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Author: topstuf
Date: April 29, 2020

Find The Best Paella Pans - Read Our Genuine Top 5 Reviews

You may be familiar to the term paella. It is one of the healthiest and delicious Spanish rice dishes. Although it has its origin in Spain, this dish has gained popularity throughout the world. You can prepare the dish with rice, seafood, meat and other veggies. You may also avoid adding meat to it. However, thyme, bay leaf, black pepper, saffron, smoked paprika and olive oil are must for this Spanish dish. Usually, we use a special paella pan for cooking this food. Our comprehensive guide and reviews will help you to choose the best paella pans.

Paella pans have a large shallow design with a number of handles and sloping sides. You can find dimples at the base of the conventional style paella pan. You will get comfort in using this pan for cooking paella. At a higher temperature, the pan retains its stability. Thus, you can start looking for the solid and authentic paella pan.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Paella Pans

Size of your paella pan

The number of servings, the number of family members and the heat source- these are major factors to find the paella pan of the right size. You may easily focus on the first two factors to choose the pan. However, you must measure your oven, grill, and stove while ordering the paella pan. Most of the stovetop sizes range from 20 to 20 inches. The ovens are within 18 inches. The best rule is to pick the bigger sized pan, which works best for your chosen source of heat.

To serve 3 to 6 persons, you can buy a paella pan of 15 to 16”. The bigger ones have a diameter of 18 to 22 inches. While you have hosted a paella party, you may look for a pan, having a size range from 24″ to 28”. The measurement of the pans does not include the handles.

Materials used in the paella pans

Stainless steel, enameled steel, and carbon steel are common materials, used for manufacturing paella pans. However, aluminum, cast iron and copper are also applied to make paella pan.

Carbon Steel – In most of the conventional paella pans, you may find this material. It has higher heat conductivity and strength. You can heat up your foods very fast. The paella pans, made of carbon steel, are thin. Still, they have high resilience due to the concave bottom.

Enameled steel – While you are looking for a rust-resistant paella pan, you may choose this material. However, at the base part, there is a use of carbon steel. It remains coated with a thin enamel layer. The enameled pans have lower thermal conductivity. The positive feature is that it is very easy to maintain the enameled steel pans.

Stainless steel – This is another material with very low heat conductivity. However, 18/8 and 18/10 stainless steel is of very high quality. You can find a shiny look in these paella pans.

Is there any lid for your paella pan?

Lid is not essential to cook paella. The special design of the paella pan is best for the faster evaporation. Thus, the authentic version of the pans has no lid.

Where to place the paella pans

In the central part of most of the paella pans, there is a slight dip. You can place them flat on the electric burner. However, while you have a bigger pan, you can cook your paella on your grill. Some paella pans work for both charcoal and gas grills. You may also use them with your oven.

Depth of the paella pans

Paella pans have a shallow design. This design helps in adding better taste to your paella. Make sure that the layer of your rice is thin. Depth of pans varies between 1 3/4 inches and 3 inches.

Cleaning and maintenance

Your paella pans may not be dishwasher friendly. Thus, know the tips of maintaining your pans.

Top 5 Paella Pans

Mauviel 5277.4 M'Elite Paella pan, Stainless

Mauviel M'Elite Paella pan, 15.7, Stainless
  • Made in France since 1830. Mauviel is the leading cookware manufacturer for professional...
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE 2.6 mm thickness; 5 Ply 18/10 SS Construction. M 'Elite is polished and...
  • Handles stay cool. Cast Stainless steel handles stay cool during use. Pouring rims on...
  • Can be used on all cooking surfaces. Gas, electric, induction, halogen stovetops, and in...

Mauviel is known for offering the best cookware for the professional chefs. This paella pan is one of the reliable kitchen essentials for cooking paella. The thickness of the material of this pan is 2.6 mm. 5 Ply 18/10 SS has made it durable in design. The manufacturer has polished the outer side and then hammered it. You can find a very high heat conductivity of this paella pan. While you are cooking the dish, the special design of the pan helps in the uniform distribution of heat.

The handles are made of cast stainless steel, and they remain cool during your cooking time. You can grab the handles and pour the dish to another container. There are two size options- 13.8 and 15.7 inches. You may place the pan on any cooktop- Induction, electric, gas, oven and halogen stovetop.


  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • Oven safe
  • High performance


  • No negative comment


Victoria SKL-313 Pre-Seasoned Paella Pan

Victoria Cast Iron Paella Frying Pan Seasoned with 100% Kosher Certified Non-GMO Flax Seed Oil, 13...
  • ✔️Better Performance. The 13 inch cast iron skillet has greater retention and...
  • ✔️Ready-to-use seasoning: 100% non-GMO flaxseed oil seasoned coating. Does not contain...
  • ✔️Healthy for you. Trace amounts of iron are naturally released when cooking with...
  • ✔️Versatile. This cast iron pan can be used for serving, cooking, baking, grilling,...

Victoria has offered a black colored paella pan. The skillet is available to us in various sizes, and the smallest one is 6”. The dual handles of the paella pan have a curved design, making it easier for you to control it. The manufacturer has offered you a pre-seasoned skillet, and you can instantly use it after your purchase. It has used Flaxseed Oil for seasoning the skillet.

You can find a thoughtful design of the cast iron pan. There are pour spouts and drip-catches to help you in avoiding any mess. You may also be able to clean the skillet very easily. The rim and bottom parts have a special design for preventing the cracks and warping issues with the fluctuation of temperature.

The manufacturer has also applied sand casting method for the increasing durability of the pan.


  • High heat retention capacity
  • Loop handles
  • Different size options


  • Not much flat


Matfer Bourgeat 062051 Black Steel Paella Pan

Matfer Bourgeat Black Carbon Steel Paella Pan, 14 1/8"
  • VARIETY OF USES: Brings top-notch heat distribution and temperature control, preserving...
  • NATURAL NON-STICK MATERIAL: Made of of black carbon steel, a natural mineral material...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Has two handles welded to pan's body for extra strength and...
  • HIGHLY COMPATIBLE & VERSATILE: This steel pan can also withstand and maintain exceedingly...

We have chosen another paella pan from the reliable brand, Matfer Bourgeat. Matfer Bourgeat has offered one of the conventional paella pans, helping you to prepare the tasty paella dish. The manufacturer has claimed that the weight of the pan is about 2 ounce. This lightweight pan is easy to control to all the users. You may move it to your cooktop or at any other place without much effort. The use of black steel has made the paella pan looks attract. Most of the users have commented that the pan is highly durable.

The pan includes two handles without much intricacy in the design. The base of the pan is flat- the major feature of every paella pan. The diameter of the pan is 14 1/8". The sides of the skillet are curved, and you can cook your foods comfortably.


  • Wide bottom
  • Have much depth
  • Useful for frying and grilling


  • No size option


The Hungry Cuban paella pan

The Hungry Cuban is one of the known brands, offering paella pan as one of the best kitchen essentials. This pan is available in two different sizes. While you have a small family, you may invest in 15-inch pan. However, for the bigger families, 38-inch pan is the right choice.

The round shaped pan has two red handles on two sides, and they help you in holding the pan comfortably. They are durable and much bigger than the normal ones. Your hands will not feel hot while gripping the handles for cooking purpose.

The manufacturer has used carbon steel for manufacturing this pan. With water and soap, you may clean the pan. However, for preventing rust, you can apply some vegetable oil on it.


  • Look stylish for its handles
  • Durable
  • Size option for all users


  • Not dishwasher safe


Garcima Carbon Steel Paella Pan

Garcima 22-Inch Carbon Steel Paella Pan, 55cm
  • Informative pamphlet with each pan, which contains two recipes.
  • Can be used on a gas or charcoal grill, on the stovetop, or in the oven.
  • Carbon steel is durable and conducts heat well.
  • Dry the pan right after washing it and then rub the inside with a little vegetable oil to...

Designed by La Paella, this pan is large and accommodates much amount of food. The look of the pan is similar to other paella pans of various brands. However, you may find the difference while using it. The two handles are red in color and they have added a unique style to the pan.

The use of carbon steel has increased the durability level of the paella pan. The users have also commented that this pan has a high heat conduction capacity. You may place the pan safely on the oven, stovetop and charcoal or gas grill.

After every use, you have to wash the pan and dry it instantly. You can rub the interior side with vegetable oil for rust prevention. The package also includes a pamphlet with two recipes in it.


  • Highly resilient
  • Conducts heat
  • Offers a recipe book


  • Too much big for a conventional oven



Now, you can start searching for the best paella pan for your everyday purpose. Use this pan for preparing the spicy and hearty paella for your friends and relatives. We have picked the superb quality paella pans for you. You may have a look at all the features of these pans. The choice of right paella pans makes your cooking performance better. Read our guide and make your decision to purchase the pans.

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