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Author: topstuf
Date: August 22, 2020

Best Matryoshka dolls – Top Reviews and Buying Guide

The Matryoshka dolls are Russian dolls that hold a massive horde of happy customers and such dolls are popular because they help you to teach your child several essential things that he/she must have known at their early age. Russian nesting or the matryoshka dolls are sets of differently manufactured dolls that are made with wood, the figures of such dolls being from increasing order.

These dolls are the statuettes and painted as happy and differently dressed women; such dolls are famous Russian souvenirs that represent global leaders, fairytales, and pop culture as well. These dolls would be beneficial for the preschoolers that can help them to gain several benefits, which include fine motor skills and coordination, that allows them to improve concentration and sense of order to grasp things easily.

In this review guide, we have selected the best Matryoshka dolls so you would be ease while identifying the ideal product by considering the necessities of those little wonders. The Matryoshka dolls can help a toddler to grasp things easily, and it is also helpful in enhancing grip so that they will be able to hold a pencil soon. We have categorized five reliable products that you can choose undoubtedly; the classification has done based on price, quality, quantity, design, and reviews. 

Our pinnacle 5 – categorized by considering Matryoshka dolls reviews

Here we have selected the most reliable five products that have been manufactured by several reputed manufacturers so you would be ease while selecting anyone for from the following points. The classification was primarily based on the reviews. Let's have a look at them: 

  1. Starxing Russian Nesting Dolls

Starxing Russian Nesting Dolls Matryoshka Wood Stacking Nested Set 7 Pieces Handmade Toys for...
  • 💌EXQUISITE DESIGN: Nesting Doll is handmade craftwork.
  • ❤EASY TO OPEN & FITS VERY WELL: Children are able to open and close it by themselves....
  • ❤NO PAINT SMELL: The paint for nesting doll is high-grade eco-friendly.
  • ❤NATURAL SAFE WOOD: Nesting Dolls is made of linden wood. Carefully selected and...

The starxing Russian nesting dolls are here to serve you with their best quality, and this is a set of 7 pieces. The consumer will 7 dolls in the pack of one, and these dolls have been made with wood, so it is entirely safe for consumption. A child can easily open it themselves, the top to bottom pieces can fit accurately, no foul smell will be there as some of these dolls smells like paint, but the manufacturers of this doll has made it finely so you would be at ease while teaching kids. These nesting dolls are made of linden wood and finely polished and selected, and they are safe enough for the kids.


  • A child can easily open it themselves
  • No paint smell will be there
  • The manufacturers are providing a 100% money-back guarantee


  • These dolls have been manufactured with the thinnest wood.


2. King&Light 7pcs Green Sweater Girl

King&Light 7pcs Green Sweater Girl Russian Nesting Dolls Matryoshka toys by K&L
  • Nesting dolls are handmade products,the difference between the items you receive and the...
  • Beautiful hand painted craft
  • Traditional russian local work of art
  • Nesting dolls are made in China, the production process originated in Russia, with the...

these are the homemade nesting dolls, which makes it even more reliable for consumption, and that's why we have selected though it also has several happy and satisfied consumers. The manufacturers of this product are so sure about its quality, and they are also assuring that you will receive a parcel exactly similar, as shown in the picture. These Russian dolls have painted with hands finely, and these are the lovely art pieces; the artists of these dolls have considered traditional Russian local artwork.


  • These dolls have been manufacturing in china
  • Such dolls are made considered traditional artwork of Russia
  • These are the hand-painted dolls


  • This product isn't sturdy if you pick one other will fall down


3. YAKELUS 10pcs Russian Nesting Dolls

The YAKELUS is the most trustworthy brand which has been serving its consumers for an extended period, and the packaging of such products includes 10 dolls in it. These are the set of 10 dolls which have been manufactured and decorated with hands, such features of it makes this product more reliable for the consumption. This pack of matryoshka dolls is made with hands, and no paint smell will be there when you open up the box.


  • This is a set of 10 dolls
  • These dolls are made with hands
  • The decoration of such dolls is amazing


  • No cons found


4. Echodo 5pcs Handmade Animal Nesting Dolls

The echodo are manufacturing different types of matryoshka dolls as product use while manufacturing is the same, but the concept is unique. This is a pack of 5 dolls, and these dolls look like several wild animals; the Echodo are manufacturing handmade dolls while considering the old Russian tradition, and this product will be an ideal gift item for the kids. It has differently painted dolls patterns that are – bear, monkey, tiger, bird, and pig.


  • The manufactures are providing different patterns of dolls at an affordable price
  • You can directly contact the developers if you receive a with any issue
  • It will be an ideal gift item for kids


  • It is hard to open


5. Penguin Nesting Dolls

Penguin Nesting Dolls - 6 Matryoshka Penguins - All Hollow To Fit Inside Each Other
  • 6 Unique Matryoshka Nesting Dolls.
  • Penguins Range From 4.5'' to 2" in Height.
  • Every Penguin Is Hollow To Keep Your Secret Stuff Inside.
  • Pack Comes With Facts About Pengins, Their Habitat and History.

This is another type of matryoshka doll as it made while considering the appearance of a penguin. This pack of matryoshka dolls contains 6 dolls in it. The height of such dolls starts from 4.5" to 2," and these penguins are hollow to keep your stuff inside it. The developers of such dolls are introducing you to some different penguin facts, so you will be at ease while introducing your child about penguins.


  • Uniquely designed by considering penguin theme
  • Introducing you several facts regarding penguins
  • A great product as an educational gift item.


  • Quality of this doll isn't reliable


Check out some FAQs

What do the matryoshka dolls represent?

These dolls represent motherhood as it's sets beings with a big female doll.

How many matryoshka dolls are there in packaging?

It varies from five to ten.

Why are these dolls called Russian?

These dolls were introduced in Russia in 1890.

Wrapping up

The matryoshka dolls are here to help your child learn different new things at an early age, and these dolls are hollow so you can keep your stuff inside them. The matryoshka dolls were introduced to the world in 1890 in Russia; that's they are popularly known as Russian dolls or nesting dolls. We hope the information given will be helpful to you.

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