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Author: topstuf
Date: March 7, 2018

What Is a Facial Steamer with Ozone?

You may think that the only ozone is the ozone layer in the atmosphere, but it is not the only one in existence. Facial steamers are now combining steam and ozone to give powerful treatments that eliminate toxins from the skin (even more powerful than steam alone).

However, how effective is this treatment and how does it work anyway? This article will explore ozone therapy in facial steamers and its effectiveness, as well as how they combine to give you a satisfactory cleansing experience.

What is ozone and how does it form?

Ozone in other words, is activated oxygen. It is present in nature, acting as a strong germicide. A common misconception to clear out however is that ozone and smog are not the same.

Ozone forms by combination of three oxygen atoms. However, this compound is unstable, and the result is one atom breaking away and leaving pure oxygen, but the lone atom must attach to something. Healthy cells are unaffected by the single oxygen atom due to their natural defence mechanism, so the single atom will attach itself to viruses, unhealthy cells, bacteria and so on, and then it neutralizes them (makes them harmless).

It is also useful in processes such as cleaning agents, air sterilizers and water purification due to its effectiveness.

This mechanism of action happens frequently in nature. For instance, the nice smell after thunderstorms is due to the production of ozone, which assists in cleaning the air.

How does steam assist the body?

Steam is among the treatments that have been in use for hundreds of years to relax tired muscles and enhance blood circulation. Steam saunas use this principle to open the pores, increase sweating, and permit toxins to exit the body via your skin. It reduces the workload of the other organs in the body that eliminate toxins. Other benefits include reduction in sinus infections and younger-looking skin.

How does ozone work with steam in a facial steamer?

The steam will activate the sweat glands, and this leads to healthier skin texture and tone because of improving blood flow. When you combine this with ozone, the steam opens the pores, and ozone begins to penetrate the skin.

Ozone has higher penetration levels than steam alone, and it can reach up to the lymph tissue and fat layer. The combination works to increase body temperature and sweating, therefore toxin elimination begins from the lymphatic system (therefore reducing the work of the liver). Ozone also provides extra oxygen to the cells, giving extra vitality.

Benefits of ozone/steam cleaning

  • Reduces the chances of cancer cell formation
  • Increases metabolism
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Activates and strengthens the immune system
  • Purifies the lymph fluids and blood
  • Reverses and prevents degenerative illnesses
  • Reduces the chances of stroke
  • Leads to better mineral absorption by the body
  • Oxidizes toxins for easier removal by the kidneys, skin, colon and lungs
  • Loosens the muscles by lessening the build-up of lactic acid


Ozone therapy is not a new phenomenon. It is growing in popularity due to the benefits it offers compared to sole steam sessions. There are facial steamers in the market that combine both aspects to give you a satisfactory performance. You can check the best list of Facial Steamer with Ozone.

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