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Author: topstuf
Date: May 9, 2018

Top 5 best Backdrop Stands - Manage Your Pictures With Perfection

You can find that there are so many people who love to click awesome pictures but when it comes to take shot in front of white screen or green one, there are backdrop stands to help in it. Many brands are providing some of awesome and portable backdrop stands at reasonable prices and you can easily purchase the best one from market.

Both are available online as well as at local stores to have a look but it is still typical to choose a good product. If you don’t want to end up getting into any kind of issue then you can buy the backdrop stands by following our list. It can help in taking an informative decision and without getting into any sort of issue which make everything easier.

We made a list of top 5 best backdrop stands and it is entirely based on quality, portability, ease of using and many other factors that you may miss. It is easy and reliable option to go with because we focused on price factor too. The list given below offer great portability and we mentioned pros and cons too that will help in getting best product of need with ease.


1. Ravelli ABSL

Ravelli ABSL Photo Video Backdrop Stand Kit 13' Tall x 15' Wide with Dual Air Cushion Stands and Bag
  • Huge Full Size 13'x15’
  • Molded Aluminum Construction
  • Air Cushion Stands
  • Male Studio Spigot Reversible Adapter

A great portability along with the great size is offered by Ravelli ABSL which makes it better and stand on top in our list. You can easily find that there are positive reviews all around about this product. The built quality is always the point of focus with us and the Ravelli ABSL is made with great quality premium material that will last for years and it will work flawless for your need.

It is one of most versatile product and there is three crossbar sections used which will support paper rolls, muslin and other types of material like a pro. These factors make it advantageous and all the reviews are positive regarding this product which makes it better. It can be used for video project and photos presentations too.

There are no drawbacks about this product but you can find very minor issues regarding the availability of this product.


  • The stands are air cushioned for better use
  • There are male reversible adaptors for lighting
  • Offers the best portability option
  • Affordable and reliable than any other product
  • Price is reasonably lower


  • Availability is issue sometimes

2. Calumet Heavy Duty

LimoStudio, 12ft (W) x 10ft (H) Backdrop Muslin Support Structure System Strong and Stable 12.4 ft....
  • 💪 Package Includes: [ 5 x ] 12.4 ft. (W) Crossbar / [ 2 x ] 10 ft. (H) Backdrop Stand /...
  • 💪 [ 12.4 ft. (W) 5 Crossbar ] Width is adjustable from 5 ft to 12.4 ft. - Strong alloy...
  • 💪 [ 1.45 inch Thick Strong & Durable Pole 2 Backdrop Stand ] 1.45 inch thick strong &...
  • 💪 [ Set of 4 Spring Clamp ] 4 inch Spring clamp - It can be perfect to keep a tight and...

A product with better height option than most of product is Calumet Heavy Duty which is made for the need of people who want to film or click picture of large items. It is reliable and better option to go with. Thousands of people are using it and there are positive reviews all around. The portability is also good about it which can make you love this product for sure.

If you don’t want to get into any sort of issue due to height then this product can easily fulfill your need with ease. The height can go from ten feet to twelve feet and the backdrop stand is still stable which make it better to prefer even reliable too. You can easily carry whole setup easily and it work perfectly.


  • It work great for seamless paper
  • Easily hold up 30 pounds
  • It is made up of lightweight material


  • Durability is only the issue about it.

3. Adorama Multiple Background

Savage Multiple Polevault Stand
  • Includes 3 standard crossbars that extend from 65" to 124" (each holds up to 25 lbs.) and...
  • Strong and durable at 33 lbs
  • Hold up to three backdrops at once
  • Matte Black Finish

There is no need of single foot to make this setup stable with Adorama Multiple Background because it can be assembled by one person and it install with ease. You can call it as the best one due to better installation option. It makes the setup better to use and reliable also. You will love the fact that many types of material are hold by it like a pro.

It is pretty much able to hold things like paper, canvas and lightweight clothes too. These factors make it better to use and reliable. There are longest crossbars which can hold seventy pounds with ease. Each shorter crossbar is able to hold up to twenty five pounds easily which makes it better to prefer.


  • It is nine feet tall after installation
  • Great portability because of lightweight
  • Quick backdrop switches make it perfect


  • Little bit expensive than other products

4. Impact Support System

Impact Background Support System - 12' Wide
  • Morris MBH-512
  • Background Hanger with Case
  • 12' Wide

The Impact Support System is one of great option as if someone want wide canvas and it is around 12 feet which is quite enough to use. It is able to hold 20 pounds easily on each crossbar and it get a great ability of carrying more weight.

There is a bag offered along with product which holds up folded stands, and other products which provide you better portability option. Due to such things, it become versatile and portable one at reasonable product. Even you can assemble it easily and in quick time that offer you faster use.


  • Warranty of 1 year
  • Crossbars are comprised of 4 pieces
  • Easy to use
  • Durable and reliable option


  • Weight at bottom part isn’t enough

5. StudioFX New Photography

StudioFX New Photography Portable Backdrop Stand Kit Full Size adjustable with carrying bag
  • Backdrop Stands, Muslin
  • Background Holder
  • Muslin Background Holder
  • Max Height of 8 feet 6"

It is clear from the name that the product which is made of photography is StudioFX New Photography and it is used by most of photographers to click pictures of models and others. Budding photographer experimenting is popular and this product is best one to fulfill their need. It can easily reach up the height of 8 feet which make it better to use.

In term of quicker use where you want to fold it fast without messing up any sort of issue then this product is able to fulfill need of every single person. These are some of great things about StudioFX New Photography and you will love the fact that it is available at quite lower prices than other products. Most of beginners can rely on it.


  • It is sturdy backdrop stand.
  • It isn’t going to tip easily
  • Best product to be used indoor
  • Price is reasonable
  • Great durability


  • You may find it flimsy

Final Words 

In order to come up with all the best products, we tried our best and focused on important factor that everyone focuses on. Even we looked at price factor because it is major factor to get the right product. All the products mentioned in our list are quality one and they can easily fulfill the need of individual. Check out top 5 best backdrop stands and get the right one according to need and considering the price factor too.

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