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Author: topstuf
Date: March 7, 2018

How a Facial Steamer Works?

Facial steamers are increasing in popularity, and this is because they offer benefits to the skin that regular moisturizing cannot. Regardless of you following a regular routine (cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, toning and facemasks every week), the aspect of steaming is one you should not overlook.

You may be familiar with the technique, but not know exactly how it works to make your skin better. You probably have never put it into consideration as a beauty regimen. Consider this an introduction to facial steaming and its benefits, which include cleaning of your skin from within, as well as boosting blood flow and making the face look young.

What is facial steaming?

An ancient practice from the Romans, facial steaming has been in use for centuries - and the practice simply involves letting your face absorb steam for some time (several minutes). You can do this in a sauna or spa, or even in the comfort of your home using a bowl of water (the traditional method) or using a facial steamer.

A facial steamer uses the same technique - you add water to it, let the water heat up, and enjoy the steam once it signals to you that it is ready. In this sense, it adds convenience to your beauty routine.

Facial steamers are useful if you want to create the experience of a spa without going to one. Since there are many on the market, your choice depends on the features that you want as well as your needs, so you need to do research on the best one for you. They are easy enough to use and they do not require much maintenance, and they give you the correct steam levels that will not damage your skin.

  • Tips on using a facial steamer
    Preparing the face - this is the most important step in maximizing the benefits from your facial steamer. The pores need to be clean for maximum steam penetration. The best way to do this is cleaning your face using a mild cleanser, preferably 100% natural with round beads as these are gentle on the skin. The other advantage is you get to remove any makeup, dirt or oil that is present.
  • Preparing the steamer - this depends on the make of the steamer, as each is unique. Ensure to follow the process as the manual outlines. Fill the appropriate chamber with water, but be careful that you use distilled water for the steamer, as tap water tends to be less effective for cleaning the pores. Once you plug in the steamer, wait for it to heat up. There is a signal it will give once the steam is ready for use.

Precautions when using a facial steamer

  • In each 300ml of water, add one drop of any essential oil (chamomile, lavender, tea tree, neroli, clary sage) for maximum benefits.
  • Avoid taking in steam in extremely hot water or getting too close as it results in burns
  • Avoid doing too many steam sessions as it ages the skin (twice a week at most is enough).


Facial steamers offer you benefits that traditional steaming may not, but you still need to maintain a sense of safety as you use it. If you thinking to get one, then read our Best Facial Steamer Buying Guide

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