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Author: topstuf
Date: August 8, 2019

Parkland Golf And Country Club Review – What To Expect

Located in one of the most peaceful areas of Florida, the Parkland Golf and Country Club is one of the top rated golf courses in the state. Although it feels a little too luxurious when you first get in, you will be surprised by how warm the staff is (yet, professional enough), not to mention the excellent value for money. While better rated than other courses, this one is actually cheaper. All in all, this Parkland Golf and Country Club review will give you all the details you require.


Interested in golf but not sure where to start from? There is nothing to worry about. There is a teaching program on site. It takes five weeks to complete and involves working with professionals. It offers good value for money – especially if you are a student. The academy is open to residents, club members and even guests.

The 19 hole course is one of the best-maintained ones in entire Florida. The 19th hole is rarely used – only if the score is even after 18 holes. However, lots of people try their luck on while training or playing against friends. You also have all kinds of obstacles – from sand to water – to ensure a challenging game whenever you get there.

You can bring your own equipment, but you can also rent some on-site, not to mention buying. You will also find a shop on site – mostly reputable golf apparel and accessories. Make sure you go through the club's etiquette and attire requirements before getting there though.

Hungry after a long round? Perfect – get to the local Ninety One dining facility – a fabulous restaurant designed with elegance in mind and many Tuscan accents. It is closed on Mondays and features a series of menus – everything is available on the official website for more information. You can also get there for a couple of drinks only.

Finally, the proprietary app is not to be overlooked either. According to every Parkland Golf and Country Club review out there, it will keep you up to date with the latest news and information, but you can also handle payments, make reservations or join events. What else can you ask for?

What to like about the Parkland Golf and Country Club review

The luxurious Tuscan style of this club makes everything feel different. It feels like you are in a different world. Furthermore, the academy on site is a plus too, not to mention the helpful application.

What not to like

It is worth noting that the club has been in the middle of a scandal for pushing to increase taxes in the past. While not so common, there is a small chance that fees and taxes might go up.


In the end, this Parkland Golf and Country Club review should give you some good details about what to expect. This club is a professional settlement with high quality standards, but great value for money and all kinds of facilities for a wonderful day out.

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