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Author: topstuf
Date: June 3, 2018

Top 5 Best BD-R Discs - Ideal Storage Device For All!

If you are looking for a convenient option which will help you to store all your data properly then there are different storage device available. When thinking about the archival space which will help you to save space than you can consider looking BD-R discs. It is capable of holding all the good resolution of the video, images, audio and other data. They are trustworthy and long-term secured device which will help you to keep all your data in a secure way. This BD-R disc is a great source which will help you to keep all your data safe for long term.

There are different types of disc available in the market but selecting the best one is a bit tricky task to do, one has to undergo great research. If you want to get the product without going for extensive research that we have made a list of top 5 best BD-R discs which will help to keep all your data is safe and secure hands.

When thinking about availability factor then you can easily get it from any of the e-commerce sites. These sites are ready to deliever the product at your own home and that too without any additional delivery charges.


5. Smart Buy 5273377

Smartbuy 50 Pack Bd-r 25gb 6X Blu-ray Single Layer Recordable Disc Logo Top Blank Data Video Media...
  • AAA grade quality. Large capacity! Save multiple video/audio/photo/image/all other data in...
  • Share your favorite videos & photos with families & friends in 1080p HD or in the best...
  • Backup your digital files & data before they got deleted accidentally. Preserve important...
  • Long-term data archiving and storage life time. Burning time takes about 15-25 minutes...

Smart Buy 5273377 is a great product which is having the ability to store video which is in high-definition along with it your entire image and audio content can also be kept. There are many people especially burners and blu-ray back up all their essential documents in Smart Buy 5273377.

When copied all important stuff in this drive, it will allow you from prevention of by mistake deleting of any of the document. You can easily transfer all data from your device to this hard drive. There are many pros and cons which are attached to this product, you can check them out which will help you to take better decision.


  • Have a great life
  • Going to provide you with a credible performance.
  • Durable.


  • This drive is bit thin and flimsy.

4. Optical Quantum Series

Optical Quantum 50 Pack 4X 25GB BD-R Blu-ray Blank Disc White Inkjet Hub Printable...
  • [Optical Quantum 4X 25GB BD-R] Blu-ray Blank Disc White Inkjet Hub Printable, 50 pcs...
  • [25GB of Storage] for storing photos, videos, data files and Hi-Res Hi-Def (HD)...
  • [Printable Disc Surface] Excellent inkjet print quality when using inkjet disc printers...
  • [Excellent Compatibility] Playback recorded content on virtually all Blu-ray drives,...

Optical Quantum Series is a very flexible device; you can keep any data which you want to be secured for a long time. Great manufacturing techniques have been used which will help the customer to fulfill all their needs. The technology used in this product is blue-violet laser recording technology to cover all your demands.

There is a great range of compatibility with this disc burner which is going to provide you with amazing techniques to record all your videos and audios in high definition. You can easily store all your content at your home as you don’t require any professional help for same.

There are too many pros which you can get through this drive but the only drawback which you can face is write speed is bit low.


  • Comes with printable inkjet.
  • Durable product.
  • Innovative techniques used.


3. Millenniata M-Disc

Millenniata Inc. M-DISC 25GB Blu-ray Media - 15 Disc Cake Box
  • M-Disc Blu-Ray 25 GB
  • 25 GB Blu-ray discs
  • Permanent Data Storage Solution
  • MDBD015

Millenniata M-Disc is the perfect device to store all confidential information of a business or even can be used for the home purpose. They are going to provide you long-term storage benefits and guarantee you that your data will be in safe hands. all the digital files can easily accumulate in this device with proper ease.

They are going to provide you with some of the credible archival media. Once stored in the device, there is no chance of data getting corrupted or decay. You don’t have to bother about the loss of data once it has gone to the drive. It is the best way one can store all their confidential data of their business. The capacity of storage is also great; you can store data for about 25 gigabytes.


  • The capacity of storage is good.
  • Great alternative to store all your essential documents.
  • Can easily stand in adverse temperature.


  • No major cons detected.

2. Verbatim 98397

Verbatim BD-R 25GB 16X Blu-ray Recordable Media Disc - 50 Pack Spindle
  • 50 high-grade non-rewritable BD-R discs with a one hundred year archival life and OEM...
  • Verbatim Blu-ray discs are treated with a super hard coat to prevent scratches, resist...
  • Single-layer Blu-ray discs offers up to 25GB of storage space to back-up your video,...
  • Compatible with the latest Blu-ray hardware including Sony, Pioneer, Panasonic, Dell,...

Verbatim 98397 is the best device which is having great compatibility when it comes to latest burning hardware. They have been properly treated externally with a hard coat which is going to provide you benefit that they are not going to be affected by any kind of scratches. Eventually, the life of the drive is automatically extended.

It will probably resist drive from fingerprint and will limit the build-up of dust on the surface with help of the coating. Surely, you are going to get a warranty for same which will help you to resolve your issue when facing.


  • The technology used is blue-violet.
  • Have great video resolution


  • A little bit pricey

1. Sony 50BNR25AP6

Sony 50BNR25AP6 25 GB Blu-Ray Disc Recordable (6x) Spindle - Printable - 50 Pack
  • 25GB capacity
  • Exceptional performance of AccuCORE technology
  • Fast data transfer rate of up to 72 Mbps
  • Space for HD video recording, massive hard disk backups and large multi-media files

Sony 50BNR25AP6 is can easily accumulate all high quality of audio and video content and even your computer files due to good storage capacity. This disc has good write speeds which help you to transfer all your data in few minutes.

The data transfer rate is about 72 megabytes which are nearly five times extra than the normal storage device. There is coating done on the external part of the disc which will help it to prevent any dust or scratches. The technology used is accucore which is unique as well as designed to meet all your needs.

We have made a list of pros and cons which will help you to compare all the products which will help you to take better and impressive decision.


  • Accucore technology used.
  • 23 hours of standard video.
  • Great coating to secure it from dust and stains.


  • Require assistance.

Wrapping Up 

We have in detailed mentioned about all devices, you can check them out and select tone which will perfectly match according to your needs. On the basis of factors like reliability, durability, built-in elements and availability, we have created the list of top 5 best BD-R discs. You can go through all products and closely compare them. After comparisons, you can take a better decision in respect of selecting best product. Hope, with this post you can get the best product which will probably meet all your needs.

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