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Author: topstuf
Date: January 7, 2020

How to Secure Your Drone from Hackers - Easy Simple Steps

It is much easier to steal a drone than it is to steal a car. Drones rely on technology to run; it's easy for experienced hackers to infiltrate that technology and take control of a drone that doesn't belong to them. Breaking into a drone is almost precisely the same as breaking into a computer so that your drone needs to be adequately protected. Drones are significant investments, and you can't afford to leave your drone open to malicious people or programs. As the popularity of drones grows, so does the interest of hackers who might want to steal your drone or even crash it for sport. You can look drone for GoPro if you're going to buy the best go pro camera drone.

It appears as if it's just a technical problem that caused the drone to crash. Only after they find the drone does it become evident that it was intentionally brought down. Drones are expensive and still not very secure. A person with the right set of skills can easily hack a drone costing you a lot of money. But, it doesn't mean you can't keep it safe. If you follow these tips, no one will be able to snatch your device from you.

Buy a quality drone not cheap ones

Cheap drones are fun to toy around with, but they're also some of the most vulnerable ones. To keep costs down, manufacturers of budget drones don't keep things like security in mind. The result is something that operates okay at best, and it's especially vulnerable. Protection starts with the manufacturer, and so should your purchasing considerations. If you are looking for a selfie drone, it would be ideal to pay attention to your demands and make call accordingly.

Don't cut corners when you are purchasing a drone. Cheap drones wear out or break down quickly anyway, invest once in something of excellent quality, and focus on protecting what you have. If you are not much considered about the maintenance, then a high- priced and quality drone will last nearly forever for usage.

Keep its Controller Secure

No matter how you control the drone, you need to pay special attention to its security. Whether it's a remote, mobile phone, or a computer, take extra measures to enhance its defense system. If possible, use the device for the sole purpose of controlling the drone, so you don't have to install anything else or connect networks. I read a story of how a US military drone was hacked because the controller was also used for playing games. The user downloaded a game which came with a malware that crashed the drone.

The best solution is to install an antivirus in the device. Don't rely on the defense system of the operating system as it's not secure enough. Free ant viruses are also not reliable. They may be able to detect a few viruses, but they don't have the capability to stop them. They won't even be able to identify advanced viruses. On the other hand, a premium antivirus will deal with the infection before it can cause any damage.

Operate your drone with a secure connection

Any data you transmit over an open relationship can be intercepted by someone who has no business taking it. This is the same for your banking information and credit card number as it is for your drone. When you're using a device to control your drone, you need to make sure that the method is secure. Update your entire antivirus and antimalware software as soon as the updates become available – procrastinating can have serious consequences. If you're using your phone to operate your drone, you'll want to treat it the same way you'd treat your computer. The best option is to buy drones under 500 dollars, if you want affordable choice.

Use virtual private connection (VPN) as the preferred method of connection

There is more than one way to hack a drone. Instead of getting into the controller, exploiters hack the link between it and the drone. When the connection is cut from the original controller, they connect it with their device or spoof fake GPS coordinates. A secure option is to use a Virtual Private Network service to keep the connection secure from intruders. A VPN can be used to help keep your drone safe by masking the internet connection and keeping hackers from getting access to your device.

VPNs work for both kinds of devices. VPNs create a secure traffic tunnel that hackers cannot look into. Its single wall surrounds everything you do. There are VPNs for laptop and desktop computers, but there are also VPNs for Apple iPhone or Android devices. Just make sure the one you select is compatible with your device and up to date on the latest security standards.

Don't be too predictable in case of drones

If you're flying your drone in the same place and using the same patterns every day, anyone observing you will soon be able to notice what you're up to. If that person wanted to hack your drone, it would be relatively easy for them to do it. It might even be easier for them to intercept or physically steal your drone if they know where it will be and at one time. To avoid these situations, it's best to change things up as often as possible.

It's okay to revisit locations you love and even reuse the same flight patterns, but you need to be sure you're adding enough variations to keep hackers and thieves at bay. Generate random plans and explore new places. If you have a favorite combination, try not to use it on the same day of the week and at the same time of day consistency. This doesn't only keep hackers at bay – it also encourages you to experiment more, which is one of the most fun parts of flying a drone.

Every day, new cyber security threats pop up. It's essential to stay one step ahead with all your digital devices, especially your drone.

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