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Author: topstuf
Date: August 22, 2020

How to choose the right type of doll for your child?

It is no surprise to tell you that the toy collection for your child is incomplete with a doll. For some parents, dolls are traditional toys and not meant for children of today. However, science proves them wrong.


Many studies have shown that dolls are still important for children’s emotional and social development. For instance, life-like dolls have been found useful for interactivity and creativity.

When your child’s dresses her baby dolls, the activity improves her precision and pincer strength. It will teach your child to use her hands. So, playing becomes natural and this is one of the best and organic ways of learning.

In most situations, children identify themselves with dolls. For example, when your child picks a doll – let’s say matryoshka dolls, she starts a storyline that allows for self-expression and flexible thinking. She imagines the world form her perspectives, which allows her to build up empathy.

Playing with dolls helps your children to be creative and teach them to interact with people effectively. This boosts their self-confidence and improves their personalities. Not only do they can resolve conflicts but also build-up their self-esteem. At the same time, they practice household routines, which helps them in the long run.

Best lifelike baby dolls

The questions are “how to choose the right type of doll?” In today’s article, we will answer this question in detail. Read on!

·      Younger Baby

During your child’s first year, he or she does not have cognitive or motor skills to cuddle with a baby doll. So, it is important to not buy your child a doll until she is one year old.

Also, when she is one year old, you still need to choose a doll made of soft material – for example, a doll with a soft and squeezable body. Check out some of the best baby dolls for one-year-old.

·      Toddlers

Once your younger baby transforms in a toddler – i.e. 1-2 years old, he or she knows to cuddle with toys. Again, for this particular age, it is important to choose a small size baby doll made of soft material.

Make sure you choose a product that is machine washable. Also, you must not buy a doll that comes with small accessories since children of this age group are susceptible to choking. These factors are important for choosing baby dolls for two years old.

·      Preschoolers

At this age, children seek realism. They want fun and entertainment. So, soft dolls will not be satisfying when playing pretend. On the other hand, you must give your kid a doll with real features such as eyes, which open and close or interactive dolls that cry.

Dolls for this age group have accessories, which are a bit complicated and intricate because you do not worry about your kid choking on small bits or not capable of manipulating the accessory. So, always look for dolls with realistic accessory sets for your kid to use during play.

There are some toys you can find on the market, which are fully interactive. For example, a baby doll with an interactive feature like eating is an awesome way to teach the kid responsibility. Playing with such a doll allows your kid to practice intricate fine motor skills. Some other options are talking dolls or need a response to stop crying.

Likewise, a baby doll, which can teach different educational ideas are also of great importance. There are some types of dolls, which help your kid cement colors and numbers – allowing to improve their math skills. These types of dolls can be fun for your kid to learn some concepts before going to school.

·      Four years and above

You must choose a doll for your kid that is made of high-quality and safe material. Make sure there is no toxic material in it. Although at this age, your child won’t put things in the mouth – however, he or she can be rough on toys occasionally.

So much so, if a doll breaks, you don’t want to risk your kid being exposed to toxic materials that could harm his or her health. If the accessories or paint on the feature starts to chip, you must check whether or not the paint is going to harm the skin of your child. If you think this could happen, avoid buying such a toy.

For this age group, usually, dolls offer children ways to interact with friends. For instance, toys with a collectible aspect like dolls for four years old give your kid something in common with other kids and a unique way to use the toy to make friends. Such dolls are also great for establishing common interests.

Children at this age are exploring their individualities and taking on numerous roles they see in the real world. For instance, this includes practicing caregiving like mommy help someone learn to ride a bike with training wheels like they do with daddy.

Such dramatic play times are important for the kid’s development as they help your kid comprehend their place in society and work out to build feelings or emotions about it all.

So, dolls with interactive features can immerse your kid in such types of dramatic play. This encourages long-term play than short bursts, which your child has experienced at a younger age.


It is not easy to upgrade your kid’s doll from the babyish one of their earlier years to the developmental years – i.e. 4-8 years old. Dolls allow your child to build social relationships and enable them to explore important parts of themselves as they begin to understand the roles of different people in society.

Playing with dolls builds the character your child will need to become independent and comprehend himself or herself. Using more interactive and realistic dolls, your child will have the chance to play for a longer period of time and focus on creativity. Again, make sure the material from which they are made is non-toxic so that your child is not prone to poor health. Good Luck!

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