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Author: topstuf
Date: June 13, 2019

​​Finding The Best Vegan Store In Any City - Things You Should Know

Veganism is on the rise – no doubts about it. Some people do it to prevent animal abuse, while others do it for health reasons. There are also environmental and humanity reasons behind this movement, not to mention the actual trend. While there are plenty of options in all restaurants and supermarkets out there, finding a diversified store can still be challenging. Luckily, you do have lots of options to ease this transition.

Finding the best vegan store Montreal can be challenging and may sometimes imply shopping in a few different places. However, a little research will provide plenty of options.


Not just food

To someone who is just embracing veganism, it might seem to be about food only – a terrible misconception. In fact, a health food store with a vegan line goes further than that. Veganism targets everything related to animals, meaning apparel, shoes, household stuff, cosmetics and so on.

If you want to be 100% vegan, you might want to use cosmetics that were not used on animals. You might want to skip the down in your pillows or the leather in your shoes and belts. From this point of view, veganism targets more aspects and requires more education.

Once you get used to it and overcome daily basics involving animals, this lifestyle becomes perfectly natural. You will find vegan shoes and clothes, toiletries and many other things. While you should not face too many issues finding a vegan supermarket Montreal, you can also shop online for things that you cannot find locally.


Options in vegan shopping

Vegan shopping

Worried that the closest vegan store Montreal or any other city is still too far away from you? You still have options then. You do not have to stick to stuff you will find in all kinds of random supermarkets, such as fruits, vegetables and frozen fries. Instead, you can shop online.

Many supermarkets (including specialized supermarkets) allow online shopping. They will deliver to your door and in order to increase their popularity, they may even provide a plethora of special offers and promotions.

Most people can find what they need for everyday cooking needs at a local store anyway. But when it comes to specialized lines, you will most likely hunt meat and cheese alternatives. Everything else – fruits, vegetables or alternative milk – can be found in pretty much any store, even small convenience stores.

The general idea is fairly simple – whether you shop online or offline, you can easily find a boutique vegan for your list.

Learning from others

Sometimes, veganism is not necessarily about finding a vegan grocery store and do your entire shopping list in there. Instead, you just need to find shops – small shops or large supermarkets – who have the required line of products.

No one has the time to look everywhere, but establishing connections with others might help. After all, you are not the only one in this situation. Others were there before you and they found their way out of it. In other words, you can search for vegan groups over social media networks. Make sure to add the location as well – be it the town, city or country. People share recipes, ideas, solutions, tips, tricks and shops.

When it comes to local groups, you can always start a topic and ask about something in particular if you struggle. Chances are you will get an answer in no time – be it a positive or a negative one. Even if you get a positive answer, at least you know that you can stop searching for a particular product in your area, so you should get it online.

Open the door to more opportunities

If you are not 100% sure whether particular products are vegan or not, feel free to contact businesses and manufacturers to inquire about it. Even if you can do your own research, getting in touch with manufacturers is still a bright idea. It will make life easier for all vegans by showing there is a demand for such products. More people doing it will lead manufacturers to open new lines and make the switch eventually.

At the same time, there is no better way to have up to date information regarding your favorite products. Contacting local stores will also ensure that every health store Montreal will bring in new lines to supply this demand.

What to add to your grocery shopping list

Shopping List Milks

Reaching to a natural food store Montreal or any other city is pointless if you have no idea what you need. Switching to a vegan lifestyle is not hard at all, as long as you find the right replacements for what you eat now. When it comes to milk, your options are quite varied:

  • Soy milk
  • Almond milk
  • Oat milk
  • Coconut milk

You will also find vegan cheese, yet you will need to try various alternatives to figure which one is right for you. Vegan cheese is also available in a series of options, such as cream cheese, slices or shredded. Vegan butter is already around for ages – margarine is the key, yet it is a processed food, so do not abuse it. You can also find healthier alternatives though.

Are you a big fan of eggs? Opt for tofu instead, yet you will need to learn how to cook it – lots of recipes and ideas over the Internet though. How about the meat? Again, you will have lots of possibilities that must b​​e tried individually. You will find vegan meat in multiple forms – sausages, mince, burgers and so on. Pretty much every vegan store will have a few options for you.



In the end, while not every organic grocery will have the right foods for your diet, chances are shopping around will give you some good options. If you still struggle, pretty much any vegan store will provide even more options than local physical stores.

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