Top 5 Best AC Filters

Top 5 Best AC Filters

Top 5 Best AC Filters

Winter is on the edge and summer is about to arrive, ceiling fans and others doesn’t give the comfort in the rising temperature. Mostly, when you turn on the HAVC system after couple of months of no use, it requires cleaning and sometimes changes of filter. A wide range of filters are available in market but the question arrive, which one will work flawless and for long time.

It is common issue but we are here to help as we tested numerous brands’ filters, availability, sizes, quality, durability and price factor. After a complete research we found the 5 best AC filters available in market. These are available in many sizes and available for most of AC. Check out the below given products to find right one.

“One furnace filters work perfectly up to 2 months, it will be better to change them after such time periods whereas pleated cartridge form filters work perfectly for 12 months and more sometimes in lesser use”


How To Choose The Best AC Filter

Choosing the best AC filter is important to maintain the quality of indoor air. You have to focus on various factors to find the right AC filter.

MERV ratings

MERV ratings refer to the effectiveness level of your AC filter to remove the harmful air particles. The numbers, indicating the MERV ratings, vary between 1 and 16. The higher ratings denote the better filtration capability of your AC filter. The ratings up to 4 indicate that the air filter can trap the bigger particles.

However, the rating, ranging from 14 to 16, proves the capability of filtering the bacteria and virus.

Size of your filter

Your AC can work with the air filter of definite size. The thickness of filter dictates how the system is able to prevent the dust accumulation. This thickness is mostly 1inch to 4 inches.

While you cannot fit your air filter to the system, it will not filter the contaminated air. Go through the technical details to know your air filter size.

Different types of AC filters


The pre-filter is common to most of the air purifiers, and it is capable of capturing some finer particles (size- over 5 microns). You will not find any clogging issue.

Disposable filters

They are not reusable, and you need to replace it once in every month.

Pleated filter

It works better than the non-pleated ones and captures the respirable particles. However, debris buildup is one of the negative features of this filter.

Activated carbon

It is another type of filter, eliminating the smoke and odor. The pet owners may choose this filter.

HEPA filter

It is the best industry-standard filter for removing very small particles. It removes various airborne contaminants using this filter and keeps away from allergies.

Now, you can start browsing various air filters to pick the right one.


Honeywell CF100A1025 Air Cleaner

Working effectively is the first thing to take into consideration and Honeywell CF100A1025 Air Cleaner can do it well for a long time period of one year. Most of home with moderate levels with the airborne particles will get the best match and it will work perfectly for months.

People looking for energy efficient products can rely on this one due to great tendency of being energy efficient up to 20 times than normal. It is better than 1 inch think model of fiberglass.

As Honeywell is reputed brand and offering great products from long so this product managed to be the part of this list due to great quality offered. The only drawback of this product is with sizes otherwise, it will be at no. 3.


  • Extra thick when it is at four and a half inches
  • Able to capture microscopic particles effectively
  • Available in two different sizes
  • Built quality is pretty much decent


  • Only two standard sizes available so less availability in market

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Nordic Pure MERV 12 Pleated

The product that is offering a great quality at such low prices is the Nordic Pure MERV 12 Pleated. It gives quite decent quality as compared to other products available in this low price and it is an excellent choice because the interior air quality is great.

However, replacing it regularly is an important thing. This is available in pack of six and you can find almost every size available out there. It can fit the need of every single person.

This product is designed for the need of almost every single person but it has only single drawback of reducing airflow. It can make you get less energy efficient filter, however, it won’t cause much issues.

  • Great choice for the removal of dust and dander easily
  • Synthetic material provides great flexibility and easily provide better fit
  • Almost every size available
  • Durable for long time period
  • Cheap price


  • Reduces the airflow by a little amount


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Water Filter Tree Purity

If someone is using an AC that doesn’t have standard size filters then it can be tough to find the right match, even you can’t find anything. But, the Water Filter tree purity offers a great helping hand. It is one of the flexible materials which is fit for every size because it can be cut into any of the custom sizes. On the other hand, it gives a great option for vent and furnace. You can use it as the protective barrier to clear air for the breathing.

Keeping the only con aside, we can say that this is the best product because you get the great use. Even these are versatile also so you can easily rely on this product and get rid of all the issues with ease.


  • Activated carbon
  • Seems premium
  • Helpful in the removal of unpleasant odor
  • Durable
  • All sizes availability


  • Prevent the airflow and sometimes, it become drastically preventers of air


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The 3M Healthy Living

The great electrostatic option is offered by the 3M Healthy Living where the great quality and the sizes availability make it advantageous. These are higher in demand and durability factor is also good. It has the micro particle performance of 2,200 which is quite higher than any other product in this list. Surely, this product offers the cleanest air to breathe and you can easily rely on it.

Sometimes, all you need is a great quality and durable product so this product can fit perfect on your need. It is quite expensive but it serves the purpose perfectly and there is no other product that can match the level of this one so you can easily rely on it.
There are total 7 frame ratios available with the pack option. you can choose from the pack of 2 or 6 and there is also an two pack smarter filter.


  • Best option for people having any sort of allergy
  • Easily eliminate smoke and exhaustive particles from the air
  • Truly effective than any other product made of fiberglass


  • Quite expensive than all products.

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FilterBuy AFB Gold

The product that can fit perfectly to need of every single person in term of effective working, quality, durability and price is the FilterBuy AFB Gold. It offers a great quality where it has the excellent MERV rating of 11. This product offers a great option for multi-person or the multi-pet homes. Businesses owner with small foundation can easily rely on this product and easily save a good amount of money. In the term of durability, it is quite good.

This product is one of the best for those who want the best comfort and want to spend decent amount of money. Many products are available in this price range but no one can compete against this product in term of quality and effective working. The availability of many sizes offer great option.


  • Excellent built quality
  • Highly durable
  • Made In America
  • Hundreds of sizes available
  • Keep auto emission outside


  •  NO cons reported


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Final Saying 

We always ensure that all the suggestion made will be perfect and buyers never face any sort of issue. It is the reason we focus on price factor mainly but quality is must so this list of top 5 best ac filter is created depending on quality, availability of sizes and price factor. Check out these products and buy the best one that can fulfill your need.


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