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Author: topstuf
Date: July 9, 2019

​​How To Make Money With A Drone – 5 Smart Ways To Monetize Your Drone

UAV technology has become extremely popular today. There are plenty of drones to buy for personal use – in fact, you can even buy some for children. Most people rely on such devices for fun and photography. But then, some careful planning can help you make good money out of this experience too. There are a few simple ideas to learn how to make money with a drone and all they ask for is a little experience.

Taking wedding photography

Whether it comes to wedding pictures or videos, a little creativity can turn your fun drone into a money making opportunity. Wedding photography is a popular business. For this reason, competition is quite harsh. You will need to tickle your imagination and come up with a unique perspective.

For this reason, bringing your drone in can take the game to another level. Sure, you would not be the first photographer to do it. There are others with more experience and creativity. But then, analyze your competition, get inspired and upgrade their ideas or adjust them to come up with your own style.

There are a few unwritten rules in this field though. Make sure you do not fly the drone directly over people or you might injure someone. Train and discover the best perspective. Decide on a few unique locations with amazing scenery. Also, always take the sun into consideration.

Selling your work

People sell their aerial work all over the Internet. You can learn how to make money with a drone by hanging around the right circles. You need a quality drone, as well as a camera. Make sure your videos are high quality and crystal clear.

First, you will need to find popular locations, whether it comes to tourist attractions, world renowned landmarks or beautiful areas. You can sell such videos to local resorts, amusement parks and even city councils. You might as well go online, set up a YouTube channel and gain notoriety, then join some partnerships.

Second, you can take custom photos and videos for those who want to advertise for their hotels, golf courses, clubs and so on.

Advertising real estate

Drones have gained plenty of notoriety in advertising and there is something for everyone in this industry. This is your opportunity to push your entrepreneurial spirit further. For example, you can focus on hotels, bars, restaurants, beaches, hotels and even real estates. Everything looks better when seen from above, so why not?

A quality aerial video of a nice mansion on a sunny day will most likely help it ell faster, but also add to its price. Some real estate agents rely on professional filmmakers to make it happen. It could be you. Find local companies and offer your services. Perhaps you should take a few demos as well, only to show them what you can do with your flying toy.

If you live close to a tourist area, you might as well visit some local hotels and resorts to tell them what you can do for them. Again, you will need some samples. If flying a drone is allowed on their property, you can come up with a demo covering their own property.

It is, however, important to talk to the right person. There will be times when you will meet managers with no sense of style or advertising. Demos will certainly help in the process. With time, you should have statistics of how your work has driven sales in other hotels or resorts – anything that could close a deal.

Aerial surveying services

Aerial surveying could be a great business opportunity if you do it right or a complete waste of time if you do it wrong. A quality drone can take photos and videos from the sky that no one would be able to do from the ground. In other words, they make excellent choices for remote photography of difficult areas. Plus, they make a cheaper option than helicopters, which used to be the primary option over a decade ago.

You will find applications in a plethora of different industries. It might be wise to focus on one of them at first, then expand your opportunities as you gain experience. For instance, you can try your luck in archeology, digital mapping, topography, GIS applications and many others. If you are not familiar with this industry, you should know that plenty of organizations require aerial surveying, so there is a demand. You just need to look for it.

It is worth noting that some applications may require a license.

Reselling drones

Whether you love drones or you are just experienced with them, you will get to learn more and more about these innovative gadgets. You will become familiar with the top brands, main features and so on. There is definitely a culture out there and a little research and dedication will give you access to both the ins and outs.

Even if providing drone related services is not your thing, you can still make some good money with your knowledge and education. You can always spot a good deal over the Internet. You might as well invest in defective drones, spending a little to fix them and sell them in perfect condition. Drones will work like every other good. Since everything else sells, drones will sell too.

It could be a specialized store or perhaps an online one. If you choose to sell over the Internet, provide as many details as possible about the drones you sell. Write a blog as well, only to show your experience and gain credibility. Plus, a few samples will help buyers make more informed decisions.


As a short final conclusion, you do not need to be an expert to learn how to make money with a drone. Sure, no matter what kind of opportunity you choose, it is important to know your stuff well, do your homework and research. A little experience will add to your credibility, which is essential in any business venture these days.​​

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