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Author: topstuf
Date: August 20, 2020

Best Monster High Dolls - FAQ And Buying Guide 2020

Dolls are kid's best buddy, their stress reliever, and a person with whom they love talking to. A kid loves their toys as much as their parents love them; getting the desired toys makes your dream come true. Dolls play an essential role in children's lives as they get influenced and inspired with them quickly, so being a parent, you must select the right dolls considering your child's requirements.

Due to enhanced technology, there are numerous options available; you have to classify amongst them which one your kids adore the most. Nowadays, several types of dolls are obtainable, and one of the most popular dolls is monster high dolls. They are American fashion dolls and created by Mattel; such dolls were introduced to the world in July, 2010. The characters of monster high dolls were inspired by monster movies, sci-fi horror, thriller fiction, etc.

In this review guide, we will introduce you to some best monster high dolls and assist you towards features and benefits. These dolls have been created by Garrett sander along with illustrations by Kellee Riley. The manufacturers of such dolls are providing their consumer's several things into packaging, and they are stationary, dolls, bags, key chains, various toys, and sets as well.

Top 3 Monster High Dolls Reviews

Numerous options availability may distract you from buying the right product, so here we are with some monster high dollsto serve with better suggestions. We are here to guide you towards better products which have undergone the hands of reputed manufacturers and that particular firm is holding en number of happy customers by serving them with our paramount choices let's have a look at them:

  1. Monster High Frankie Stein Doll

Monster High Frankie Stein Doll in Signature Look
  • Frankie Stein doll is dressed for the first day of school!
  • Her signature look is voltageous with touches inspired by her monster legacy
  • The daughter of Frankenstein looks electrifying in a blue, yellow, black and silvery dress...
  • Flexibility at the shoulders and knees adds to the fun with more scary cool poses and...

The Frankiestein theme inspires this Monster High Frankie Stein Doll, this doll is horrifyingly gorgeous. It is a theme-based doll which is dressed up for her first day of school, and the theme says she is a daughter of Frankiestein which is defined by her looks i.e., electrifying in a blue (complexion), yellow, black and silver shining dress along with her signature plaid on the skirt. This doll is flexible from the shoulder and knees, which adds fun in it, although it can do more scary poses and helps the speaker to explain a story more effectively. The manufacturer is providing many attachments with it, e.g., black kicks, a lightning bolt necktie, silvery belt, and a yellow lightning bolt with a nicely decorated purse.



  • A theme-based doll helps you to tell a story more effectively
  • The developers are providing several accessories with it
  • A voltageous look adds grace to her personality


  • Hair is quite sticky


  1. Monster High Frankie Stein Girl Doll

Monster High Frankie Stein Doll
  • The Monster High dolls turn trendy emojis into killer style!
  • Frankie Stein doll, daughter of Frankenstein, comes alive in a black dress with blue...
  • Bright blue gladiator boots and black sunglasses are electrifying
  • Get expressive with emoji-inspired looks and monsterrific characters

A monster high doll, which is affordable as it comes at a reasonable price, this is also a theme inspired doll and considered as Frankistein's daughter. This doll is expressive with emoji inspired looks as these looks in trend, monsterrific characters look are quite similar to a popular TV show. This monster high dolls turn trendy emojis into her killer swag; she has friends like her only e.g., Draculaura, lagoon blue clawdeen wolf, and Cleo de Nile. She has come alive wearing while a black dress with blue-collar, lacy hem along with a print which has mixed graphics and emoji in yellow, blue, and red. Children love this doll and have fun while playing with them as her blue gladiator boots and black shades. Grab them all for a better collection.


  • It is a trendy doll with charming looks
  • Comes at an affordable range
  • The black dress and a blue-collar dress makes it attractive


  • No cons found


  1. Monster High Draculaura Doll

Monster High Draculaura Doll
  • Draculaura gives fans something to shout
  • Doll wears molded bodice, removable skirt and trendy sporty shoes
  • Monster High ghouls are ready to show their school spirit in cheerleading outfits
  • Bodice features a the Skullette

This is also a theme based doll; she is quite different comparatively the above two products as this doll is a close friend of the monster frankstein doll, and this is capable of making your child her fan. The Draculaura wears molded bodice, and the skirt is removable, the trendy, sporty shoes add refinement to her persona. This particular monster high ghouls is ready to show her school spirit in cheerleading outfits; its body features are skullette. The Draculaura is BFF of the frankstein's daughter. The pinkish look and the vine red hair make her look adorable, we have selected this doll due to its enhanced looks and features, though this doll comes at a reasonable price the quality of this product is reliable.


  • It comes at an affordable price
  • The skirt is removable easily
  • Draculaura is a cheerleader


  • This is a delicate doll as it can be broke easily

Here are some frequently asked questions

What are monster high dolls?

These dolls are the American fashion dolls franchise, which is created by Mattel and launched in July, 2010.

Are the monster high dolls famous?

Indeed they are famous and hitting the charts in just four to five years after launch. They had earned billions by increasing their fan following.

Why the monster high dolls discontinued?

Manufacturing monster high doll was abandoned in 2015 because they got rebooted, and ever after high, this was the reason behind the cancellation.

The final verdict:

Here we are wrapping up the stuff i.e.; the monster high dolls are quite different comparatively other dolls. These dolls hold billions of popularity globally, so here we have mentioned some best monster high dolls to serve you with ease while identifying the right doll according to your necessities. Although we have mentioned all necessary information regarding monster high dolls and we hope the information mentioned above have helped you to know more about such dolls.

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