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Author: topstuf
Date: May 3, 2018

Top 5 Best Beard Combs 2020 - Reviews and Buying Guide

Beard combs are widely used to maintain beard hairs and these are available in great variety, size, and prices. One needs to be sure about all the factors to pick the best product. When it comes to maintaining beard hairs, beard combs come into consideration; although, you need to be sure while purchasing the product. Beard combs are the product which is manufactured by several brands and you can easily get it at affordable prices. You can check it out that demand of the beard brush is on the peak but most of us feel confused and can’t choose the right product due to a huge variety.

Beard combs work as the compact and simple tool which helps in maintaining the facial hair so that you can look presentable. We have made a list of the top 5 best beard combs that you can easily avail in the easy price range and will offer you with good quality. Check out the list and consider the best among them. It is recommended that quality must be your first priority rather than price factor.

All these products which are mentioned below can be availed through e-commerce websites so that you can conveniently get them.

Folding Wood Comb by Striking Viking

Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb - Men's Hair, Beard & Mustache Comb - Pocket Sized Sandal Wood...
  • For a True Gentleman's Beard - Since 2015, men worldwide have enjoyed this fashionable...
  • All Natural 5 Star Hair Care - Promote healthy hair growth and reduce breakage with this...
  • Durable Wood Comb - Handcrafted from 100% sandalwood; this combs for men, it's tough and...
  • Spiffy Style and Swanky Good Looks - That’s you. We want to help you achieve the best...

Folding Wood Comb by Striking Viking is the perfect tool for keeping our beard hair neat and tidy. These combs are the foldable one which makes it convenient to keep in the pocket. You will also get the Dopp kit which makes it handy to use. The briefcase will provide protection to beard combs from the dust and dirt that collects in the bristles. It comprises of good width which provides us with the convenience that you can easily comb your hair in one go.

There are some of the pros and cons through which you can easily evaluate the right product for you. When you are evaluating the product, make sure that price factor should be the last variant while judging beard combs.


  • Durable.
  • The fragrance of sandalwood.
  • Easy to spread oil or wax.
  • Also used to comb head hair.


  • No major cons reported

Huntsman Beard Dual Action

Huntsman Beard Dual Action has the great feature comprises two sets of teeth. On one side, it has the fine tooth from where you can comb your beard hair without any irritation on the face. On latter side, it is somewhat coarse. This is why it makes it the best tool to maintain your beard hairs. You can use the brush for every stage when it comes to beard growth.

It is best suited for the fizzy and rough hairs. Below mentioned are some of the pros and cons which will help you with making the effective decision.


  • Durability.
  • Have a strong grip
  • Secured leather sleeve
  • Minimize snags in the hair.


  • Expensive.

Go-Comb Wallet

Go-Comb - Wallet Comb + Bottle Opener - Sleek, Durable Stainless Steel Hair and Beard Comb
  • FINE-TOOTHED wallet sized hair, beard and mustache comb
  • FUNCTIONAL BOTTLE OPENER - serving double duty
  • INCREDIBLY THIN - fits in your wallet like a credit card, this patented style is not bulky
  • BUILT TO LAST - crafted from high strength, durable stainless steel
Go-Comb Wallet just has the similar size of a credit card. This makes it handy to use as it can be easily carried in your pocket. Go-Comb Wallet has the metal construction which makes it durable. The product will last longer and can be used anywhere. It has good width and length and you can comb your beard in just a few seconds.

There are some of the facts mentioned in brief which will help you take the better decision with respect to the product. This comb is best suited to handle your detangled hair without any snag. You can comb your beard hairs without facing any sort of irritation on the skin.


  • Great choice when traveling.
  • Smooth coating.
  • Comfortable texture.
  • Build a bottle opener.
  • Handy and provide you with good grip.


  • A little bit expensive.

Beard Bro Beard Shaping Tool

7 Tools in 1 Beard Bro Facial Hair Shaping Tool- Beard Styles / Neck Back of Neck Shaper
  • Perfect neck line and top lines
  • Can be used with a long or short beard
  • Creates symmetry
  • Use with clippers or razor over tapered edge

Beard Bro Beard Shaping tools have the firm teeth which help to make your beard hair soft and straight. The main function of the Beard Bro Beard Shaping Tool's is to guide the people at the time of trimming and shaving. It will help in the correct formation of the line so that you can trim the beard hair. It has the curved edge which provides you with the benefit of shaping the beard in your own way. If you are having the great method beard then you normally require trimming your hair. It provides you with the curved edge which provides you with the benefit of trimming in your style.

  • Good for the cheek and neckline.
  • Have the instruction guide.
  • Durability.


  • Take some time for proper usage.
  • Not much handy.

Kent Men's Handmade

Kent Set Men's Hair Pocket Combs, Tortoise 81T X-Small, FOT All Fine Tooth, R7t Double Toothed Fine...
  • R7T: 5.1 Inch Small Tortoise Shell finish. Double tooth thick and fine, a must to keep in...
  • 81T: 2.8 x 0.5 inch Tortoise Shell finish. Gentleman's fine tooth pocket combs for...
  • FOT: 4.5 Inch or 113mm. Tortoise Shell finish. Styling comb for the perfect grooming...
  • Saw cut, and then hand polished and buffed to create soft rounded teeth that will not...

Kent Men's Handmade comprises of three pieces of the set. It is mostly used by the men as it is available at the affordable prices. You can groom yourself by just sitting at home. There have the perfect spacing and gauges between the teeth. With the perfect spacing, you can easily adjust your beard hairs. You can also comb your mustache, head hairs, sideburns and get the professional look at home.

In the affordable piece, you can groom yourself and enhance your lifestyle. There are some of the pros and cons that will help you to figure out some of the facts which will help you with taking the quick decision for selecting the right product.


  • Comes with three pieces affordable pricing.
  • Easily polish the exterior.
  • Multiple uses


  •  Require assistance
  •  Not handy.

So, what’s the key fact?

In order to conclude, the key factor we have taken into consideration is a good quality of the product and we have come up with the list of the top 5 best beard combs. We have certainly focused on the quality, affordability, durability and also availability factor. Even there are some of the cons based on the quality issues, so you can pick the product according to your requirement.

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