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Author: topstuf
Date: May 13, 2020

Best Motorcycle Lift Table 2020 - Buying Guide and Top 5 Reviews

All motorcyclists will have to perform routine maintenance of their motorcycle. This means that they will have to kneel on their knees, which is uncomfortable and annoying. Furthermore, some repairs are not even possible to perform in such way. Then, lifting a motorcycle from the ground is mandatory. But, how do you do it? The answer is Best Motorcycle Lift Table. It is designed to lift the motorcycle allowing for the mechanic or the owner easier access.

Factors to consider

There are a lot of factors which must be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing a motorcycle lift table. Only if you take into account all of them, you will be able to find the most suitable unit, which will meet your demands. Now we will explain the main factors in detail.

  • Weight load

This is basically the main factor to consider. It refers to the weight a lift can handle. Some can handle 200 pounds, while others can lift up to 2000 pounds. Smaller models are usually reserved for scooters and smaller motorcycles, while bigger ones are reserved for sports bikes or for cruisers. Keep in mind that your motorcycle will determine the actual need. You have a plate with the weight of a motorcycle usually at the front.

  • Dimensions

Some motorcycle lift tables are 90 inches long, others 50 inches long. Once again, the size of your bike will determine this factor. If you have a lightweight motorcycle, a smaller motorcycle lift will be just fine. On the other hand, a bigger one is preferable.

  • Safety features

Safety features include a variety of systems and elements which all have one role in mind. They must ensure that the motorcycle will stay safe when lifted. Straps and elements which will stick to the wheels of a bike are usually the best alternatives.

  • Lifting mechanism

Lifting mechanism can be based on air (compress), hydraulics or electric motors. Most models come with hydraulic systems. They are the most durable and they are the quickest. Also, they are commonly known as professional mechanisms, making those table lifts professional as well.

  • Lifting time

The factor in question refers to the time a table lift needs to lift the motorcycle in the air. It can be as short as 10 seconds or up to a minute long. Of course, this isn’t the most important factor so it is up to you to decide do you actually need it.

Top 5 Motorcycle Lift Tables Reviews 2020



Titan Ramps 1,000 lb Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table Extra Long Heavy Duty

Titan Ramps Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift for Mechanics, Workshops, and Homes
  • CONVENIENT MOTORCYCLE REPAIR: This hydraulic motorcycle lift table by Titan Ramps...
  • STURDY DESIGN: This hydraulic ramp saves both time and effort during motorcycle repair and...
  • SAFETY & SECURITY: These ramps are equipped with a diamondplate surface to prevent...
  • DIMENSIONS: The ramp itself measures 8 1/2" - 34" tall x 81 1/4" long x 21 3/4" wide. The...

It is made from high-quality steel, it is a heavy-duty model and it has a weight load of 1000 pounds. Using the lift is easy, it is generally very safe and it is capable of being used for professional applications. All of this and it is even affordable.

We must add that this is one of the biggest motorcycle lifts available on the market, therefore it is ideal for massive motorcycles. In addition, it is based on the manual hydraulic system and it comes with detailed instructions. Of course, it isn’t the quickest model here, but it does the job it is made for.



  • Value for money
  • Large
  • Weight load
  • Well-made


  • Manual lifting
  • Safety features


Black Widow Essential Motorcycle Shop Kit

Black Widow Cruiser and Chopper Steel Motorcycle Dolly - 1,250 lb. Capacity
  • Makes storing or moving choppers or other large bikes around your garage or workshop safe...
  • Manufactured from durable 12 gauge steel with a 1,250 lb. weight capacity / 625 lbs. per...
  • Includes an integrated loading ramp, adjustable kickstand plate, and wheel safety pins
  • Track measures 94" L x 8" W and features five double caster wheels for easy...

The model we have here is just right for most users. It has 1000 pounds weight load capacity, it is made from steel and it is actually kit, meaning that you will get plenty of additional features. Using the lift is more than just easy and even the assembly process won’t take more than 30 minutes.

In a nutshell, we liked this motorcycle lift. It has it all and it is well-made, so you are going to use it for many years without a single issue. Even better, you also get a stool in the package, so you can start working on your motorcycle as soon as possible.




  • Comes as a kit
  • 1000 pounds weight load
  • Stool is included
  • Modern design


  • Isn’t very affordable
  • Must be assembled before use


Black Widow ProLift Motorcycle Lift Table with Cruiser V-Twin Center Jack

Black Widow BW-PROLIFT-HDXW ProLift Motorcycle Lift Table with Center Jack
  • Lifts Cruiser or V-Twin bikes from 7" to 31.25" H for service or maintenance
  • Platform measures 8' 9.5" L x 48" W; removable ramp measures 20" L; 1,500 lb weight...
  • Includes a center lift motorcycle jack for front or rear tire servicing
  • Air operated; requires 90-110 PSI minimum

Let’s imagine that you need a motorcycle lift table which is massive and designed for the bigger motorcycles out there. In that case, you are going to need the model we are reviewing right now. It is a masterpiece. First of all, it uses compressed air to lift a motorcycle. In some situations, it may need up to 90PSI in order to lift a motorcycle. But, the weight load is 1500 pounds.

The table is bigger than usual as well. It is 105 inches long and it is designed to handle even the biggest and the heaviest motorcycles. In addition, it will lift any motorcycle in the air up to 31 inch, which is more than just enough.



  • 1500 pounds weight load
  • Long table
  • Lifts up to 31 inch
  • Uses compress air to lift a motorcycle
  • Attention to details


  • Expensive
  • Isn’t very easy to use


PowerZone 380047 1700 LB Hydraulic Motorcycle/ATV Jack

PowerZone 380047 1700 LB Hydraulic Motorcycle/ATV Jack
  • Rated Capacity: 1700LB. Lifting Range: 4-1/2” to 14-1/2”. Heavy duty steel...
  • Foot activated hydraulic pump leaves both hands free for positioning and stabilizing...
  • Safety lock with multiple locking positions. T-Handle provides secure grip and can be...
  • Rubber grip saddle pads protects motorcycle/ATV Frame

The model in question is definitely interesting and an appealing choice. The weight load is impressive 1700 lbs.! It is small, compact and it can be used for motorcycles and ATVs. However, it is slightly different than other models, due to the fact it will lift motorcycle from the center.

In general, this is a great small motorcycle lift. It is made from heavy-duty steel, it comes with detailed instructions and it has it all you are going to need. For small motorcycles, it is probably the best choice.


  • Can be used for motorcycles and ATVs
  • 1700LB weight load
  • Made from steel
  • Small and compact


  • Impractical
  • Lifting mechanism


Goplus New 300lb Motorcycle Hydraulic Scissor Floor Jack Lift

Goplus 300lb Motorcycle Lift Table Hydraulic Cycle Dirt Bike ATV Scissor Jack Lift Hoist Center...
  • 300Lbs of Bearing Capacity: Lifting up to 300 lbs, the hydraulic scissor floor jack is...
  • Enough Lifting Height: Lift height from 15 inches (min height) to 38 inches (max height),...
  • Rubber Padded Platform to Prevent Damage: The wide top platform provides a safe, stable...
  • Safety Design: Lift table comes with non-slip hard rubber (gum) plate with strong locking...

It is small and powerful lift table for motorcycles. It can lift up to 300 pounds, which is enough for most users. On the other hand, it is designed for small motorcycles and for those who need a small and practical lift. An interesting fact is that it can lift a motorcycle up to 970mm in the air. We liked this model and the technology it uses. Basically, it is very simple but will get a job done as soon as possible.

Don’t think that the quality is poor. It is also made from steel and comes with advanced safety features. For example, the upper surface is layered with rubber, and there are safety springs which will secure the motorcycle when lifted.



  • Interesting model with clever technology
  • Can lift a motorcycle up to 970 mm in the air
  • Safety features are great
  • Small and easy to store


  • 300 pounds of weight load
  • Safety springs can scratch a motorcycle



The Best Motorcycle Lift Table is right here on the list. We tested and compared some of the most popular and the most sophisticated models, which are sufficient for professional use and can be used in garages by motorcyclists who want to provide the best maintenance to their motorcycles. We also added some models that can be more than just appealing for small motorcycles and versions which are designed for full-size bikes. Pay attention to the factors we have mentioned at the beginning and choose a motorcycle lift accordingly. Chances are high that you will make a right choice if you chose one model from the list. Try and you will be perfectly satisfied, we guarantee you.

Do you also need to lift your car? Not a problem! We have also reviewed Best Car Lifts and even Handlebar Risers.

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