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Author: topstuf
Date: March 6, 2018

Best Drill Press for Drilling Holes of Precise Depths

A drill press is a versatile tool. It can be used for drilling holes of precise depths. A drill press can also work as a spindle sander or mortise machine. There are two basic variations of this tool – the floor and bench top model. Floor models are designed for heavy-duty work. It has a powerful motor and wide range of accessories that can help you finish large DIY projects. Bench top models are compact and ideal for small jobs. It can be mounted on a stand or workbench.

Consider these options if you are looking for the best drill press.

WEN 4208 8" Drill Press

WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press
1,444 Reviews
WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press
  • Includes a 1/2-inch keyed chuck and onboard key storage
  • Operates at 5 different speeds: 740, 1100, 1530, 2100, 3140 RPM
  • Spindle travels up to 2 inches with easy to read, locking linear depth stops for accurate...
  • Durable 1/3 HP induction motor develops ample torque and power

The 4208 8" Drill Press from WEN doesn’t take up a lot of space on a work bench, but it has enough power to drill through plastics, metal and other materials. It can drill a ½" hole in heavy-duty cast iron. WEN’s 4208 8" Drill Press is equipped with a powerful 1/3 HP induction motor that has a ball bearing construction, which delivers an excellent performance even at high speeds. It also extends the life of the tool. You can work with various drill bits thanks to the ½" JT33 chuck. The worktable can tilt up to 4 degrees left and right. The 4208 8" Drill Press has a cast iron head, base and table and a durable frame, so you can drill accurate holes every time you use the tool. If you want to drill holes in a wide range of materials, you should consider the 4208 8" Drill Press from WEN. It has 5 different speeds and is backed by a 1-year warranty.

Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Workstation Drill Press

Dremel Drill Press Rotary Tool Workstation Stand with Wrench- 220-01- Mini Portable Drill Press-...
1,577 Reviews
Dremel Drill Press Rotary Tool Workstation Stand with Wrench- 220-01- Mini Portable Drill Press-...
  • Articulating Drill Press- Drills Perpendicular and Angled Holes in 15-degree Increments,...
  • Tool Holder- Holds Tool at 90 Degrees Horizontal for Tasks Such as Polishing Metal...
  • Flex Shaft Tool Stand- Allows Telescopic Adjustment to Any Height Between 16 and 29...
  • Cord Management Clips - for Safe Storage of Power Cords, Inch/Metric Marking on Base - For...

The Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Workstation Drill Press is ideal for do-it-yourselfers and hobbyists. It has a 36" shaft that attaches quickly and easily and adds versatility to your projects. The drill press is perfect for metal working, hobbies, crafts and other DIY jobs. With the 220-01 Dremel Work Station, you can turn any Dremel rotary tool into a reliable tabletop drill press. You can attach it to your workbench and use it as a flex shaft holder, drill press or tool holder. The Dremel rotary tool can work as a mini plunge router. You can use it to cut straight slots or decorative edges. The plunge feature allows you to start the cut in the middle of the work piece.

The tool comes with a grip attachment that can be used as added support to any rotary tool with a threaded nose piece. It transfers the tool’s weight to your palm for improved tool control and balance. You can use the Dremel 231 Shaper/Router Table to get the precision and flexibility you need to sand, shape and detail various hard and soft woods. The Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Workstation Drill Press also comes with an A679-02 Sharpening Kit that includes a chain saw sharpener, garden tool sharpener and lawn mower sharpener from Dremel.

SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10" Drill Press

SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press
595 Reviews
SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press
  • 1/2-inch keyed chuck. Bump-off switch for added safety
  • 5 speeds - 570 - 3,050 RPM
  • Adjustable depth stop for accurate measurements and repetitive drilling
  • 0-45 degree left/right tilting work surface

The SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10" Drill Press is ideal for those who want greater precision when doing woodworking projects. The tools guarantees accurate hole alignment thanks to the X2 2-Beam Laser. The depth adjustment system allows you to drill down constantly every time. The tool allows you to choose from 5 different speeds and cut holes cleanly through metal, wood and other materials. It also accommodates larger diameter bits for cutting and woodworking. The tool is backed by a 3-year warranty and has a work surface that tilts from 0 to 45 degrees. It comes with a cast iron base, chuck key, work table and batteries.

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