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Author: topstuf
Date: March 28, 2020

How To Find The Right Massage Oil For Yourself - Best Oils Revealed

If one has to rank, which are the top 5 activities which can relax and comfort them then massage will certainly be one of them for most of us. A good oil massage can treat stress and body aches, along with providing numerous other benefits. However, most of us don’t understand how different oils can give different results for us. Choosing the right oil as per your needs is as important as finding the right method of giving massage. Most of us do lot’s of research on various oils and see which claims to be a miracle oil. However, something which works for me might not work for you. As we have different body structure and different lifestyles.


In this age of customization and AI, it is only suitable that you use massage oil customized for you. Today, I will share how you can choose the best oil as per your body type and requirements.

For People with Dry Skin

Dry skin can lead to various skin ailments and problems, especially if you also live in dry weather conditions. Any dermatologist can tell you that the first and most important action for skin health is to keep it moisturized. So you should choose oils which have moisturizing properties and also creates a layer to prevent skin dryness.

To counter dry skin, always apply oil after bath. During bath, soap removes any excess oil on the skin and applying a post bath will maintain oil balance in your skin. It also acts as a protection layer against UV and other external elements.

  • Castor Oil
  • Coconut Oil

For People with Oily Skin

Unlike dry skin, people with oily skin need to keep their skin clean. Else dust particles which get attached to skin oil can lead to various skin diseases. It also leads to problems like acne. In such cases, you need to use oil which is light and get absorbed in skin very fast.

With Oils skin it is always useful to apply it overnight or 1-2 hours before bath. This ways, you will give oil ample time to provide nourishment to your skin, without facing problem of oily skin during day time.

If you have skin problems

In case you are struggling to maintain your skin health, due to problems like eczema or rashes, you can choose oil which soothes your skin and have some degree of antimicrobial properties. These oils should also have ingredients which promote skin health and growth. Ingredients like Vitamin E, linoleic acid etc helps your skin to rejuvenate.

If you are looking to get a solution to your skin problems then apply oil around affected regions and leave it overnight. By this method, this oil will get enough time to fight infection and repair skin tissues.

If you live in cold weather

Now this is one tricky part. Lots of oils qualify for this as most oils will fight cold to keep your skin from damaging. It is always a good practice to warm your oil before massage for better results. Some of the oils make your body generate more heat, giving you a feel for oil which generates heat. These oils are also very good for infants and children.

To mitigate risks of cold weather, you should always apply oil after bath and before sleep. However, you should control and use quantity as per convenience. Don’t over do oil application, as oily skin can cause various skin problems like acne.

For those who are looking to fight body pain

Most research suggests that to fight body pain, the process of massage is itself more important than massage oil itself. However, having the right oil will amplify the effect of massage. You should apply an oil which promotes blood flow and fights inflammation is the right massage oil for body pain. With better blood circulation, you will find instant relief from body pain.

It is suggested that you should get a massage in a warm environment like in direct sunlight and before bath. It will counter the cold effect of taking a bath and helps your body fight pain.

  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Neem seed Oil

How do you mix and make a perfect massage oil

DIY solutions are often very effective, but they need a lot of work on your hand. If you are looking for off the shelf solution, you can check out a post on massage oils here. To get a perfect blend of massage oil, just refer to the above section and make a list of all the oils which you wish to use. Once you have all the ingredients, we need to decide the ratio of oils to use. Always take a higher ratio of lighter oil. Heavy oils like Neem, Castor or Argan should always be used by mixing with other lighter oils like Coconut or Sweet Almond.

However, I strongly advise to get a ratio as per your preference. Fill a couple of small glass bottles with different ratios and see which one feels good to you. You should aim for getting oil with good texture and smooth to apply on skin. Unless you have oily skin, oil should stay on the skin for some time before it gets absorbed.

Massage Oil Comparison Table

OilsDry SkinOily SkinBody PainSkin ProblemCold Weather
Jojoba YYYY
CastorY YYY
Black SeedYYYY 
SesameYYY Y
Neem SeedYYYYY
Sunflower Y YY


To conclude, you can refer to the table above if you ever wish to make a perfect massage oil for yourself or anyone else. By no means, this is a complete range or products available to you. Enjoy a warm and soothing massage.


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