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Author: topstuf
Date: September 18, 2019

Best Snoring Mouthpiece Reviews – Top 5 Products & Buying Guide

A few snoring mouthpiece reviews come in handy when trying to find a way out of this noisy issue. Snoring is one of the most common sleeping problems out there. If you sleep alone, chances are you will never bother anyone – not even yourself. However, your sleep will not be too restful and you will still feel tired.

On the other hand, things can get really messy if your partner sleeps in the same bed or you share the house with someone else.

Snoring occurs when the back of your throat obstructs the free airflow. The tissue in the back of your throat will rattle as you struggle to inhale, hence the annoying noise. The same rule applies when you exhale. Apart from being a nuisance, you are also exposed to a series of health related risks, hence the necessity of a solution.

The market is quite diversified when it comes to finding an anti snoring mouthpiece. The industry is not new at all, but has actually diversified quite a lot over the past years. For this reason, you will find lots of devices out there. Even if you choose to see a doctor first, each professional will recommend a different idea.

There are a few steps to help you make a more informed decision. First, go through some of the best rated products on the market and find out what they can do for you. Second, discover the benefits of anti snoring devices and find out what you have to look for before buying one.

Top 5 Snoring Mouthpieces

Neomen Snore Stopper-Sleep Aid Device Mouthpiece

Neomen Snore Stopper-Sleep Aid Device Mouthpiece-Night Guard-Custom Molded Mouthpiece
744 Reviews
Neomen Snore Stopper-Sleep Aid Device Mouthpiece-Night Guard-Custom Molded Mouthpiece
  • Fit most & fit perfect: you can do it by yourself at home. Neomen mouth guard is...
  • High quality: Neomen mouthpiece is BPA FREE with ANTIBACTERIAL CASE.
  • Easy to mold: Just boil in water and then bite down on the mouthpiece to form a...
  • Risk Free: Buy with Confidence. If you are not satisfied with this snoring mouthpiece,...

There are plenty of reviews regarding Neomen’s leading device. It can be bought and installed at home with no professional help. It molds to fit most tooth shapes and sizes. Simply boil it for a few minutes, then bite it down to come up with the right shape.

Given its easy adjustability, anyone can use this mouthpiece for snoring without having to see a doctor first. In terms of health and safety, the mouthpiece is BPA free. It has an antibacterial build that will not let microorganisms from your mouth attach to it.

The mouthpiece should be replaced every six months. Given its price, it provides great value for money. Unlike other similar products, it will not keep your mouth open or make it uncomfortable. Other than that, it comes with a detailed manual of instructions – you just cannot go wrong.

What we like about it

  • Can be customized in small details
  • Helps keep the mouth closed
  • Durable and high quality material
  • Safe to use over long periods of time

PureSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece

PureSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece – Helps Stop Snoring – The Original Anti-Snoring Solution –...
185 Reviews
PureSleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece – Helps Stop Snoring – The Original Anti-Snoring Solution –...
  • COMFORTABLE: PureSleep’s patented adaptable dual-polymer design accommodates all types...
  • BASED ON REAL SCIENCE: Designed and used by dentists and physicians, PureSleep is based on...
  • HIGH QUALITY: OTC-cleared and now available without a prescription. Includes 20 page...
  • MADE IN THE USA with 100% American materials that are BPA-free. This is a genuine,...

PureSleep is one of the pioneers in this industry, so its stop snoring mouthpiece will surprise you with its ease of use and quality standards. Made in the USA and sold in over 1.4 million units, this is a leading choice for those who want to quit snoring from the first night of use.

The patented design is customizable and works on a simple basis – boil the mouthpiece to soften it, bite it and let it cool. It will ensure a perfect fit for your mouth. It is comfortable to wear, but also lighter in weight and more comfortable to wear.

Unlike other similar devices, this one is also FDA approved. Just like you have probably guessed already, materials are BPA free and feature an antibacterial surface. The device is also adjustable – standard, overbite or underbite.

What we like about it

  • More comfortable and less bulky than other alternatives
  • Three different adjustability settings
  • Simple adjustment and customization procedure
  • Only needs a couple of nights to get used to

Serenity Bruxism Night Sleep Aid Mouthpiece

Serenity Bruxism Night Sleep Aid Mouthpiece Boil and Bite Guard
148 Reviews
Serenity Bruxism Night Sleep Aid Mouthpiece Boil and Bite Guard
  • CUSTOM FIT Serenity guards are a single piece, lightweight, and thin. Molds easily and...
  • MULTI-USE Designed to eliminate teeth grinding during sleep, Serenity is also ideal for...
  • BRUXISM SUPPORT Many people suffer teeth grinding & clenching of the jaw, resulting in gum...
  • COST-EFFECTIVE Many mouth guards on the market are designed to reduce grinding and...

Serenity 2000’s best anti snoring mouthpiece follows the classic design, but it comes with the right features. There are no bells and whistles, but just a basic device that will help your bite and reduce snoring – simple as that. You will feel more comfortable in the morning, not to mention your partner.

Having this device in your mouth over long periods of time will not cause any problems at all. It is made of medical grade silicone. In other words, it is BPA free, so no one will experience any issues with it. It is hygienic, safe and easy to deal with. It will slightly push the upper jaw forward, so it might correct a bite too.

There are lots of reviews regarding the various affections this unit can fix. It is highly recommended to those who suffer from bruxism or TMJ, but it is just as handy if you tend to grind your teeth overnight. The package includes a clean storage box as well – specifically designed for it.

What we like about it

  • There are no fancy bells and whistles, but just what you need
  • Apart from snoring, it can help against a plethora of health problems – bruxism, TMJ or grinding
  • Features a clean and hygienic storage box
  • Detailed manual of instructions on how to customize it

Bite Guard Intelliguard Pro Bruxism Mouthpiece

Intelliguard Pro Dental Mouth Guard - Bruxism Nighttime Sleep Mouthguard for Grinding Teeth - Night...
  • MULTIPLE ADJUSTMENT & LOCKING TECHNOLOGY With Intelliguard, you can gently advance your...
  • PRECISION MOLD Automold to your bite, just place in boiling water and then bite down on...
  • BRUXISM & SNORING SUPPORT Doctors recommend oral appliances like Intelliguard as an...
  • NEW & IMPROVED DESIGN We listened to our customers and designed a new 2.0 version that is...

Bite Guard’s stop snoring devices are based on a classic design, but they feature some innovative changes implemented in the latest collections. The new design is smaller, not as bulky as others and more comfortable to use. It is recommended to mouth measuring two to five inches in opening – not a good choice for children or those with tiny mouths.

While many reviews target the way it helps against snoring, it is worth noting that it is just as efficient against grinding teeth. If you tend to do it overnight, it will keep them healthy and in good condition – great support for bruxism.

The mouthpiece comes with a precision lock – some sort of technology that will keep the mouthpiece in place and can prevent slipping – a common problem in cheap products. You can also change this setting. As for fitting, you benefit from a clean measurement – check the detailed manual of instructions to calibrate the piece to your required setting.

What we like about it

  • Small, compact and easy to wear by most people
  • Prevent bruxism and grinding of teeth
  • New technology to keep the device in place – no more slipping
  • Easy to adjust or change settings, customize and make it suitable for the user’s unique shape

Tranquility Pro 2 Adjustable Bruxism Night Mouthpiece

Tranquility PRO 2.0 Dental Mouth Guard - Grinding Mouthpiece - Night Time Teeth Mouthguard &...
1,056 Reviews
Tranquility PRO 2.0 Dental Mouth Guard - Grinding Mouthpiece - Night Time Teeth Mouthguard &...
  • MAX. BRUXISM SUPPORT // Prevents teeth grinding at night 7. Mouth guard should feel custom...
  • PRECISION // Automold to your bite, just boil in water and then bite down on the moutpiece...
  • CLEAR MEASUREMENT // Reading to easily calibrate the mouthpiece to your desired setting 5....
  • UNIQUE LOCK TECH // Precision lock technology, locks the mouthpiece in place at your...

Designed by Pro Tech Dental, this mouthpiece can successfully prevent snoring and all the problems associated with it. It is quite precise given the customization – simply boil it, bite it and drop it in regular tap water after. Apart from snoring, it will help against other sleep related problems too – such as bruxism. Basically, it prevents teeth from grinding.

If you tend to grind your teeth, it will damage faster, so you might have to replace it every six months or when it looks damaged. Other than that, you can use it for long periods of time – great value for money. The mouthpiece will also keep jaws aligned – great if your lower jaw slips backwards while you sleep or you have a bad bite.

Many reviews talk about the locking technology – a new feature that allows a few different settings regarding locking the device. For more details regarding all these features, go through the manual of instructions before using it for the first time. It is quite detailed and easy to understand.

What we like about it

  • Prevents snoring and other sleeping problems too
  • Easy to customize and adjust based on your unique shape
  • Multiple features in fitting it inside your mouth
  • Relatively new design with several improvements from previous generations

Understanding the causes of snoring

Causes of snoring vary widely from one individual to another. According to most snoring mouthpiece reviews, causes have nothing to do with these devices, as they will help in most situations. Generally speaking, when you fall asleep, the soft tissues in the back of your throat and the tongue tend to relax. If they relax too much, they will block the airway and start rattling.

The more narrowed this area is, the more you will struggle to have air in and out. As a direct consequence, the vibration is higher and the noise is louder. So, what are the most common causes of snoring?

Mouth anatomy

You do not necessarily have to suffer from something in order to snore. Sometimes, it is just your anatomy. If the soft palate tissue is thick, it will inevitably restrict the airflow. Being overweight may help with it, as the respective tissues are obviously thicker.


Having more than average amounts of alcohol on a regular basis may also increase snoring. The problem is even more obvious if you drink too much alcohol right before going to sleep. It tends to relax most muscles in your body, so it will clearly relax throat muscles as well.

Nasal issues

Various nose related issues might be responsible for snoring too. If you suffer from chronic nasal congestion, all the air will have to go through your mouth. The same rule applies if you suffer from a deviated nasal septum – an extremely common problem that may affect the nasal airflow.

Lacking sleep

Most issues involving snoring relate to the throat muscles. If you tend to sleep a few hours a night or you skip a night, being too tired will relax the body way too much – this is why it feels so good falling asleep within seconds only. Not enough sleep will lead to even more throat relaxation.

Sleeping position

If you hear someone snoring and they sleep on their back, turn them on one side and the snoring might end. It is all about gravity. When you sleep on our back, gravity pulls tissues back and restricts the airflow. When on a side, snoring is drastically reduced.

Now that you are aware of the causes of snoring, what are the most common risk factors?

  • Being overweight – overweight people are more likely to suffer from excessive snoring or apnea.
  • Nasal issues – be it a structural defect in the airway or chronic congestion.
  • Being a man – men have a higher incidence than women.
  • Alcohol – causing too much relaxation in the body.
  • Family history – a history of apnea or snoring.
  • Narrow airways – large tonsils or a long palate can restrict the airflow.

How anti-snoring mouthpieces work

Snoring devices are classified by two criteria – some of them work on your jaws, while others work on your tongue. Most reviews relate to the prior model. How do they work then?

When you fall asleep, your lower jaw tends to fall back. Everything connected to it will go towards the throat, including the soft tissues around it. You do not snore when you walk or sit in an upright position, do you? Exactly.

At this point, snoring devices will try to keep jaws in a healthy position – just as if you were standing. This way, the airflow is no longer restricted. At the same time, such devices work against other affections too, especially tooth grinding.

They are easy to customize and fit, regardless of the shape of your mouth. Some of them will also help keep the mouth closed. There is more air going through your nose, yet these devices often feature small holes to let the air go through the mouth too.

The other type of snoring mouthpiece works on the tongue. The cause is similar – the tongue falls backwards and its soft tissues cover the throat. The airflow is restricted, hence the snoring. Such devices keep the tongue forward, so it is less likely to slip in the snoring position.

The mouth must be closed. If you have nasal congestion or you cannot really breathe through your nose, you should stick to the classic type of snoring mouthpiece or at least get a unit with large holes to let the air go through.

Advantages of anti-snoring mouthpieces

According to lots of reviews, the primary reason to invest in such a thing is to stop snoring. You will feel good in the morning and no longer tired. Your partner will no longer wake up every 30 minutes. But the list of benefits goes further than that.

Snoring mouthpieces are inexpensive and provide great value for money. Even if you buy the most sophisticated one on the market and change it every few months, you will still save a fortune. After all, other options to stop snoring involves PAP machines and more sophisticated procedures that cost a lot.

Maintenance is fairly simple too. Get the device out of your mouth and store it in the case it comes with. If it does not have one, you can store it in warm water or just a hygienic case. When compared to snoring machines, there are not so many moving parts.

Finally, all mouthpieces are basic. They do not feature any mechanisms or devices that require running – such as those machines against apnea. Therefore, you can get used to a snoring mouthpiece within a couple of nights – no more noise and buzzing sounds.

Disadvantages of anti-snoring mouthpieces

Nothing is perfect and snoring mouthpieces make no exception either. They have a short life – six months to a couple of years, depending on sleeping patterns. If you grind your teeth while sleeping, you might damage such a device faster. However, given the price, they offer good value for money anyway.

Some people may experience side effects, such as drooling or a dry mouth. They are not too severe, but they can be quite annoying in the morning. Lower jaw stiffness has also been reported in some snoring mouthpiece reviews. These effects go away within minutes after waking up though.

What to look for in an anti-snoring mouthpiece

There are plenty of snoring mouthpieces to choose from – some of them better than others. It is a matter of personal preferences, quality standards and reviews. Knowing what to look for can prevent you from buying the wrong type. So, what are the main considerations in the process?


Unless you see a specialist to design a deeply customized device for your own shape – quite expensive though, chances are a custom moldable design is your best bet. It is customizable by the exact same principles as bespoke devices, only you have to do the customization yourself.

Customization is relatively simple. Most of them rely on the same procedure you have to boil the mouthpiece, so it goes soft. You bite it to ensure it molds according to your shape, then let it cool down and harden.

While this type of customization is slowly becoming a standard in the industry, not all mouthpieces use it, hence the necessity of double checking upfront.


Customization is one thing, while adjustability is a completely different thing. Adjusting the mouthpiece can prevent painful jaw situations. It is worth noting that many mouthpieces tend to keep the lower jaw in a protruded position to keep your throat clear. It might take a couple of days to get used to it, especially if the change is too dramatic.

Being able to adjust the protrusion setting is a plus. Reaching the ideal position to prevent snoring becomes much easier when you do it gradually. Such adjustments are done in a few different things. Some devices can be squeezed, while others come with plastic spacers. Any option is alright, as long as you make sure that adjusting the device is simple.

Jaw movement

Some mouthpieces are made from one piece. Others are made from two pieces. The later will provide more comfort because they allow a little jaw movement. Keeping the jaw in one position may not necessarily be painful or uncomfortable though. But then, having two pieces will allow lateral jaw movements for more comfortable wear.


Breathing vents do not represent a standard feature in mouthpieces, but they make a great option in certain circumstances. For example, in an ideal case, you should breathe through your nose. You might be able to do it when you go to sleep, but it can change during the night.

Nasal congestion is one of the aspects that require breathing vents, especially if affection is chronic. The same rule applies if you have a deviated septum. Breathing through your nose can be a challenge then.

Some mouthpieces come with a big hole in the middle. Some others have multiple small vents, not to mention those that allow you to open the mouth for more air.


It is essential to spend a bit more and invest in medical grade materials. Not only are they safe to use, but they will also last much longer. On another note, BPA and latex free materials are also recommended.

Other things to look for include:

  • Design
  • Sizing options
  • Lifespan
  • Warranties
  • Price
  • Value for money


As a short final conclusion, snoring mouthpiece designs may look similar at first, especially as you browse their pictures over shopping websites. As you dig deeper and find out more about one product or another, you will notice small differences, yet the main features are quite similar.

It is important to remember that snoring can cause medical issues in the long run. You are about to buy a medical device – an investment in your own health. For this reason, you have to take your time, analyze the market and ensure you buy the right thing.

The cheapest product on the market will not be the worst one, but it is definitely not recommended. On the same note, the most expensive item will not always bring you the best result, so hunt value for money instead.

At the same time, nothing is better than a good working snoring mouthpiece. After all, you get a more detailed insight into particular products, but you also get to learn from other people’s previous experiences. When one product or another is recommended by thousands of buyers, there must be something good about it, so it will most likely work for your particular case as well.

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