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Author: topstuf
Date: November 19, 2021

Top 5 Best Android Trail Camera Viewers in 2024

If you are having the camera set up then you might know that it is a very daunting task to drag your laptop to view all the videos and pictures. There are many manufacturers who produce the android trail camera viewers but we cannot estimate the quality. There are many of the duplicate products which are available in the market. A viewer wants to get the small, compatible and lightweight android devices. With help of this device, you can easily review all the pictures and videos without the use of tablet or laptop. If the weather is not too good then you will be obliged for saving the time.

To avoid the confusion while selecting the product we have mentioned with the top 5 Best Android Trail Camera Viewers. This list has been made with keeping in mind quality, elements used while building the device, image clarity and many more. This article will provide you with detail information along with all the pros and cons which will help you to take better decision.

You can easily avail all the products through the e-commerce site. You can check out the below-mentioned details to take better decision.

How To Choose Android Trail Camera Viewers

To buy the right trail camera viewer for your Android mobile, you have to focus on the following factors.

Speed of performance

The best trail camera viewer is capable of working very fast, while you are viewing a media. For instance, hunting is one of the active sports, and you cannot get much time for looking at your footage. Thus, look for the high-quality Android trail camera viewer to save your time.

Settings and sizes

Portability is one of the major features of the best trail camera viewer. Some footage during your outdoor activity can be interesting. You may love sharing the media with your friends on the social network. You can do that directly from your camera viewer. There are options for zooming, deleting and editing the videos.


Your card reader or trail camera viewer must have the capability of processing different SD cards. Make sure that they can record the scene on your device to present you with the optimal output.

You can find a difference among all the camera viewers. Some of them work with Apple products, while other models may be intended for Android. You will also find universal compatibilities in a few devices. Two-card processing is one of the best features of trail camera viewers. You can easily save the lengthy footage.


There are variations in the materials, used for the trail camera viewers. The devices, made of high-quality plastic, are the reliable ones.

Thus, durability is the common trait of all the best trail camera viewers. As you are taking the device for outdoor adventure, it has to be resilient. The sturdy ones do not have the risk of damage to any part.

Read our above guide and you can easily find out the best Android trail camera viewers for your own purpose.

1. BoneView 10x Professional Edition

BoneView 10x Professional Edition is small and compact in size which makes it handy to use. If you are going for traveling then you don’t have to carry heavy equipment in the field. They have the very good speed for about 10X. With the speed of 10X, you can easily go for scanning off the photos and videos. With the good speed, you can easily save a lot of time.

We have mentioned with the list of pros and cons which will help you to make a fast and efficient decision. This will help you with evaluating all the facts properly.


  • It will come in carrying case.
  • There is no requirement of the batteries
  • You can use it for any of the SD cards


  • A little bit expensive.
  • Require assistance.

2. Trail Cam Tracker

Trail Cam Tracker is the great and best-suited option for the photography lovers as they can check out all their amazing videos without the use of the laptops. Trail Cam Tracker can easily zoom out directly on your device. You can sort out the numerous photos on your mobile phone and then you easily list all the photos according to your wish.

There is instruction manual which will help you to get the detailed information about the product. Usage of the device is very easy and convenient so that you can quickly get the items which you require a certain point in time.


  • Easy to use
  • Provide you with the advantage of providing you with date and time on the photos.
  • This device can easily work on the new iPhone.


  • Require assistance
  • Require time for understanding

3. Bestok Card Viewer

Bestok Card Viewer is durable with the little device which will handle all the hikes and rigors of the hunt. It provides you with good quality of the resolution through which you can get to see the images without the use of cameras. Bestok Card Viewer quality of the image viewing is great and you can also enjoy the feature of zoom in and zoom out.

You can easily use it with any type of the phone protector without any hassle. There is no type of the security issues that one can either face. It has the great feature which will help you to store all the memory onto the SD cards. This is the great feature which will help in storing the data permanently in your SD card.


  • Have the warranty period of almost about one year.
  • Automatically the file browser gets opens.
  • You can also use SD card for storing the data/li>


  • No major cons reported.

4. BuckStruck Outdoors

BuckStruck Outdoors, this model doesn’t require any type of the software to operate it. You can go for the image viewer for the phone. You can also install some of the apps which are free to use. These will you with increasing the performance with help of using this app. The major benefit that you can grab with the BuckStruck Outdoors is that you are going to check out the picture individually.

These all are some of the major pros and cons which will help you to make the better decision. This is the great way through which you can evaluate the detailed information about the product without any problem.


  • The company will provide you with the excellent support and all your problems can be solved.
  • You can easily save all your favorite snaps.
  • Affordable.


  • It is somewhat brittle.
  • Require assistance.

5. Whitetail'r Phoneread'r

Whitetail'R PhoneREAD'R Android Game and Trail Camera Viewer
  • Instantly access your Game/Trail Camera Photos with your Android 4.0 phone. No app Needed,...
  • Simply insert your SD card into the PhoneREAD'R, connect it to your phone's micro USB port...
  • Weath’R Shield keeps both the Micro USB connector and SD port safe from dirt and debris...
  • The PhoneREAD'R is small and light weight while also being a fraction of the cost of those...

Whitetail'r Phoneread'r comes with the weather shield which will help you with protection through which you can protect your product with the dirt and dust. You can easily take your electronic product in the field without any tension of debris.

It has the vibrant color which will help you with saving it even if you have dropped the device accidentally. However, to get the upsell you can also purchase some of the purchased apps. You can easily get the clear and crisp photos which will help you to get the good quality of the picture image.


    • You can easily cover it with the USB cord
    • Can get the crisp and good quality of the photos.
    • Affordable in prices


  • You cannot slide between the pictures easily.
  • Require assistance for the same.


  •  NO serious cons found till date

What’s next?

Above mentioned is the detailed information about the list of top 5 best android trail camera viewers. We have also mentioned some of the major pros and cons which will help you to take better decision. You can easily select the one according to your needs and preference.

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