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Author: topstuf
Date: January 2, 2019

Sharper Image Drone Review 2020 - Important Factors To Know

The market for drones is highly competitive, to say the least. New technologies and revolutionary designs are introduced every year, and the bar for quality and performance continues to rise as more industries embrace this subversive technology. As the demand for drones increases, a number of companies have begun diversifying their product lines by offering different types of drones for untapped segments of the population. These drones are typically lighter, more compact, easier to use, and significantly cheaper than the high-end models that dominated the space for years.

Sharper Image was one of the first brands to capitalize on the soaring demand for budget drones. The company has since managed to establish itself as one of the leading manufacturers of affordable drones that provide tremendous functionality and great user experience for beginners and professionals alike. In this article, we will review the Sharper Image DX-4 drone, the latest model of the critically acclaimed DX series.

Sharper image dx-4 review

If you have ever owned any of the previous DX models, then you are surely familiar with the quality of this series and its sheer number of features. Moreover, and contrarily to what most other manufacturers are doing with their budget models, Sharper Image has made substantial upgrades with the release of each new version. More impressively, they managed to keep the series in the same price point, and consequently, the value for money that users are getting from these drones will continue to increase.

As the latest DX model, the Sharper Image Drone DX-4 had a lot of expectations to live up to, and it did in spades. On top of boasting the same baseline qualities as the older version, the DX-4 has an improved design that is much more sleek and efficient. Its compact dimensions make it easy to store and its light construction enables you to carry it around with ease. As for image quality, the built-in camera records videos at a great frame per second ratio and the resolution of the photos is immaculate for the price point.

Besides the good photo and video quality, the Sharper Image DX-4 allows you to stream your videos directly onto any connected smart device. This is made possible via the Wi-Fi function, a feature that adds another dimension to the way in which you share your content with those who are close to you. Furthermore, the great maneuverability and flight control that is provided by the DX-4 will allow you to take a wide array of aerial images that were difficult to take with the previous models.

The main features of the sharper image drone DX-4

As we have previously mentioned, this drone boasts an impressive number of features that enhance its functionality and make using it a fun experience. Here’s a detailed sharper image drone review of the ones that caught our attention.

1 – The quality of the battery

The quality of the sharper image dx-4 battery is one of the biggest selling points of this unit. Unlike other drones at the same price point, the DX-4 is equipped with a powerful li-poly battery that can hold a charge for a long time. Additionally, it only takes around one hour to fully recharge. If you need more batteries, you can check and buy them on Amazon here.

2 – The adjustable speed

Different levels of skill require different settings, and this is where the speed modes come into play. Having the option to choose between three different speed settings enables users to customize the flight according to their degree of experience and skill.

3 – The 2.4 GHz transmitter

This type of transmitter is usually found in high-end drones only, so it was a pleasant surprise to find out that the Sharper Image DX-4 is equipped with one. This transmitter is extremely effective when it comes to maintaining the quality of your content at a very high standard.

4 – The great photo and video capabilities

The DX-4 drone does a great job of capturing high-quality photos and crystal clear videos. Moreover, the drone can be connected to any Wi-Fi enabled in your house, which allows you to live stream all the content and share it with your family and friends in a convenient and instantaneous fashion.

5 – The multi-directional remote

The remote that comes with the DX-4 is another thing that sets it apart from the rest of the pack. It is multi-directional, which means that it allows for a wider range of motion and ensures a steadier hover. It also allows for impressive 360-degree rolls that can be utilized in creating unique and original content.

6 – Auto take-off/landing

The auto take-off/landing function is a major upgrade in this version of the Sharper Image DX. This feature is mostly geared for beginners and its main purpose was to facilitate some of the basics for them. It helps prevent needless accidents during take-off and assists in the landing phase by completely automating it. In addition to this, the DX-4 is also equipped with an auto hover that stabilizes the drone mid-air when you are trying to explore a particular area or capture a specific image.

The pros
  • The DX-4 is equipped with a number of features that allow for easier control and maneuverability
  • It is powered by a good rechargeable battery
  • It comes with a cutting-edge remote that enables you to perform a wide range of maneuvers
  • The adjustable speed makes it suited for all types of users
  • The image quality is decent for the price
  • It allows you to stream your videos via Wi-Fi
  • Sharper image dx-4 drone manual is easy to understand
  • You can get extra sharper image dx-4 parts even on Amazon here if something breaks.
The cons
  • It does not handle strong winds very well

Final thoughts

 As far as affordable and high-performing drones are concerned, you will have a hard time finding an option that can match the Sharper Image DX-4. Whether it is the great video quality, the sleek design, or the impressive maneuverability; this compact unit satisfies all the requirements of a great drone that is worthy of your money.

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