Top 5 Best 40 Inch LED Televisions

Best 40 Inch LED Televisions

Top 5 Best 40 Inch LED Televisions – Boost Your TV Watching Experience Now!

LED TVs are surely best one to have in the home. People who have been using LCDs for a long are looking for the upgrade. Or, there are people who want to buy such quality products to watch movies and sports. In order to find a quality product that can easily fulfill your need then you have to pay attention to many factors. You may find it typical, but we are here to help you out and eradicate all the issues. We made a list of top 5 Best 40 inch LED television.

To make this list, we focused on the size that is mainly 40 inches here, build quality, picture quality, design, technology use and few other factors. Even we considered the pros and cons of buying a product. It will help you buy all the good products easily and eradicate every single issue with ease. Make sure to check out your need before getting started otherwise chances of buying wrong products are higher.

5. LG Electronics Smart 43LJ5500

A product where you get the brand trust as well as great quality along with numerous features is LG Electronics Smart 43LJ5500. From product’s quality to bezels, you don’t have to worry about a single thing. Such factors are making it a better choice than most of the products available in the market.

You get wide tonal array, and it can provide you 1080p resolutions that are good enough to get better picture quality experience. It is defiantly not good as 4K, but you are still getting a good product for most of the household needs like movies, TV drama, and such other things.


  • In-built virtual surround sound
  • The stand is good enough and doesn’t swivel
  • The display has the thin and small bezel


  • A limited number of input option available

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4. TCL 40D100

TCL is definitely getting the name in many countries, and the main reason behind this factor is less price but a high number of features. The TCL 40D100 is surely going to fulfill your need without making you get into a single issue. This is nota 4K LED but still, the picture quality at 1080p resolution is good enough to be loved.

The refresh rate matters a lot, and it can easily enhance the movie watching experience of every individual. In the TCL 40D100, you are getting 60Hz refresh rate, and it is performing twice speed than usual. These factors make it the better choice to go with.


  • Built-in digital tuners
  • Bezels are not too big
  • Cheaper prices but good quality


  • No smart functionality


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3. Sony KD43X720E Ultra

The brand trust of Sony is well known, and it is easy to find that thousands of people prefer this brand because it is reliable. This Japanese manufacturer offered a great number of quality products so you can get the same from Sony KD43X720E Ultra.

From the design to color contrast, everything is great with this product. You also get built-in Google cast that enhances the quality and provides a great number of benefits to you. Streaming videos from your smartphone become easier, and it is the better solution.


  • Get an immersive experience with dark contrast
  • Offers you Android OS
  • 4K up-scaling engine available
  • Very slim in profile


  • Great features come at great prices


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2. Samsung 4K UN40MU7000

Samsung is in the business of LED TVs from a long, but it is easy to find that only a few products are popular from it. However, some products are leaving the footprints in this industry. The Samsung 4K UN40MU7000 is one of the best quality product at reasonable prices.

There is color dive pro software on this TV which makes it different product from all others. You will get a remote and a device to connect all at once. Connecting all the hardware become easier and it looks beautiful due to the same sized small bezel.


  • Offers an effective refresh rate of 120Hz
  • HDR can enhance dynamic ranges
  • Great upscaling without making the quality worse
  • Premium design and quality of the product


  • Watching from sides can be typical sometimes

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1. TCL 43-Inch 4K 43S405

In this list of 40 Inch TV, a little bit higher sized product that is surely going to make you love it is TCL 43-Inch 4K 43S405. It is a 4K LED TV offering the highest quality possible as well as the upscaling feature. This product is really easy to use, and there is Roku software which is pre-installed.

All the favorite apps are already available on the TV, and each one is readily accessible with the use of internet connection. You get external ports to connect USB and HDMI. There is direct-lit backlight offering the highest contrast possible.


  • There are 3 HDMI inputs
  • Easy to access and control via smartphone
  • HDR compatible


  •   The quality of frame seems a little bit cheaper


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Which one is best for you?

If you have the question that which one is suitable to fulfill your need then there are the couple of factors to take into consideration. You can decide a budget and stick to it. This will help you choose the best one from the list of top 5 best 4K LED Televisions available in the market. Check out all the products and get a right one of need. In the end if you are the one looking for backlit keyboards, you can check our guide too.


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