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Author: topstuf
Date: July 7, 2020

The Best Drum Set On The Planet - Top 5 Drum Sets Reviews

A drum set is an appealing instrument to own. You can have one even if you occasionally play music or you want to use it for fun. Regardless of that you will need the best drum set with all the accessories and features there are. Relax now and allow us to present you 5 models that stand out from the crowd and offer all you will need, and something even more.

Top 5 Drum Sets

Pearl RS525SCC706 Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set, Charcoal Metallic

PEARL Drum Set, Charcoal Metallic, 5 piece (RS525SC/C706)
  • Complete Drum Set -The Pearl Roadshow drum kit comes complete with everything you need to...
  • Set Includes-22x16 bass drum, 14x5.5 snare, 10x8 & 12x9 rack toms, 16x16 floor tom, cymbal...
  • Hardwood Drum Shells and Triple Flanged Steel Hoops-6-ply 7mm Poplar hardwood shell and a...
  • Double Braced Stands- Each stand is height adjustable with die-cast tier joints, and all...

Pearl RS525SCC706 Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set, Charcoal Metallic is worth your attention and the one we liked a lot. As you can see there are 5 items in the set and additionally, you get a hi-hat of 14 inches in diameter and you get a brass crash ride. All of this means that the set is suitable for beginners, intermediate and professional musicians. In other words, you get all the items you will need.

Then we can see that the set is available in several versions. One is designed for jazz musicians, other for rock and some for mixed music. It is up to you which type you need. All are made in the same way and all come with 5 elements. The model is also available in red, charcoal, black and silver colors although they are called differently. Don’t forget that you will receive several boxes separately and you will need to assemble the unit.


  • High quality
  • Suitable for different genres
  • Hi-hats
  • Appealing colors


  • Arrives separately
  • Sticks are not included


Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult 5 Piece Drum Set with Cymbals Stands Stool and Sticks

Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult 5 Piece Drum Set with Cymbals Stands Stool and Sticks,...
  • Included Drums: 22"x14" Bass, 5 1/2" x 14" Snare, 16"x16" Floor Tom, 12"x10" and 13"x10...
  • Included Cymbals: 2-12" Hi-Hat, 1-14" Crash/Ride Cymbal
  • Included Stands: Double Braced Snare Stand, Crash/Ride Stand, Chain Driven Hi-Hat stand
  • Chain driven bass drum pedal

Here we have the best drums for beginners and one that comes at a great price. The set itself is well-made and includes drums, cymbals, hi-hats and even sticks. You get all you will need in order to start playing your music. Add the value for money and you can understand why we will recommend it for all beginners.

The set is available in black and blue colors. We tested both of them and we can add that they look nice although attention to detail is average. On the other hand high-gloss of the paint is impressive. All we can add is that the drum set is a valuable choice and it should be considered if you are looking for a new set to use as soon as possible. Yes, shipping is faster than usual.


  • Value for money
  • High gloss
  • All main elements are included
  • Fast shipping


  • Attention to detail
  • Only two colors available


Pearl EXX725S/C 5-Piece Export New Fusion Drum Set with Hardware

Pearl EXX725S/C 5-Piece Export New Fusion Drum Set with Hardware - Jet Black
  • Item may ship in more than one box and may arrive separately
  • (22x18, 10x7, 12x8, 16x16, 14x5.5)
  • P930 Demonator Pedal
  • All New 830 Hardware

Pearl EXX725S/C 5-Piece Export New Fusion Drum Set with Hardware is made by one of the best drum brands, comes with outstanding quality and has a lot to offer. This set is made from new 830 hardware. It is relatively new to the market but it is already very popular and it is gaining popularity as we speak. There is no need to add the fact all pieces and all the elements are extremely well-made and they look professional.

You will appreciate the fact you get a lifetime warranty. The set isn’t cheap, but it is commonly considered as an investment. The manufacturer offers you options to choose a version with cymbals or without. It is up to you. Basically, this is the main difference between the sets. Sadly, sticks are not included in the package which is standard issue for this brand.


  • Superb quality
  • Freedom of choosing a set you like
  • Great customer support
  • All-new hardware


  • Sticks are not included
  • Expensive cymbals


PDP By DW 5-Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack with Chrome Hardware Silver to Black Fade

PDP By DW 5-Piece Concept Maple Shell Pack with Chrome Hardware Silver to Black Fade
  • Dual-Turret Lug, True-Pitch Tension Rods and Die-Cast Claw Hooks
  • Graduated Counter Hoops
  • 7-ply Tom/Kick Shells and 10-ply Snare Shells
  • MAG Throw-Off and Fully Chromed Snare Wires w/ Carbon Steel Coils and Brass End Plates

You can see that the set is a bit different than all the others. There is a perfectly good explanation for that. This drum set is made to meet the highest demands. We will have to start with the design. The set looks great and it is available in all the colors you need. Most of the accessories and components are chromed and look even better than we expected. The coils are made from carbon steel and they are superior in terms of strength and sound.

The acoustic drum set we have, targets professionals or those who want to become any time soon. The sounds are stunning in the lack of a better word and you will notice this the first time you start playing. There are no additional things we can add at this point. The set is a professional product made by one of the best brands and comes in two versions. They are 5 and 7 pieces sets. We tested the smaller one.


  • Chromed finish
  • 2 available sets
  • User manual
  • Versatile applications


  • Expensive
  • Cymbals and stands are not included


Best Choice Products 3-Piece Kids Beginner Drum Percussion Musical Instrument Set

Best Choice Products Kids Beginner 3-Piece Drum Set, Junior Size Musical Instrument Practice Kit w/...
  • PERFECT FOR KIDS: Sized for children ages 3 and up with all the essential sounds the...
  • ALL-WOOD DRUM SHELLS: Carefully shaped and sealed wood shells create a stable resonance...
  • ALL HARDWARE INCLUDED: Blackened metal fastenings come together in an easy assembly...
  • HIGH-GLOSS FINISH: A bright, smooth finish on each drum shell ensures easy upkeep and...

What if you are still looking for the best drum kits at a low price and the one for kids? Then this set is the right choice for you. It offers 3 elements which is sufficient for beginners and those who don’t need high-end drum sets. Then we can see the availability in three colors. The manufacturer includes the sticks and the drum pedal. Keep in mind that these accessories are usually optional extra with other brands.

Despite the low price, this set is well-made and we were unable to find some major drawbacks or issues with it. The attention to detail is above average and the assembly process is one of the easiest we have encountered. We must add that the set is designed for children age 3 and above.


  • Quality
  • Colors available
  • Affordable
  • Drum pedal


  • For children only
  • Only 3 pieces included


Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Drum Set

You are looking for professional drumset that will have to be used for many years and the one that will meet the highest demands. That’s why you need our buyer's guide. The goal here is to assist you with making the right decision and help you understand the features and terms used in this realm.

The number of pieces

The number simply refers to the pieces included in the set. Keep in mind that cymbals are not included in the total number. This refers to drums only. Usually, 5 piece sets are the best and the best value for money. They are also suitable for beginners and professionals. 7 piece sets are slightly better but only if you are going to use 2 additional drums. If you don’t need them, you don’t need the 7-unit set, obviously.


Heads refer to the layer of material that is located on the drum, at the top. Some models come without this addition, so you will need to purchase one separately. Others do include it and this is a more common option. Models without heads are suitable if you already have a drum set and now you want to upgrade. You will use the same drum heads.


They are not always included in the package. You will have to get one additionally or to add them to the set during the first purchase. In essence, this piece is important in the overall set and it can make a massive difference. Once again, they are more suitable for professionals, but all beginners like using them.

Shell size

The size is used to define the dimensions of each drum. You may know that there are different options out there. In general, bigger drum sets are more powerful and louder, used by more demanding users. Smaller ones are completely opposite. It is up to you which one you will choose and why. In addition, kick drums have 22x14 inches dimensions, snare 14x6 inches and floor tom 16x16 inches.


How you will play music if there are no sticks included? Not all the kits include this element so you will need to get it added. In order to make things easier, you need to find a set that comes with this accessory. It is much easier than trying to find sticks that will be great for your drum set.


If you are serious about playing drums, you need to check the compatibility of your drum set to the accessories available on the market. The accessories will include drum pedals, thrones, additional cymbals and etc. It is nice knowing that at some point you can upgrade your set and make it even better.


Now is the time to choose the most appealing and the best drum set of the year. For us and for most of you it is going to be the Pearl RS525SCC706 Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set, Charcoal Metallic with an impressive score of 4.9 out of 5 stars. This is the highest score we are able to give. Reasons for that include the superior quality, an excellent set that includes all you will need and the availability in different colors. You won’t make a mistake choosing this set and you will appreciate our help. Also check our best electric drum set reviews.

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