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Author: topstuf
Date: February 13, 2019

Best Gel Eyeliner - Top Reviews and Buying Guide

As any makeup enthusiast knows, there are several types of eyeliner, and each one has its own unique characteristics and offers a specific set of benefits. One of the most popular of these types is gel eyeliners. These products are especially appreciated for their decent coverage and ability to last very long. In this article, we will briefly go over some of their main characteristics and we will help you identify the best gel eyeliner on the market today.

What you should be aware of when you are looking for the best gel eyeliner?

Buying a makeup product that is ideal for you is predicated on having a firm grasp of all the moving parts and variables that are involved in determining its quality and compatibility with your skin. Here are the main factors that you should focus on when you are looking for the best gel eyeliner.


This is one of the first things that you should keep in mind when picking gel eyeliners. Due to the differences in skin tone and eye shape, not every color is going will be effective with every single person. If you don’t feel like taking risks with regard to shades and styles, it is advisable that you stick to neutral colors.

Ease of application and removal

Eyeliners that are difficult to apply should be left at the hands of makeup professionals. If you want a great product that is convenient to use on a daily basis, you need to make sure that the application process is extremely intuitive and straightforward. As for the removal process, it should also be relatively effortless, requiring nothing more than a few swipes of eye makeup remover. To make sure that this is indeed the case, check the instructions on the product description before making a purchase.

Formula concentration

Having a rough estimate of the concentration of the formula will give you an idea of the amount that you will need to apply in order to get optimal results. This factor is hard to quantify since the vast majority of manufacturers don’t display it on the product description. You’re going to need to rely on customer feedback.


While the practice of testing products on animals is not as widespread as it used to be, there are still some companies that uphold it. If this is an important issue for you, we recommend that you opt for a product that is certified as cruelty-free by a renowned entity such as PETA.

The price

Gel eyeliners are not exactly the most expensive makeup products on the market. You can expect to get high-quality eyeliners for less than $25. Anything that is priced substantially higher than that is more often than not the product of brand mark-up and not actual intrinsic value.

The best gel eyeliner in 2020

1 - UCANBE 2 in 1Black and Brown Gel Eyeliner

2 in 1 Black and Brown Gel Eyeliner Set Water Proof Smudge Proof, Last for All Day Long, Work Great...
1,773 Reviews
2 in 1 Black and Brown Gel Eyeliner Set Water Proof Smudge Proof, Last for All Day Long, Work Great...
  • A SET OF TWO EYELINER - this amazing gel eyeliner kit come with 2 classic colors, black...
  • The creamy gel with its light and supple texture help you easily clear the line depicting...
  • Waterproof long-lasting and smudgeproof, this gel can stay on for a whole day and easy to...
  • Provide 2 small eye makeup brushes, one regular liner brush, one angle liner brush, they...

This amazing gel eyeliner offers two great color options, a sleek glossy black finish, and a regular brown shade. This allows it to accommodate a wide range of eye colors, both light, and dark. Its smooth and light texture goes well with most skin tones and complexions and the waterproof properties of the gel give it a long-lasting effect even when exposed to the elements of the outdoors. Moreover, it is also smudge-proof, so you will never have to worry about reapplying the eyeliner again since it is specifically designed throughout the day.

The range of looks that you can create with this gel is remarkably wide and not restricted to one particular style. This is in part owed to the high-quality brushes that are included in the package. Both the regular liner brush and the one angle liner brush are extremely adept at creating a wide array of impressive effects, especially when it comes to wing styles. Overall, this Gel eyeliner from UCANBE would be a nice addition to your makeup kit. It is very affordable, it can last for a whole day, and it is capable of creating a number of beautiful styles in a relatively effortless manner.

The pros

  • You are getting a lot of value for the money
  • The available colors are quite exquisite
  • The package includes two effective brushes for extra versatility
  • This product is waterproof and can last for a whole day after the initial application
  • The eyeliner is very easy to apply and remove
  • The packaging is decent considering the low price point

The cons

  • You need to apply two layers of the product in order to get a thick line
  • More color options would have been appreciated


609 Reviews
  • Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel (77)
  • 5.5 g/0.19 US OZ
  • 77

Few products in the makeup space have managed to amass as much acclaim from customers as the AMC eyeliner gel 77. It boasts a long list of amazing characteristics and features that are tailored to creating amazing and long-lasting effects. The eyeliner is available in more than 20 colors. This wide range of options takes into consideration every style and preference, so you are guaranteed to find the one that suits you among that selection.

On top of being waterproof and remarkably consistent, the AMC eyeliner GEL 77  is also made from naturally-sourced ingredients, making it a safe option for anyone with a tendency to develop skin rashes, allergies, and irritations. Furthermore, the high pigmentation of this eyeliner ensures a decent level of coverage during the application process.

Another quality that is worth mentioning is the level of concentration of the formula. Unlike the vast majority of similarly-priced products, the high concentration allows you to get amazing results with just a small amount of the AMC gel.  When you couple this quality with the relatively affordable price, it becomes apparent why this product has continued to impress customers and draw rave reviews.

The pros

  • This eyeliner boasts a decent level of pigmentation
  • It glides in an easy and smooth fashion
  • It lasts very long and does not dry out quickly
  • It is available in more than 20 eye-catching colors
  • The quality to price ratio is amazing
  • It is especially adept at creating unique wing effects

The cons

  • It has a tendency to transfer to the upper eyelid
  • The packaging is subpar considering the price of the product

3 - SHANY Cosmetics SHANY Masquerade Eyeliner Gel Color Smudge Proof Set

SHANY Smudge Proof Gel Eyeliner Set - Set of 12 Colors - Masquerade
406 Reviews
SHANY Smudge Proof Gel Eyeliner Set - Set of 12 Colors - Masquerade
  • 12 smudge proof geliner (eyeliner gel) with trendy colors
  • Super fine quality ingredients from Luxembourg and Paris
  • Variety of colors to suit every style, occasion and time
  • Long-lasting gel liner colors that stays on for 12 hours or more

This package offers you unmatched value for your money. For the price of one affordable gel eyeliner, you are getting a staggering 12 products of different colors. This essentially guarantees that you will find the eyeliner that fits your preferences within the package itself. More importantly, this wide selection of colors will take the guesswork out of the process of trying to figure out which is shade is optimal for your skin.

The formula that was used to create the eyeliner is quite sophisticated for the price point. On top of being highly concentrated, it is also mostly made up of organic ingredients, making safe for use by people who are prone to skin irritations and allergic reactions. Moreover, it is certified cruelty-free as the company has long been committed to the animal rights cause.

The consistency of this gel is another remarkable feature that is worth mentioning. For such an affordable option, this eyeliner has the ability to last for quite a while after the initial application. In addition to this, it is completely waterproof and its coverage is significantly higher than you would from other products at the same price range.

The pros

  • The package includes 12 different colors
  • The eyeliner is very consistent and long-lasting
  • The coverage is decent for the price point
  • It is well-textured and waterproof
  • Two high-quality brushed are included
  • The packaging is tremendous and each jar is sealed properly

The cons

  • It takes a little bit too long to dry after you apply it
  • The consistency of the eyeliner seems to vary from color to color

4 - Maybelline Makeup Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner

Maybelline New York Makeup Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner, Blackest Black, Waterproof, 0.106...
2,586 Reviews
Maybelline New York Makeup Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner, Blackest Black, Waterproof, 0.106...
  • Ophtalmologist, dermatologist and allergy tested creamy gel formula was specially designed...
  • Highly concentrated pigments of the gel eyeliner intensifies your eye makeup for a lasting...
  • Eyestudio Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil Eyeliner delivers intense color that lasts...
  • Gel pencil eyeliner available in 10 super-saturated shades ranging from Smooth Charcoal to...

As it is the case with any product from Maybelline, this eyeliner does an amazing job with regard to creating a variety of intense and unique styles. This particular eyeliner owes much of its effectiveness to the high level of pigmentation that it boasts, a quality that enables it to accentuate the features of the face while giving it a dramatic look that can never go unnoticed by people around you. If you are afraid to stand out, then this product is perfect for you.

Like most gel eyeliners, the Maybelline is quite adept at retaining its consistency over a 24 hour period. This comes in really handy when you are planning to attend a late night party and can’t be bothered with multiple reapplications. Moreover, the eyeliner is waterproof and produces no smudges, so you can expect to wear it throughout the day with no issues.

As for the colors that are available to you, the selection is rather comprehensive and exquisite. The 10 super-saturated shades feature a unique set of colors that range from smooth charcoal to lustrous sapphire. Regardless of what style you like, you are bound to find something that suits you in this diverse selection.

The pros

  • This eyeliner offers one of the widest color selections on the market
  • It is specifically designed to accommodate people with sensitive eyes and contact lenses
  • It is allergy tested and does not cause any rashes or skin irritation
  • The consistency is good and it can last for up to 24 hours after application
  • The price is simply tremendous considering the high-quality of the product
  • The effects that it creates are quite intense and dramatic

The cons

  • It is relatively hard to take off compared to other products on this list
  • The brush that comes with the eyeliner is thicker than ideal

5 - e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner

Cream Eyeliner, Water-Resistant Smudge-Proof, Black , 0.17 Ounce
1,497 Reviews
Cream Eyeliner, Water-Resistant Smudge-Proof, Black , 0.17 Ounce
  • Define your eyes - create a dramatic look with our highly-pigmented gel eyeliner. Our...
  • Long-wear formula - The smudge-proof, budge-proof, water-resistant formula stays on...
  • Create a look you'll love - create the perfect makeup look with our cream eyeliner. Go for...
  • How to use - Dip an eye brush into the pot and swirl around gently until brush is...

This eyeliner is another great option that yields tremendous and consistent results. The effects that you can create using this product are extremely elaborate and eye-catching and the slanted brush that comes with it is highly effective. With that being said the level of customizability that it offers you is quite immense, so you can adjust the lines in accordance with what style you prefer; subtle or more pronounced. The e.l.f Cream eyeliner is also fairly consistent and does not have a tendency to smudge or budge even after long hours of wearing.

The application of this eyeliner is extremely convenient and simple. You simply need to dip the eye brush into the formula, make sure that it is saturated with the color, and then draw a line along the top lash line from the inner part toward the outer corner of your eye. As for the removal process, you can effectively take the eyeliner off using a regular eye makeup remover.

If you happen to be a vegan or simply someone who values animal rights, you will be glad to know that this eyeliner is certified as cruelty-free and vegan by PETA.

The pros

  • It is highly affordable
  • The application of this eyeliner is easy and smooth
  • It is certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA
  • The effects that it produces are remarkable considering the low price
  • The brush is well-designed and simple to use
  • It does not dry out too quickly

The cons

  • The eyeliner is not waterproof despite what the seller’s claims
  • This is not an ideal product for people with oily skin

The verdict

Thanks to this comprehensive guide, you should be able to pick the best gel eyeliner in no time. To make sure that you are getting the right product for your skin and eyelids, go over each review multiple times and check some customer feedback to get a better idea of what these products can offer you.

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