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Author: topstuf
Date: November 20, 2019

Have You Just Discovered That You Are Pregnant? Here Are Your Choices

An unexpected pregnancy can be confusing for almost every young woman. How did this happen, what to do, who to tell first, where can I get help, what are my pregnancy choices, these are just some of the many questions that typically will first pop out in the head of many young women.


Luckily long gone are the days when there was barely anyone to talk to this on the matter and get some help. Nowadays, aside from friends and family, anyone can walk into a choices pregnancy center and get all the needed assistance. What follows is an explanation on exactly that, how to get help in a case of accidental or unwanted pregnancy through one such center.

Where to start?

First and most important is to understand that this is not a one-way street, that there are choices, and that there are places where kind people work that can help you with those choices. People that have seen thousands of young women like you and have been there for them in various ways and capacities.

The second thing you need to give some thought is whether you have a friend or a family member that can provide you emotional and other support. If you have someone to be there for you great, if not then worry not, as there are professionals that are willing to step in and be there for you. Whether you have someone or none, these centers are open and are there to help you out.

What’s a Crisis pregnancy center?

Pregnancy choices centers are specialized in helping young women to deal with their unexpected pregnancy. They are open for everyone and they offer all sorts of assistance. The assistance can be in the form of counseling, emotional support, providing information, financial help, free health exams, abortion, parenting, adoption referrals, and so on. The idea is not just to lay out every possible option for the interested party, but to be there for you at any step of the way.

How to find one?

Simply open any internet search engine and type any variation of “life choices pregnancy”. There are such centers all over the country that are open for anyone in need of help, advice, or some sort of assistance on the matter. Most of the centers have a website from where you can get all the information on what they offer, how they can help, where to find them and how you can benefit from them.

The best ones even offer online booking, even though many are comfortable if you just walk in their offices. The only issue here is that you might have to wait for a while if there is someone else ahead of you.

What to expect from the visit

Not all centers are the same and have the same resources, but there are few things that are common for most of them. Here’s what happens when you walk into one.

You are welcomed by folks that realize the complexity of your situation.

The people that work there are experienced and they will do all it takes to make you feel comfortable and welcomed. Everyone from the people at the front desk to the counselors and the medical staff understands the emotional rollercoaster that you are into and thus will behave accordingly. They will do their best to create a safe environment for you there, a place where you can feel both protected and secure.

Medical and non-medical stuff at your disposal

Not every woman needs the same assistance and help. Some are more in need of counsel more than anything else, while others need medical advice as well. The best centers for pregnancy choices employ both medical and non-medical professionals that can help in any matter related to the pregnancy.

Access to medical equipment

There are many that have done only one pregnancy test and are not 100% sure they are pregnant. These centers can run a test that can give the definitive answer on whether you are or not pregnant. In addition to that, some of them can even offer detail exams that will determine how far along you are, sonogram exam, and so on. All in all, the best centers have the necessary medical equipment and materials to conduct all sorts of pregnancy tests.

Information on support programs

Many of these centers have their own programs through which they support young woman dealing with an unexpected pregnancy. However, in addition to what they can offer, they know what other programs are available as well. That way, you can have a better scope of what kind of support is out there, what you need to get it, and what to expect from it.

Top Benefits of visiting a center for pregnancy choices

Going to a center for pregnancy choices can bring a ton of benefits. A visit there can help you calmer, arm you with knowledge, support, and above all an objective counsel. Here are some of the top benefits of visiting their premises.

  • The visit is completely private and confidential. Every conversation, every medical exam, everything that happens there will remain private. No one from your friends or family can know about it unless you decide otherwise.
  • You get to learn what’s out there in terms of support. Play out every scenario in your head so you can make an informative decision. A decision that will be based on solid reasoning and only on your desire. The people that work in these centers know that the final decision needs to come from you. They will lay out all the options in front of you so you could choose.
  • Prepare yourself for a conversation with possible the father, your family, and friends. That too can be very stressful, especially if it is an unexpected pregnancy. Almost all centers employ psychologists and counselors that can help you find a way to break the news to them.
  • Make as many visits and consultations as you need. There is no limit to how many times you can come, the number of exams you can have, or for how long you can come there. All that is at your discretion, and what you think is best for you.
  • You will be able to clear your mind and start thinking on your own. You won’t have to make any decision from the point of emotional distress. The people that work there know that and will help you to get through the initial stress. Once you feel calmer, you can make a decision that you won’t regret in the future and won’t keep you awake in the night.
  • If that is not enough, keep in mind that all that is free. You get to enjoy all the benefits for zero money. If you were to get all those services, medical and non-medical, elsewhere, you would probably end up spending hundreds of dollars. Instead, you get all that for free while your privacy is completely preserved.

Myths About Centers for Pregnancy Choices

Thanks to some intentional false gossips, many people have a false picture about these centers, what they are about, and what they stand for. Unfortunately, the internet has also contributed to the spread of all sorts of gossips and fake news about the centers that offer pregnancy choices.

One of the biggest ones is that the centers are there just to convince you not to abort the pregnancy. The people there will do all it takes to convince you into keeping the baby. Truth is that the best ones out there are more about laying out all the possibilities and choices in front of you, including aborting the pregnancy.

Another misconception about this type of centers is that they are run by religious fanatics. Nothing can be further from the truth. They are non-government organizations run by groups of people that deeply care about women faced with an unwanted or accidental pregnancy.

Last but not least, many people think that these centers exist just for those that are pregnant and need some sort of advice. Quite the opposite, these centers are open for others as well, fathers and family members alike. Basically, anyone that is there for the pregnant person, anyone that can contribute to her well being. Of course, the benefit for them is that they can get free advice on how to approach the matter, how to position themselves in their particular situation, all that for the well-being of the pregnant person.

In Conclusion

Visiting a center for pregnancy choices can only bring clarity and support in a challenging period. Being pregnant is no easy thing, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The burden of choice will be still on the mother, but it will be a decision based on knowledge and with all the facts at hand. By allowing help from professionals who are experienced in this matter, you opt for a decision that will be based on sound reasoning and one cannot be followed by regret.

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