Top 5 Best Chromebooks

Best Chromebooks

Top 5 Best Chromebooks – Enjoy Amazing Browsing Experience!

If you are looking for an economical product which will help you to browse web properly, processing of word, editing videos, and photos and many more than ideal solution for same is Chromebook. With the help of Chromebook, you can display image in 360-degree rotation. It is lightweight as well as comes with ergonomic designing which help you to view an image in high definition. They are evolving models which keep on adding innovative features to their product. It will surely provide you with excellent versatility when compared with a tablet. It comprises little bit less screen when compared with a laptop.

There are different sources which will help you to Chromebook, but indeed, you have to go through great research for. When undergoing analysis, it will involve a lot of time. To eradicate the problem of spending time, we have come up with the list of top 5 best Chromebooks. This list has been made on the basis of best seller product available in the market. Ranking has been done purely on the basis of quality, price, built-in elements and availability factor. You can read this post as it is going to tell you about detailed information about the product along with significant pros and cons.

By evaluating all factors, you can quickly get the best product without spending extra efforts. Carefully observe all the product and then select product which will go well according to suitability and requirement.

5. Acer R11

Acer R11 is a stylish product which provides you great performance. The important element is versatility which makes it popular among people. You can easily carry it with yourself when going for traveling as it can adjust appropriately in bags. You can use it to maintain all critical notes made in classrooms or meeting hall.

You can get the benefit of the touchscreen as you can use it conveniently. It is a suitable product for gamers as it is convenient to handle. You will not get exhausted while treating the product as it is lightweight. The designing of the product is compact which makes it portable to take it anywhere. It is a great traveling companion to fulfill all your desire. It comes with HDMI port to transfer all your data quickly through any other device.

There are many benefits which you can have this product, but there are some of the drawbacks which can be faced. One of them is the body is made up of plastic material which let down durability of the product.


  • Have HDMI port attached.
  • Portable and attractive designing


  • Have plastic construction which feels like the product is of cheap quality.

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4. Samsung Plus

Samsung Plus is the Chromebook which will provide you with all the features and technology as that of standard laptops. You can typically say it as a mini laptop to handle all your work systematically. The product is made up of the sleek metal body which helps to enhance the durability of the product.

The processor used is an ARM which is comparatively fast to handle all your work. It comes with Touchscreen resolution which makes it popular among people. When talking about price tag then surely the price of the product is comparatively higher than other product. It is a handy product as it is lightweight and has thin designing. There are some of the pros and cons which will help you to take better decision.


  • It is a great product for making notes and sketches.
  • Have thin designing and is lightweight when handling.


  • Size of screen is small.


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3. Google PixelBook

Google PixelBook is a cost-effective product which will provide you with all advanced features and technology. You can experience chrome OS technology to do all your work in systematic order. You can check reviews of this product, and you will see that they are marvelous.
It is product providing you with an excellent performance as it features 7th generation. It includes an I5 processor having 8GB of RAM. It generally consists of a pixel book pen to handle all working.

If you are facing any problem, then you will automatically get assistance from Google. Quality of product is premium which enhances the durability of Chromebook.


  • Great quality.
  • Provide you Google assistant.
  • Have pixel book pen.


  • No major cons reported.


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2. Acer 14

Acer 14 is a low-cost product which is going to provide you with great features. You can smoothly operate Mac or windows according to your suitability. It will offer you all the features which you can get on the laptop. Having an excellent quality of the display is the highlight of this product. You can view high quality of video and photos through this Chromebook.

A full-size keyboard is provided which it makes very comfortable to use. Keys of the keyboard are too firm through which you can work for hours without getting exhausted. Battery life of the product is about 12 hours which is more than enough to complete the project.
Have the body of aluminum and provides you with stylish appearance. With the aluminum body, it gives your advantage to enhance the life of the product.


  • Have a long battery life of 12 hours.
  • Great for watching a video as it has high definition quality.
  • Have aluminum body which enhances the durability of the product.


  • Availability factor.

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1. Asus Flip C302

Asus Flip C302 provides you with all advantages which you can have a laptop. It is straightforward and convenient to use. It is a portable product which goes well for travelers. It is two in one device which can be used both in the form of a tablet and even can be used in regular mode.

This product gets started within seconds; you don’t have to wait for it. The weight of Asus Flip C302 is 2.65 pounds which are very low. You can hold it for a long time to complete all your work without getting exhausted.

The amazing part is this product has won the award in the category of laptop mag choice. You can check all related pros and cons which will help you to take a practical decision.


  • Have storage space of 64GB.
  • Have M3 processor.
  • Have won an award.


  • Bit pricey.


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Wrapping Up

We have mentioned all detailed information about the product along with pros and cons. This list of top 5 best Chromebooks will help you to do all your work systematically without facing any problem. Ranking has been done entirely on the basis of quality, features, technology, and built-in elements. You can take help of expert before selecting any product like computer vacuum. Hope, this article will help you to choose the excellent product which will match all your needs.


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