Top 5 Best Computer Vacuums

Best Computer Vacuums

Top 5 Best Computer Vacuums – Ideal For Deep Cleaning Of Your PC!

We all suffer from the problem of dust which gets accumulated on your keyboard as this look ugly and untidy. The actual problem starts when it starts interrupting your mechanism and subsequently lots of issues are faced. There are different sort of devices available which will help you to get neat and clean keyboards which will help in proper functioning. There are electronic vacuums available which will help to collect debris from an electronic item. With this debris, you might end up facing a lot of problem in the form of disruptions in services of hardware.

There are different electronic vacuums available which can help you to resolve your entire problem, but lots of research needs to be done before getting the right product. You can avoid this step as we have come up with a list of top 5 best computer vacuums. Ranking has been done on the basis of quality, services, availability, and affordability. This article will provide you with detailed information about products along with significant pros and cons. You can check them out and take your decision.

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5. Livion Mini

USB powers Livion Mini. It can suck with extra force when batteries used are of four AA batteries. They have great suction power to absorb microparticles from the keyboard. It is designer and innovative product which will help to clean all the mess which is on your table.

Time consumption when cleaning all the area is very less due to good suction power. There are three attachments included which will help in cleaning the area properly. You can fix attachment according to your wish which will help you to clean all the area adequately. Livion Mini is also used to clean all hardware items properly.

Below mentioned are some of the pros and cons which will help you to evaluate it carefully. With the help of this, you can make better and quick decision whether you have to buy it or not.


  • You can select the color option of your choice as there are four options available.
  • The designing of the product is too cute and compact.


  • Not much useful for some of the users.

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4. Fuller Brush FBMV4

Fuller Brush FBMV4 comes with the 15 foot of power cord which will help you to clean the area conveniently. This is a handy product which provides you with the excellent grip so that you can clean it properly. You can remove filters easily which makes it convenient when thinking to wash.

Suction power is not too good than it’s time for you to clean the product. After washing product correctly, you can get fantastic suction power. Without using extra efforts, you can clean the entire keyboard which provides you with benefit to work correctly.

You can quickly pick large and minute debris with the help of this product. There are different benefits which you can have this product. The only drawback which you can face through this product is that it gets hot quickly when using it for an extended period.


  • You can accumulate large debris with this product
  • Powerful suction power.


  • Gets hot quickly when using it for a long time.


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3. Fortune Dragon

Fortune Dragon is recharged with the help of the USB. You can take it anywhere and don’t even have to worry about charging. You can use it to clean your desk, car and also collect dust from drawers of a kitchen.

Along with it, there is large bin attached which helps you to collect a lot of dust. This is the small product which can quickly go into tight space which makes it an ideal product to use it is the best alternative to pick if thinking to clean all debris from your hardware products. There are different attachments included which can be used according to requirement.

There are two filters included which can be used when the filter is damaged or not in use. Going for Fortune Dragon is a pretty much great option.


  • Have two filters included.
  • Provide you with excellent grip.


  • No major cons reported


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2. Meco Cordless

If you require any model which is a bit heavy than Meco Cordless is for you. The battery is about 2000MAH which will provide you advantage to use the product for about 3 hours continuously. There are two nozzles attached. One, and other is crevice.

You can choose one nozzle which will go best for cleaning. You can clean mess properly as it comes with excellent suction power.


  • Great for cleaning dashboard.
  • Don’t have loud noise when cleaning.


  • A little bit pricey.

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1. Metro DataVac

Metro DataVac is an ultimate product which is available in the market. It is not only known for the power of suction which is generated. It is also known for the accessories which are attached to it. All the attachments will work well to clean all mess which is on your computer. After cleaning the area properly, you can continue with your work correctly.

The hose is too flexible, and you can manage it without facing any problem. There are five filter bags included; you can get this product as it is an excellent solution.


  • Great suction power
  • Five filter bags available.
  • Flexible hose.


  • No cons reported.


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What’s Last Saying?

Well, we have come to end of this article. We have mentioned all detailed information about all the top 5 best computer vacuums. With the help of these products, you can clean all mess effortlessly. Hope, this article will help you to select the best item which will probably match according to your needs and wants. You can also take help of an expert when facing the problem as they will provide you great advice while selecting the one.


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