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Author: topstuf
Date: February 1, 2020

How To Choose The Right Vacuum Type and Brand in 2020?

Cleanliness should be the priority of our lives as the clean home environment makes breath dirt-free, and you will stay away from several unwanted bacteria. Due to enhancement in technology, there are several gadgets available in the market for helping homemakers and servants for cleaning. Here have selected an ideal product that is capable of helping you in cleaning conveniently, and that is a vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner is the most popular gadget that has been helping several homemakers and servants to do cleaning effectively and conveniently. The vacuum cleaner is capable of sucking all dirt inside its bag and provide you crystal clear home. As we all know, due to enhancement in technology, there are numerous options available in the market, so here we are to guide you towards an ideal selection. We have selected five different types of vacuum cleaner to serve you with our paramount choices. Let’s have a look at them:

  • A vacuum that clears ash easily:

As its name suggest that this vacuum cleaner is capable of cleaning ash from wood and several more places where you are unable to reach. The ash vacuum is perfectly sealed with its metal finishing preventing leaking from open edges. This vacuum is capable of cleaning and picking up warm ash, cold ash, and wet ash well, so you are capable of maintaining your hygiene. This vacuum contains a motor that is efficiently installed within providing an air-flow rate of 90 CFM, and it has water lift capacity at 55”.

This product is super easy to operate while cleaning and doesn’t require any help to open it up after cleaning and allows you to opt to get accessories that will help in making the job easier. It has a patented filter system that is capable of removing tiny particles as well from the pile; this product is heavy-duty and capable of withstanding a harsh environment.

  • A new vacuum that is cordless:

One of the most popular types of the vacuum cleaner and several reliable manufacturers are producing this type of vacuum cleaner. The cordless vacuum cleaners come with several attachments tools to serve their consumers with ease, and they are capable of performing specific tasks as well e.g., stiff brushes for cleaning the sticky dirt, soft brushes for upholstery, smaller nozzles for tight spaces, etc.

These accessories are capable of cleaning the stubborn dirt, and this vacuum cleaner is capable of trapping and locking away the tiny particles or the pollens, and it sucks them all conveniently. The best cordless vacuum is bagless, which means they trapped the dirt inside a canister that will work as a dustbin for you, and you can easily empty that bin whenever you want. As these vacuum cleaners are cordless, so you need to charge, and it has a battery backup of 60 minutes.

  • A unique vacuum cleaner:

Here we are with another type of vacuum cleaner that is specially designed to clean computers, and that is the computer vacuumthese are the vacuum that is designed for cleaning computers effectively and functionally helps you to save costs. This product is so convenient to use as you can carry it in your hand; either you can carry it on your shoulder as the strap is there that is provided as a package.

The manufacturers of this product are providing some accessories with it, such as a crevice tool, an air pin-pointer, a soft bristle brush, and a four-piece micro cleaning tool kit. These are the essential attachments that will help you to get enhanced cleaning, and this product will be an ideal choice as it can give deep and gentle cleaning to any desktop, computer, laptop, printer, or keyboard. This product will be a perfect choice if you are using a blower to use this instead of getting premium results.


  • Best way to clean under the furniture area:

The canister vacuum will be the right choice as it will help you clean the areas where you are unable to reach. The canisters are the better product for cleaning the bare floors, stairs, and under furniture areas, and there are several attachments also provided that include cleaning drapes and upholstery. Some of them are capable enough to give a carpet a nice clean and can make it dirt-free entirely.

The canisters come with a separate power head that makes them seem lighter as well as convenient enough to give a particular area a nice and deep cleaning. These vacuum cleaners have an advanced filtration system as it has three filters that include a vacuum bag, a chamber filter, and an exhaust filter.

  • A cleaner that is bagless:

Here we are with another type of vacuum cleaner that has an advantage as you don’t need to worry about replacing bags. On the other side, while emptying the bagless vacuums, there are massive chances of you re-disperse some dust particles and allergens. To keep these things into your notice that you should empty a bagless vacuum outside the home to prevent re-contamination. The bagless vacuum cleaner comes at an affordable range and serves us with its paramount qualities. These features such products make it more reliable for consumption and provide you intense cleaning and an entirely dirt-free area.

  • Provides you the freedom to clean:

The backpack vacuum enables you to clean the surface freely and conveniently; it vanishes the issues of the power cord, becoming a hurdle in your path. You can carry this vacuum cleaner on your back comfortably, and it allows you to give nice clean to the desired way. This is a reliable and mobile vacuum cleaner, which means you can carry it anywhere you want and makes the dusting, cleaning vents and blinds a deep clean so that the house environment will be dirt-free and freedom to move to clean desired areas effectively. This gadget is a long-term investment that is less than an upright vacuum; a reduction in labor costs will enable you to save money.

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