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Author: topstuf
Date: November 4, 2020

Best Ugly Dolls 2020 - Top 4 Reviews and Buying Guide

There are several toy brands, and variety of products is available in the market, due to the enhancement in technology toys has been evolved into something different. The simple toys got evolved into an ugly doll, yes! You read it right; there are some dolls available that have manufactured by the brand Uglydoll. This brand is producing very different and unique dolls. It is a firm that entirely based on a series of plush toys.

The Uglydoll line was firstly launched in February 2001; it is awarded with the specialty toy of the year and honored by the Toy industry association in 2006. This brand has an enormous fan following and their products are in demand in the pop culture, over many years they have introduced many differently named characters.

In this article, we have classified the best ugly dolls considering the demand, and its popularity is increasing day by day. Due to the massive fan following and public demand here, we are with some of the popular dolls which are unique and have reviewed best amongst the rest of the other toys. These toys have led to numerous appearances in pop culture because of their unique and different styles.

Top 4 Ugly Dolls Reviews

Due to the numerous availability of several products, we have distinguished some of the best Uglydolls considering reviews. Here we have classified some of the good product dolls with durable quality. These dolls have a massive fan following, so with investing much time, let’s head towards them:

  1. Uglydoll Ox Large Plush Stuffed Toy

UGLYDOLLS Ox Large Plush Stuffed Toy, 18.5" Tall
  • The bigger, the better: Ugly dolls ox big plush figure is 18. 5 inches tall.
  • Stuffed toy with a style all his own: inspired by the epic animated movie, Ugly dolls,...
  • Sew soft: embroidery details create a stuffed toy with quirky personality and soft, cozy...
  • Collect Ugly dolls big snugglers: there are 2 large Ugly dolls plush figures to collect --...

Uglydoll Ox Large Plush Stuffed is a toy that is 18.5 tall and a style that is inspired by the epic animated movie. This ox figure is a soft, squishy toy for kids to snuggle, it is stitched softly, and the embroidery details create a stuffed toy with a quirky personality. The cozy material, which is made for amazing cuddles, a plush toy can be washed as well. Collect your Uglydoll big snuggles as there are two large Ugly dolls plush figures to collect of ox and babo. These dolls will be sold separately; this thing will let you chose stuff toys according to you.


  • It is made up of soft and huggable material
  • Theme based toys
  • It comes with a massive size of 18.5 inches.


  • No cons found

  1. Uglydoll Feature Sounds Moxy

UGLYDOLLS Feature Sounds Moxy, Stuffed Plush Toy That Talks, 11.5" Tall
  • 30+ sounds and phrases: Ugly dolls Moxy talking plush toy has more than 30 movie-inspired...
  • Press her belly: give her belly a squeeze to get the party started, Ugly dolls-style!
  • Stuffed toy with a style all her own: inspired by the inquisitive Optimist from the epic...
  • Sew soft: embroidery details create a stuffed toy with quirky personality and soft, cozy...

Uglydoll Feature Sounds Moxy, you have to press her belly, squeeze to the party started in Ugly dolls style. This doll consist of 30+ sounds and phrases of 30 movies inspired and has several sound effects. This Uglydoll has embroidery details, which are specially designed with a quirky personality and soft, it is an ideal choice if you want a huggable and a toy to cuddle with. There are two feature sounds Uglydolls plush to collect, and that is Ugly dog and Moxy. The ugly doll is a brand that is serving for decades and still has en number of happy and satisfied customers.



  • This doll has 30+ sounds and phrases
  • Just squeeze it once, and you will hear several sounds and phrases
  • Soft, squishy toy for the cuddles


  • You cannot give it a regular wash


  1. Uglydoll Warm Wishes Wage Stuffed Plush Toy

UGLYDOLLS Warm Wishes Wage Stuffed Plush Toy, 10" Tall
  • Stuffed toy with a style all her own: inspired by the town's chef Extraordinaire in the...
  • Warm wishes wage plush doll: wage holds an envelope made specially for kids to open and...
  • Sew soft: embroidery details create a stuffed toy with quirky personality and soft, cozy...
  • Collect Ugly dolls: there are 5 sincerely Ugly dolls plush toys to collect -- Moxy, ox,...

The Uglydoll warm wishes wage stuffed plush toy is a doll that has its unique style and swag. It is inspired by the town’s chef extraordinary in the epic animated movie, Uglydolls, this toy is so soft, a squishy toy for the kids to snuggle. The uglydolls are manufacturing the best ranges of a doll with very detailed embroidery, which is soft as cotton, though these dolls look weird, but they are cute and adorable. Comes with a wage holds an envelope made, especially for kids to open it and discover a character inspired. An ideal choice for the cuddles and snuggling usually kids love hugging them. Its material and quality are similar to the other products, but its appearance is different.


  • A movie has inspired the manufacturer of this product
  • It is supple and spongy to cuddle
  • Comes at a very affordable price


  • No cons found


  1. Hasbro Sincerely Uglydolls Hugs

Hasbro Sincerely Uglydolls Hugs & Headstands Wedgehead Stuffed Plush Toy, Inspired by The Uglydolls...
  • Stuffed toy with a style all her own: inspired by the crew's eternal empathy in the epic...
  • Hugs and headstands wedge head plush doll: wedge head holds an envelope made specially for...
  • Soft and sweet toy: embroidery details create a stuffed toy with quirky personality and...
  • 7. 5 inches tall: this wedge head toy is 7. 5 inches tall

Hasbro Sincerely, Uglydolls Hugs is a stuffed plush toy that is inspired by the Uglydolls movie and its crew’s eternal empathy in the epic film, which is animated and has made for the kids. This doll is capable of doing hugs, and headstands wedge head holds an envelope that was expressly manufactured for children. Such a product is 7.5 inches tall, and the experts did embroidery for more soften and squishy experience. The Ugly dolls have many more ranges, e.g., ugly dolls plush toys, ice bat, ugly dog, tray, Moxy, ox, babo, wage, and lucky bat.


  • It’s the cute and huggable size of 7.5 inches makes it even more adorable
  • This doll has a different looks
  • The look of this doll is inspired by a movie


  • No cons found


Here are some frequently asked questions:

Why have the manufacturers chosen “Ugly dolls” as their brand name?

They say “Ugly” stands for ‘You gotta love yourself,’ this is the reason behind the name of a firm.

Who invented ugly dolls?

It is a brand based upon a series of plush toys, which have been invented through the idea of long-distance amongst the creators of it, which were David Horvath and Sun-min Kim.

Whose voice is behind Ugly dog?

Nick Jonas As Lou is the man whose voice is behind Ugly Dog.

Who is OX in ugly dolls?

OX is the mayor of Uglyville and the former friend of the main antagonist.


The final verdict:

Here we are with an outcome that is ugly dolls are inspired by an animated movie, which was a blockbuster at the box office. The manufacturer of such dolls has decided to make something weird and adorable simultaneously; such creativity of the manufacturers has made these dolls popular globally.

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