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Author: topstuf
Date: June 6, 2020

Best Electric Drum Set And The Best Buyer’s Guide With All The Details

Electric drum kits have been with us since the 80s and if you recall, the first models were a bit strange. They were cheap alternatives with poor sound quality and a lot of issues. Today, the situation is completely different. The best electric drum sets will help you get all sorts of tones and it will be a powerful replacement for conventional drums. You can have fun and create any music you like.

Top 5 Electric Drum Sets

Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit | Eight Piece All-Mesh Electronic Drum Kit

Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit - Eight Piece All Mesh Electronic Drum Kit With Super Solid Aluminum...
  • Next generation mesh Performance: All-mesh drum heads deliver the most realistic,...
  • Premium 8-piece configuration: 8" Dual-zone snare pad, (3) 8" Tom pads and (3) 10”...
  • In-demand sound: Nitro drum module with 40 ready-to-play classic and modern kits, 60...
  • Powerful educational features: 60 built-in play-along tracks, sequencer, metronome, aux...

Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit | Eight Piece All-Mesh Electronic Drum is the top electric drum set due to several facts. The first thing we liked a lot is the all-mesh design of the drums. This is an advanced alternative available today and usually reserved for high-end models. So, yes the tested kit is actually a high-end model that comes with 8 pieces of outstanding features and advanced features.

In this kit, you also get all the cables and the drum sticks you will need. What this means is that you can start using the drums as soon as possible. The main advantage, however, is the presence of 385 sounds and 60 tracks that are implemented into the system. You can connect the drum kit to any Mac or PC computer but a newer operative system is preferable.


  • 8 pieces set
  • 385 tones
  • 60 tracks available
  • All-mesh design


  • Issues with older computer operative systems
  • Isn’t suitable for beginners


Alesis Surge Mesh Kit | Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Heads, Chrome Rack and Drum Module

Alesis Drums Surge Mesh Kit - Electric Drum Set with USB MIDI Connectivity, Mesh Heads, Solid Rack...
  • Natural feel, premium response; 8” mesh kick drum Tower with kick drum pedal (included),...
  • Express yourself: (3) 10” cymbals: Ride cymbal, hi-hat, Crash with choke
  • In-demand sound: Surge drum module with 40 kits, 60 play-along tracks and 385 sounds
  • Connectivity covered: Inbuilt sequencer to record your own playing, connect your MP3...

Electric drum set amazon you can see here is a popular choice and one of the kits that deserves your full attention. First of all the kit is made from surge mesh heads. You get 3 dual zone heads of 10 inches in diameter. The kit also includes sticks and a pedal which are available in the package. This means that the new owners will get a complete kit with all the essentials they need.

As you were able to see in the previous case scenario, the kit is an advanced unit that features 385 sounds and 60 built-in tones. It’s the same thing here. Thanks to these feature, users can play any type of music they like and can enjoy more than ever before. Electric drum kits are extremely sophisticated these days. In addition, there are 2 versions of this model which vary in the type of the drum heads used.


  • Plenty of sounds
  • Attention to detail
  • Pedal is included
  • Surge mesh kit


  • Sticks are not the best
  • Poor user manual


Alesis Command Mesh Kit|8-Piece Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Heads

Alesis Command Mesh Kit | Electronic Drum Kit with Mesh Heads, Chrome Rack & Command Drum Module...
  • Natural feel, premium response | 8 inch mesh kick drum tower with kick drum pedal...
  • Express yourself | (3) 10 inch cymbals: Ride cymbal, Hi hat, crash w/choke
  • In demand sound | command drum module with 70 kits, 60 play along tracks, 600+ sounds,...
  • Connectivity covered | inbuilt sequencer to record your own playing, connect your MP3...

An electric drum set for sale should be as versatile as possible. This is the best example of that. With over 600 sounds, implemented USB port and the superb connectivity (mentioned USB and MIDI input and output) the kit targets more advanced musicians or those who want to become one. In a nutshell, you get a high-end product that is just right and very appealing to use. This is command mesh kit which is the second version of the aforementioned model.

In the package, you get 8 pieces with mesh heads that are designed in such way to provide accurate and realistic sounds at any given moment. The kit also includes power supply and all the additions you need to start playing the music as soon as you get the package. Don’t forget that you can add new samples and tracks using the USB.


  • Advanced design
  • Well-made heads with realistic sound
  • 600+ sounds available
  • USB port is very convenient


  • Expensive
  • Confusing user manual


Roland TD-17KV-S Electronic Drum Set Bundle with Drum Throne

Roland TD-17KV-S Electronic Drum Set Bundle with Drum Throne, 3 Pairs of Sticks, Audio Cable, and...
  • Natural, rich and dynamic drum sounds, inherited from flagship TD-50 sound engine
  • Learn expressive foot control and pedal technique with the KD-10 Kick pad
  • Customize the preset drum kits to match your preferred drum sound
  • Develop your playing and timing with free to download 'Melodics for V-Drums' software...

Roland electric drum set we have here is linked to the advanced models made by this brand. There are a lot of things you will have to know and now we will reveal all of them. For instance, the sound engine is similar to the TD 50 which you may know as the ultimate choice. There is a software that is available for new owners known as Melodics for V Drums and it is available for PC and Mac computers.

The tunes you can generate using these drums are realistic and high-quality. You can also adjust any variation accordingly and get the effect you have been looking for. We tested a version with the throne but you can opt for a version without it. Both versions are the same in other terms.


  • Throne included
  • Sound quality
  • Great software provided
  • Adjustability


  • Shipping issues
  • Return policy


ROLAND Electronic Drum Set (TD-1DMK)

Roland TD-1DMK Dual-Mesh Kit Entry-Level V-Drums Set
  • Kit includes Kick, Snare, Hi-hat, Hi-hat control pedal, Tom x 3, Crash, Ride, Drum stand....
  • Size (Including sound module, kick pad, kick pedal and drum throne): 47-1/4" W x 43-5/16"...
  • Dual-ply mesh heads with tension adjustability for a quiet and realistic drumming...
  • Built-in metronome with adjustable tempo and timing settings to help improve timing

Electric drum sets cheap version is something you have been looking for? Then this kit is for you. It comes with above the average quality and it can meet even more advanced requirements. We liked the 256 sounds which are implemented and the fact the mesh on the drums can be adjusted easily and within seconds so you can get the sound quality you need.

15 presets are loaded to the kit. The sound we got was rich in detail and very loud, above the average if you prefer. Keep in mind that the pedal and the monitor are not included in the package. They are available as optional extras. Yes, they are affordable as well, but we still had to mention this fact about the tested model.


  • Affordable
  • Fine tuning
  • Presents and sounds
  • User manual


  • Optional extras might be unavailable soon
  • Complicated assembly


Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Electric Drum Set

So how you can find the best electric drum sets for beginners? If you are a professional, this isn’t the issue. But, if you are a beginner you will need some help. We are here to help you and to provide you with all the factors and details you need to know. Below are all the elements that do matter.

Drum head type

The first thing you need to consider is the type of drum head. Basically, this is the material that goes over the drums. First models used rubber which is the cheapest option out there and wasn’t very good. The feeling wasn’t right. Luckily there are no a lot of model son the market using this head type.

Mylar is a bit better option. This material is identical to the one used on acoustic drums and offers a much better feeling when played. Keep in mind that these drums are very loud.

Mesh drum head type is the new hit. Most of the models available today feature this type and due to a specific reason. It offers superb feel when playing and it is comfortable but also identical to the high-end, acoustic drums. We liked this type and we highly recommend it to all beginners, intermediate and professional musicians.

Some brands have their own versions like silicone type made by Yamaha. It is a great alternative and very convenient.

Volume control

It is an important part of a drum kit. As the name suggests, you can adjust the volume, obviously. But, more advanced models allow you to adjust the volume of separate instruments which is a massive advantage and can help you make better music.


The high quality sets will have several connections available. The first one is the USB and we highly recommend it as a mandatory part of the system. You can use it to import sounds and music from your computer. Audio out is another connection you can use to link an amplifier and external sound source. MIDI alongside USB can be used to connect the drums to a computer and use software to enhance your music.

Sensitivity (dual)

Sensitivity is used to define how much force you need to place to a drum in order to get sound. All of the models we tested are excellent and have high sensitivity. The key here is to look for dual sensitivity models. They can play one sound when you hit them lighter and another sound when you hit them stronger.

Kick pedal

It is an important addition to have and it is more important than you may believe. Try to remember that not all models come with this accessory so in some cases you will have to get one additionally.


Throne refers to the drum stool and it is an important accessory. We say accessory due to the fact it isn’t available in all the kits. But you need it and you need one as soon as possible. That’s why you will either have to purchase a kit with the stool or to get one separately.


Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit | Eight Piece All-Mesh Electronic Drum kit is an outstanding product. We liked the all-mesh head type and we liked 365 sounds alongside 60 tones implemented. There are also 8 elements included and the value for money is above average. All of this means that we will give it 4.9 out of 5-star rating and our honest recommendation.

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