Top 5 Best Bullet Cameras

Bullet Cameras

Top 5 Best Bullet Cameras

When you are considering the security options then there are various products available in the market. You should be alert when going for the security system installed for your office or even in the home. When thinking of suitable product then you can consider the Bullet Cameras as they are the great options and one can consider it. Bullet cameras provide with the vivid features as they are going to provide you with the Wi-Fi connectivity, cloud storage of the video. You can also get the clear image at night as they comprise the feature having the night vision mode. They are the affordable and convenient option to keep an eye on everything whether outside or inside.

We have mentioned here with the list of the top 5 best bullet camcorders and you can select one out of them according to suitability. We have made the list of top 5 products according to their demand in the market, quality, elements which are used while building it up and also the availability factor. You can check all the detailed information in this article along with the pros and cons to taking an effective and efficient decision.

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5. IdeaNext Smart Baby Monitor

IdeaNext Smart Baby Monitor is preferred for the indoors, you can use the wifi to monitor all the things by sitting anywhere. You can set up the system with the help of the integrated software which will provide you with the P2P connections. You can easily view and manage the camera with the single app which can be easily downloaded with the Amazon app store.

This product easily supports the 32 GB SD card which will help you to export all the photos. We have mentioned some of the pros and cons which will help you with evaluating the final decision. If having some of the pros and cons of the detailed information, you can closely relate the product and then make a powerful decision.


  • Properly support 32 GB of the SD card
  • It will directly connect to the router.
  • Provide you with a clear image.


  • Sometimes drop wifi signal.
  • Require assistance
  • You will require manual to get to know about the features.

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4. GrandStream GXV3672-FHD-36

GrandStream GXV3672-FHD-36 is the quality product that goes well for both the outdoor and indoor places. It has lots of outstanding in-built features which has the streaming capability. It is equipped with great features as four people can view the video simultaneously.

GrandStream GXV3672-FHD-36 is the ideal product for the group project which requires surveillance. This product has inbuilt CMOS sensor and has the lens providing you with HD quality of the image viewing. You can say it ideal product when it comes to protecting the workplace or the house.


  • Have the CMOS sensor and equipped with the HD lens.
  • Have the inbuilt video analytics.
  • Record all the buffering whether the event is pre or post.


  • A little bit expensive
  • Require assistance


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3. Amcrest ProHD Outdoor

Amcrest ProHD Outdoor is the marvelous choice for the homeowners who are looking for the ideal security system installed in their house at the affordable prices. This is the best option for the parents who want to keep an eye on their reckless children. This product will deliver you with the 1080 High definition quality video at the 30FPS.

It will provide you with the four hours of the storage in the free clouding. There is the certainty that you can get some of the push messages through the email or even through any of the apps. It is very affordable as you don’t have to go for any of the monthly charges


  • You don’t have to pay any of the monthly fees.
  • Provide you with the storage options.
  • Premium-duty metal.


  • No major cons reported.


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2. Q-See QCN8002B

Q-See QCN8002B is said to be as the workhorse of all these cameras. It is great for using it in both the outdoor or indoor place as it is waterproof and there are no issues related to the damage of the camera. Q-See QCN8002B is the ideal product to keep an eye either at the workplace or at the home.

This product offers you with the 100 feet of the night vision. You don’t have to balance the lightning as they have the automatic white balancing feature in the camera. All the footage will be recorded properly without any problem.


  • Can be used for the standalone system.
  • Have the port to assign the audio and alarm.
  • Automatic balancing of the color.


  • Require assistance.
  • Bit pricey.

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1. EZVIZ Smart Home 1080p

EZVIZ Smart Home 1080p comprises of two options as it has both the dual as well as a multi pack which will provide you with the high quality of the image even at night. There is no chance that you are going to miss any moment which is not going to record. This is because they are having 360 degrees of the rotation and provide you with the benefit of the wide angle lens. EZVIZ Smart Home 1080p comprises the night vision mode which goes up to 65 feet or 100 feet even in total darkness.

There are different firm updates available in the same. You don’t have to worry about the security system as they have the feature of locking the footage and it will be opened only with the code access.

They have the great space for installing the hard drive in the camera. All the video can be easily checked for almost about 20 days which is the great benefit.


  • Have the feature of locking the footage
  • Have the built-in element of storing the hardware.
  • Provide you with instant notification when any motion is recorded.


  • No major cons reported till now.


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So, what’s The Final Verdict?

We have mentioned the list of the top 5 best bullet cameras according to the consumer demand. You can check the detailed information about the product along with the pros and cons which will help you to take better decision. We have made the list according to the quality, built in the element, availability factor, clarity and many more. Go for the expert advice before taking any decision as they will guide you properly regarding which product is suitable for you.


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