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Author: topstuf
Date: May 9, 2018

Top 5 best Accounting Textbooks - Fall in Love With Numbers and Logic

It is true that figuring out the budget of a home or anything else is always typical and requires attention to various factors. Even if someone love numbers, logic, math and such other things, he/she can still face issues lately while budgeting household bills to corporate statements. However, there are so many accounting textbooks available which can help in getting more knowledge and method of managing all with ease.

It doesn’t matter than you are going for CPA or you want to understand all the business, finance health or you just want to gain knowledge for future issues. You can choose accounting textbooks which can help in many ways and it is better as well as a reliable option. There are so many books and each writer use own method of teaching you so some may be typical but some may be easy. So, which one to buy is a hitherto daunting question.

No need to worry anymore because we made a list of top 5 best accounting books on the basis of ease of learning, great reviews, and many more things. Check out the list and eradicate almost every issue with ease.

How To Choose The Best Accounting Textbook

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an accountant or a student in the accounting field, the best accounting book is a must. Without the right accounting concepts, you will not be able to deal with the numbers properly. Mistakes in the accounting activities may also cause a hassle. Thus, you may look for the best accounting books for increasing your knowledge.

Accounting Fundamentals

When you are buying the accounting books for the first time, you will know everything about the basics of this subject. You can create your financial background by reading these books. This type of books informs you about different financial jargons. You will also know everything about the assets, earnings, liabilities, notes payable and inventory. You can learn the way to create the accounting system and to record transactions. You will also acquire the skills to enter data and prepare the income statement.

Accounting books for the businessmen and investors

You may think that accounting books are just for financial professionals and accountants. Some books will help you in gaining control over your income. You will have a better financial future by reading these accounting books.

The businessmen will also get benefit from reading reliable accounting books. Some accounting books help you to know the tricks of removing the debt. You may buy financial accounting books or the books on account management. You will also master the technique of dealing with the bookkeeping and financial reports. While growing your business, you may look for these books to gain accounting knowledge and skills.

Accounting books are also available for investors. As one of the new investors, you will learn the way of diversifying the investment.

Thus, based on your profession and purpose, you can buy the best accounting books. Find the easy-to-read accounting books that meet your needs.


1. Accounting Principles 12th Edition

Accounting Principles - Standalone book
  • Hardcover Book
  • Weygandt, Jerry J. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 1296 Pages - 01/21/2015 (Publication Date) - Wiley (Publisher)

The book which can help in learning the formulas, as well as the concept behind every accounting situation, is Accounting Principles 12th Edition and it is widely read by millions. Every year, thousands of copies of this book are sold.

Even you can find that there are all the practical applications written in it. The practical will help in learning much more about it and being a person with good knowledge in accounts. It is easy to learn and follow the book so you can try it out and rely on it.

We mainly focused on ease of learning factor here and this book totally offers the best in it. However, its availability is the only issue.


  • Instructive tables to ease the method of learning
  • All the financial statements are in it
  • Loose leaf format is also available
  • Worth buy
  • Positive reviews all around


  • Less availability

2. Advanced Accounting 13th Edition

LooseLeaf for Advanced Accounting (Irwin Accounting) - Standalone book
  • Hoyle, Joe Ben (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 976 Pages - 12/07/2016 (Publication Date) - McGraw-Hill Education (Publisher)

The book with lots of reader is Advanced Accounting 13th Edition and it has lots of positive reviews all around. It comes with so many awesome things and it offers you the advanced basics. However, it isn’t for beginners which make a big drawback. It will help you learn that from where these formulas are derived and it is really a good book to read.

Even there are all the histories controversies and there are resolutions as an example. It will make you get better knowledge than most of the books. If you are really good in accounts then it is the book that you should look for. It will also help in the improvement of vocabulary which is a great thing about this book.

Even anyone can tell from the name that this book is written for all the experts who want to dig more into it.


  • All the international standards are followed in it
  • Good enough to enhance vocabulary in accounting
  • Improve critical thinking
  • Full of knowledge


  • Beginners can’t understand it well

3. Financial Accounting 4th Edition

Financial Accounting
  • Hardcover textbook
  • Hardcover Book
  • Spiceland, David (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

In order to keep students engaged, the Spiceland, Thomas, and Herrmann's Financial Accounting 4th Edition is the best one. It is primarily focused on keeping a student busy in reading it and all the things are explained in a good manner which makes it better to read.

Even it includes the analysis which can help in learning so many things and it is continuing all the problems analysis. It means you will learn about so many things except than arbitrary example. All the common mistakes are highlighted so you can learn various things from it easily.


  • All the common issues and mistakes are highlighted in it
  • The conversional style is used to teach it better and make it addictive
  • Glossary used for each module


  • People who know basics won’t find it helpful

4. Accounting 26th Edition

Accounting (Text Only)
  • Cengage Learning
  • Hardcover Book
  • Warren, Carl S. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

You may find that being the 26th edition make it high number but it is generally written as it is sign of publisher. This book is really good for beginners and they will love the fact that how easy it is. Everything is in order and you will easily get it by given dozens of fine-toothed combs in it.

The book is really lightweight but it is made of good quality paper though. The book is all in order and there are easy to understand flowchart. These flowcharts make everything easier to read and you will love it for sure.


  • The book is really lightweight which makes it better to take anywhere
  • Flowcharts are offered to make everything easy to read and learn from it


  • Few practice problems which aren’t clear at all

5. Accounting Made Simple

A book by Mike Piper called as Accounting Made Simple is the last one in our list and the credit goes to easy method teaching. People with less business and account knowledge can read it easily and learn numerous things with ease. It provides all the basic tools to new ones.

People who are coming back from a significant break from accounts and need a recap will get ease with this book. It is better to read and anyone can rely on it.


    • Several financial ratios are covered in it.
    • Excessive technical jargon is avoided
    • Available almost everywhere
    • Easy to understand

<li• Some concepts are oversimplified


  •  Not good for people with basic knowledge of accounts
  •  Price factor

So, what’s the final verdict? 

All the things are good about our mentioned top 5 best accounting book but you need to focus on the need to get the right one with ease. Hope, this guide to choose the best accounting book will help in making the right decision. Make sure to acknowledge your level first and then going for it.

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