones Reviews

1 - Sky Viper v2450 FPV

The first Sky Viper Drone Review option in our list is one of the best selling units from Sky Viper. This drone has a lot going for it and it is suited for a wide range of purposes, both amateur and professional. It is the result of the immaculate engineering that has become expected from the company’s products.

The Sky Viper v2450 FPV boasts a remarkably light construction that makes it easy to store and carry around. Moreover, its lightweight ensures that it remains under the FAA limits, which will enable you to operate it without needing an unmanned aerial vehicle registration. As for the aesthetic part, the design of the drone itself is quite sleek and high-tech, especially for the price point.

Performance wise, we can safely state that this drone over-delivers. It is equipped with four rotors that are further enhanced with a number of sensors for a more stable and smoother flight. Additionally, the frame is constructed in a balanced way that enables it to withstand strong impacts and easily navigate through bad weather. Another quality that is worth mentioning is the decent flight time. This is mostly due to the powerful 650 Ml ampere-hour battery that can last more than 10 minutes and fully recharge within 30 minutes. This offers you a prolonged flight experience that is not constantly interrupted by long hours of waiting.

As far as the flight range is concerned, you can expect to reach around 200 meters. While this might sound low for some people, it is important to remember that the industry average for entry-level drones is typically lower than 100 meters. The device is connected to the controller via 2.4 GHz WI-Fi, allowing for faster and more responsive transmission. Furthermore, the remote controller offers several convenient controls that let you adjust flight settings in accordance with your skill level.

The built-in camera is not exactly professional grade, but it can still be used for taking good quality photos while on an outdoor adventure. In fact, the Sky Viper is fairly adept at capturing great panoramic views at a fairly decent resolution.

The pros

  • It boasts a great flight range and maneuverability
  • The battery can fully recharge within 30 minutes
  • The axis gyro technology maintains flight stability at all times
  • It is durable enough to handle strong winds

The cons

  • The image quality of the camera is subpar
  • The focus adjustment on the first person view goggles is limited

2 - Sky Viper s1750 Stunt Drone

This drone is destined for people who would like to have a decent yet affordable introduction to drones. Considering its low price, this unit flies exceptionally well and boasts a surprisingly steady orientation. More impressively, it is capable of a number of aerial maneuvers that we are not used to seeing at this range and its ability to hover and quickly change direction is almost comparable to that of more expensive models from the company.

The Sky Viper s1750 Stunt Drone is powered by a 650mAh battery that can provide an average flight time of 10 minutes. This time can be further extended if you choose to get the 1200mAh version of the same battery. This high capacity offers double the flight time and affords you the luxury of swapping the batteries to eliminate the long waits while the other battery is in charge mode.

The flight range of the Sky Viper s1750 is within the industry average for sub $50 drones, which is amply sufficient for a beginner. Following the direction of the drone while it is flying is made easy thanks to a set of green and red lights that illuminate the outlines of the device.

In order to simplify control for novice users, Sky Viper offers two control modes; auto and manual. These modes can also be personalized thanks to three sensitivity settings for the controllers. The auto mode is extremely valuable for a beginner since it significantly cuts the learning curve of learning how to operate a drone. For more experienced users, the ideal setting is the manual mode with the highest sensitivity. This will give you full control over the device and allow you to perform any aerial maneuver with no restrictions.

As for durability, this affordable unit is surprisingly sturdy. Despite its light construction, it boasts a solid frame and a balanced weight distribution that allows it to fly against the wind and endure impacts and minor crashes.

The pros

  • It offers auto and manual flight modes
  • The flight time is great
  • The lights contribute to boosting the visibility of the drone at night
  • The durability of the frame

The cons

  • It is not suited for indoor use
  • It does not navigate very well at high speeds

3 - Sky Viper e1700

The Sky Viper e1700 Stunt drone builder is for those who would like to undertake the challenge of building their own performance drone. Continue reading this Sky Viper Drone Review and start considering getting one for yourself. While that might sound daunting and time-consuming, you should know that this kit comes with a full set of detailed instructions that are easy to follow and understand. In fact, the entire setup can be completed in just a few minutes. With that being said, having some basic prerequisites is preferable and users with no experience with drones are better served with a readymade one.

The main component of the kit is without a doubt the drone builder app. It can be downloaded for free and it is a comprehensive source of step-by-step instructions and video animations that walk the user through the full process of assembling the unit. More importantly, the app does not simply tell you what to do with regard to the setup; it actually explains each component of the kit and teaches you how they work within the device. You are essentially given a crash course in the advanced engineering that goes into the making of drones.

The quality of the assembled drone is simply outstanding, especially when you factor in the fact that you have paid less than what similar models sell for.  It boasts two flights modes that let the user adjust the settings depending on their level of experience and features several sensitivity controls that adjust the responsiveness of the drone.  It also has the practical auto launch/land technology that automates the takeoff and landing of the device and eliminates the risk of crashing.

Using 850 mah batteries, the flight time of the e1700 reaches an excellent 12 minutes. The range is somewhat underwhelming but you can easily extend it using a pair of Sky Viper antennas. Overall, this is a good investment for anyone that fancies himself a handyman or simply enjoys the process of building an electronic device from scratch.

The pros

  • The design is modern and eye-catching
  • The flight time is above the industry average
  • It boasts an auto-launch/land system
  • It is highly cost-effective
  • Assembling it will improve your understanding of electronics
  • The customer service is responsive and helpful

The cons

  • The assembly process might be a little tedious for a beginner
  • The flight range could be wider

4 - Skyrocket Toys Sky Viper m500

Granted, nano drones are not for everybody. Most people prefer to have larger drones due to their wider flight range and variety of features. However, some users really appreciate the small size of nano drones and the convenience that they provide when it comes to storage and mobility. The Sky Viper M500 Nano Drone is a perfect example of what these devices can offer. This model is easily one of the top ones that we have ever reviewed and it is the perfect option for anyone looking to buy a palm-sized drone.

The first thing that becomes evident when operating this drone is just how fun and easy it is to handle. Its multilayered frame, in particular, guarantees a good amount of stability during flight. The remote comes with a number of great features that enhance control and boost the flight range of the drone. Moreover, you can adjust the sensitivity and altitude settings depending on your own preferences and skills.

While this drone is relatively simple to operate compared to most alternatives in its price range, it is not suited for complete beginners. The auto-launch function is indeed helpful when it comes to getting the vehicle off the ground, but controlling the nano drone in flight still requires some level of know-how and experience. If you are buying the m500 for a child, make sure that they learn all its basic settings before letting them operate it on their own.

One more thing that is worth mentioning is that the Sky Viper m500 Nano Drone is mostly designed for indoor use. Due to its small size, it is likely to get lost, stuck in a tree, or carried away by the wind if you fly it outside.

The pros

  • The battery life is impressive for its size
  • Its palm-sized carry around
  • It comes with two different speed modes
  • The frame of the drone is remarkably durable
  • The flights are smooth and stable

 The cons

 The AAA batteries that power the remote are not included in the package

  • The lack of a protective case exposes the propellers to potential damage

5 - Sky Viper V2450 GPS

The Sky Viper V2450 GPS has the same baseline capabilities as the V2450 FPV reviewed above. However, this model is equipped with GPS technology, which allows you to pinpoint the exact trajectory of the drone throughout the flight. The GPS function is activated by a press of a button and it can be utilized for convenient hands-free operation. The device is also automatically brought back to your location once the flight is finished.  Beginners will surely appreciate this feature due to its practicality and convenience.

Besides GPS technology, the Sky Viper V2450 GPS has a lot going for it. It has an efficient smart design that leverages its weight and allows it to navigate smoothly. It is sturdy enough to deal with extreme weather conditions and its durable frame shields it from all sorts of impacts. Its flight time can surpass the 10 minute mark and the battery can be recharged in less than an hour. As for the range of flight, it does better than most competitors in the same price range; just a little less than 200 meters.

The remote controller is another component that is worth praising. On top of being well designed and aesthetically appealing, it is effective when it comes to allowing the user to customize the flight settings. It is connected to the drone through high frequency Wi-Fi, resulting in faster transmissions.

Much like the x2450 FPV version, the image quality of the camera is not this drone’s strongest suit. However, this should only be a deal breaker if you are planning to use this unit for professional purposes. If you are a hobbyist, this camera should be enough for regular usage. The adjustable wide-angle camera lens coupled with the live streaming capabilities of the drone more than makes up for the relatively low resolution.

The pros

  • It is equipped with GPS
  • The compact and light design of the drone is perfect for the outdoors
  • It comes with a powerful 1200 mAh battery
  • It is easy to set up and operate
  • It uses an upgradable open source firmware

The cons

  • The image quality is below professional standards
  • The battery compartment of the drone is not compatible with larger batteries


Sky Viper is a brand that you can never really go wrong with. Regardless of your budget or which style of drone you prefer, you are pretty much guaranteed to get a tremendous amount of value for your money. Once you have read all the reviews and grasped all the factors that determine the quality of a drone, you can then pick the model that suits your needs best.

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