Top 5 Best Home Brew Kits

Best Home Brew Kits

Top 5 Best Home Brew Kits – Enjoy Refreshing Beer On Each Occasion!

The home brewing kits are the best way through which you can add specific connotation in your beer. It is the excellent way through which one can save the money in the long run. When you have the small home brew kits, then one can correctly make the nano brewery in your basement, garage or the kitchen. It is the best way through which you can get to know about the basics of the brewing process. After you are done with the process, then one can enjoy the fruits of the labor done in the cold times with having the refreshing beer.

When you have the home brew kits, then the responsibility of having the exotic drink is purely yours. There are specific products available in the market, but one can’t be assured about the quality offered. We are going to provide you with the list of top 5 best home brew kits. It is the list which is based purely on the quality, availability, price and built-in elements. We assure you with the guarantee of the quality offered by the products.

5. Ohio Maestro

It is the product which will not include with specific ingredients. Ohio Maestro is undoubtedly a solid choice for the brewer. It is because it comprises the particular recipe in mind. You are not going to get the eight pack of the solution of the sanitizer. You can make your equipment ready which will help you to work accordingly.

The tubing which is used in it is flexible for about five inches. Indeed, you are going to get the automatic siphon. There are specific pros and cons which a person can have from the product. We are going to mention them; it is the best way through which one can take a better decision. One can get many benefits, but the only drawback is that the bucket which comes is very sturdy and thick.


  • It comes with the automatic siphon.
  • Flexible tubing is attached which is of five inches.


  • The bucket which is added in the product is bit sturdy and thick.

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4. Midwest Supplies Simply Beer

Surely, when you have Midwest Supplies Simply Beer then bottling is not the difficult task. You are going to specific features when having the handy product. There is particular attachment included like durable tubing, filler, spigot and a siphon.

You will get the brewing manual which will make the process easy for the beginner. The manual will state the ingredients are top notch to get the quality beer. It is user friendly set which helps you to get the great taste of wine. Whole responsibility to get exotic flavors is in your hand.

Along with too many features, one will also get the sanitizing solution. You will get the hydrometer which makes your work bit easy and reliable. For the proper size of the kits, one had to pay good value for it.


  • Sanitizing solution involved.
  • Comes with the hydrometer.


  • Good value has to be paid for the kit.


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3. NorthernBrewer Box

The things which you make from the NorthernBrewer Box can be easily reused and made in an accurate manner. One can easily think for the churning out batches. You can make the delicious beer according to your will. If you are the beginner, then it also comes with the user-friendly manual through which one can get the instructions.

These instructions which are mentioned are straightforward to follow. The amazing part is that you will also get the online tutorials through which you can manage the work effectively. The brewing kettle is made of the stainless steel to manage the work accurately. You are going to get the recipe which is of amber ale.


  • You are going to get the recipe which is of amber ale.
  • One is going to get the measuring lines through which quantity can be measured.
  • The kettle is of stainless steel.


  • Require manual instructions to know about the process.


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2. Midwest Supplies Platinum

If you want to have your first homemade crafted beer which should taste like the tasty front porch ale, then you must probably opt for the Midwest Supplies Platinum. It is the robust package which is probably for the total beginners. One is undoubtedly going to get the satisfying results when having the product.

When you have the home brewer which is actually a little bit pricey but the value is accurate according to the features. You will get the steel spoon attached to the long handle to manage the work in systematic order. The fermented lid is locked tightly to get the exact flavors.


  • Capper of the bottle is powerful.
  • Comes with the steel spoon which comprises of the long handle.
  • The fermented lid is very tight.


  • Bit pricey.

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1. NorthernBrewer Starter

The IPS are going for the surge because of the popularity gained by the NorthernBrewer Starter. It is the kit which comes with the Chinnok recipe kit. With the efforts, you can manage the great taste and exotic flavors. You will get the full bodied beer which will include the exact amount of bitterness.

The batches which you can form in one go is for about 50 bottles. To manage the work in an effective manner, you will get the DVD for proper instructions. It comprises the features with a carboy dryer.


  • It comes with the batch of 50 bottles.
  • You will get the instruction DVD to manage the work.


  • No major cons reported.


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Final Verdict 

We have mentioned the detailed information about the product along with the significant pros and cons. In the list of top 5 best home brew kits, you can manage the work in a proper manner. It is the best way through which one can get the delicious beer. You can check the list and find the right one for you.


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