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Author: topstuf
Date: March 7, 2018

Best Drill Bits Designed for Every Type of Hole & Material

There’s a drill bit that is designed for every type of hole and material. You need a different drill bit for every project. While there are different kinds of drill bits, they usually consist of the same parts. Most drill bits start with a tip or the spearhead of the bit. The lips of the bit are the spiraling cutting edge that usually determines the overall aggressiveness or temperament of the drilling action.

The channels spiraling beneath the lips are called the flutes and it serves as passages for material ejection.

The spiral of the drill bit consists of the flutes and lips. It controls the rate of material ejection while drilling and the quality of the ensuing hole. The shank is the piece of drill bit that fits into the drill chuck. It’s usually roundish and smooth. Each part contributes to the bit’s general behavior. For instance, drill bits designed for aggressive drilling will have a different lip and tip angle than bits made for precision work. Drill bits designed for metal will physically differ from those made for ceramics. You have to be careful when choosing drill bits. Here are the best drill bits that you can find today.

Drill Hog Drill Bit Set Letter Number Wire Gauge M7 (115 Pieces)

Drill Hog 115 Pc Drill Bit Set Letter Number Wire Gauge M7
55 Reviews
Drill Hog 115 Pc Drill Bit Set Letter Number Wire Gauge M7
  • HI-Molybdenum M7 Steel
  • 1/16 to 1/2" in 1/64th Increments (Does not Skip any Sizes)
  • Letter Drill Bits A-Z
  • Number Drill Bits #1 to #60

These drill bits are made in the USA. Since it’s made from HI-Molybdenum M7 Steel, the melting point of these bits is 4,753 Fahrenheit. It can drill through the hardest steel such as grade 8 bolts, farm implements, truck frames, spring steel, stainless steel and more. The drill bits are backed by a lifetime warranty.  The set doesn’t skip sizes, with the bits measuring 1/16 to 1/2 inches in 1/64 inches increments. The set includes letter A-Z Letter and #1 to #60 Number Drill Bits.

Precision Twist C115COMBP Jobber Length Drill Bit Set

Precision Twist C115COMBP High Speed Steel Jobber Length Drill Bit Set with Metal Case, Uncoated...
7 Reviews
Precision Twist C115COMBP High Speed Steel Jobber Length Drill Bit Set with Metal Case, Uncoated...
  • Set of 115 jobber length drill bits includes inch sizes 1/16" through 1/2" in 1/64"...
  • High-speed steel (HSS) provides hardness for wear resistance
  • Uncoated (bright) finish is an untreated surface that can be used on a range of materials,...
  • 118-degree conventional point for a range of drilling applications

The Precision Twist C115COMBP Jobber Length Drill Bit Set includes 115 pieces of drill bits measuring 1/16 to 1/2 inches in 1/64 inches increments. You will find A-Z and #1 to #60 drill bits. The bits have an uncoated bright finish that gives it an untreated surface. The 118⁰ conventional point is ideal for general-purpose applications on various materials like soft metals. The jobber length drill bits meet the American National Standards Institute standards and are made from high-speed steel, so they are wear resistant. It can accommodate most drill chucks thanks to the round shank. The drilling depth of the bits is up to 4 times their diameter.  The set comes with a metal case where you can store the drill bits. The case is labeled with compartments for organization and identification.

Makita B-51661 Contractor Bit Set (66 Pieces)

Makita B-51661 66 Pc. Contractor Bit Set
76 Reviews
Makita B-51661 66 Pc. Contractor Bit Set
  • Includes spade bits, brad point bits and metal drill bits for a variety of drilling...
  • Includes a variety of insert bits, power bits and nutsetters for a range of fastening...
  • Smaller, more portable case inside with color coded insert bits and a bit holder for added...
  • Power bits are packaged in a convenient re-closable plastic container for maxiumum...

The Makita B-51661 Contractor Bit Set is ideal for fastening, drilling and driving. It includes brad point bits, metal drill bits and spade bits for drilling applications. There are also nutsetters, insert bits and power bits for fastening applications. The bits can be used with an impact and drill driver. Recessed side handles guarantee convenient lifting. The bits have a reinforced lid that provides extra durability and strength. The set works well with Festool Systainer cases, SP6000J/J1 system and similar modular storage systems. There is also a portable case inside with a bit holder and color-coded insert bits. Power bits are packed in a re-closable plastic container for added convenience and maximum portability. The top tray insert has specific holders for the drill bits and the secondary insert below lets you store other items.

Choose the drill bit that suits your needs. This will make things easier for you and help you avoid making costly mistakes.

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