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Author: topstuf
Date: April 5, 2020

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine Review With Pros & Cons

The Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical is a perfect machine to have challenging cardio workouts each day from the comfort of your home. The equipment has been designed carefully so that you have a trouble-free and comfortable exercising session. It even has a blue, black-lit LDC display, which will help you to keep track of your essential training data. Easy controls and adjustable features will let you concentrate more on toning up.

To make your exercise fun and entertaining, there is an inbuilt cooling fan and speakers that will let you plug in an MP3 player or iPod so that you can listen to your favorite songs and enjoy your workout sessions. The console also includes a water bottle holder to keep water or an energy drink close by and stay hydrated at all times. Moreover, it is a quiet and robust gear that is designed by engineers and physiotherapists to offer unique ergonomic features.

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine Features

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine
311 Reviews
Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine
  • Elliptical machine provides challenging cardio workout, supported by blue, backlit LDC...
  • Adjustable pedals and console and power adjustable stride and incline; 20-to-22-inch...
  • Pulse grip and chest strap heart rate monitoring; LCD console with 7.5-inch display; front...
  • Measures 27 by 58 by 83 inches (W x H x D), with 230-pound weight and 375-pound weight...



  • Advanced Sensors – The stationary handlebars have inbuilt pulse sensors, which will monitor your pulse by keeping a track of heart rate as well as heart rate chest strap. On the other hand, the moving handlebars can be adjusted at your convenience. Since the handlebars have multiple grip positions, you can exercise comfortably.
  • Quiet Drive System – The machine features a fluid natural motion, which works in both forward and reverse motion. The 25 lb flywheel and high gear ratio ensure that you experience an extremely smooth feel with 20 levels of resistance; thus, making your workouts challenging as well as interesting.
  • Oversize Foot Pedals – The oversize foot pedals are not straight but designed with a 2 degree inwards slope so that the stress on your ankle and knee is reduced while workouts. Similarly, the foot beds have also been designed meticulously by engineers so that you can alter them as per your comforts.
  • Power Incline – You can adjust the ramp angles from 0-30 degrees, which will let you work individually on all lower body muscle groups. Moreover, with a single touch of a button, you can make your cardio workout tougher.
  • Carefully Designed – The four rear wheels on high-quality rails will make sure that you have a smooth and stable feel. It will even reduce side-to-side foot pedal motion.
  • Personal Programs – There are pre-set programs that you can use, or you can save two different customizable routines on it. The personal programs that can be saved as User 1 and User 2 will let you exercise exactly the way you prefer.
  • Warranties – Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship is been provided. Five years warranty against electronics and other parts. Moreover, two years warranty against labor is been provided.

Assembling The Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical



You will receive a securely packed gear that needs to be assembled carefully. The machine weighs 215 lb and the shipping box would be much heavier than its original weight. So, it is advisable to keep it directly in the room where you plan to install as shifting it from one place to another would be a tough task.

Assembling the Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical will require few hours, so start with it only if you have a couple of hours to devote on that day. All tools that are required for assembling the machine will be provided to you, so installing it will not be difficult. However, if you are not used to assembling machineries with lot of components then it is wise to watch a few videos and read the instruction manual well before starting the process.


  • Affordable and absolutely worth every penny
  • Smooth and quiet to use
  • High-quality equipment
  • Perfect for daily usage
  • Sturdy and with good resistance
  • Long warranty
  • Adjustable pedals
  • The chest strap is included


  • Assembling takes time and is quite challenging for a novice.
  • Not foldable, so will hold a big corner of your room.
  • Once assembled, it will be difficult to move it from one room to another, in spite of the wheels under the flywheel.
  • You will have to purchase a mat or carpet to keep the equipment, as it will protect your floor from scratches.

What are the alternatives and competitors?

For the similar price tag and quality, there are few options available which are - Nautilus T618 Elliptical and Sole Fitness E95. Both are great alternatives, so feel free to read their reviews before getting this one even though you can't go wrong with any of this.

Conclusion and Should You Buy It?

To conclude, the Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical machine is a perfect choice for those who are unable to visit the gym regularly and still want to stay fit and toned. It is a sturdy piece of gear, which can last for a lifetime when used carefully. Enjoy your new gear and stay fit!

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