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Date: June 29, 2020

Instant Pot Reviews – Best Instant Pots For The Price and Quality

You may have already used a slow cooker and a pressure cooker. However, an instant pot is different from both these cookers. Here we will share Instant Pot Reviews .We can define it as the programmable and electric pressure cooker, having various functionalities. Some of these instant pots have the capability of working as multi-purpose cookers, while other models do not have these features. The amateurs may not be able to find a difference among various models of instant pots. You can find the similarity in the pot size, wattage and voltage. However, the major difference is in the software that helps with the programming process.

The reliable instant pots have the smartest technology, providing you with the present pressure level, heat level and time. To save your space and time in the kitchen, you can invest in the instant pot. Now, the question is- What is the best instant pot to you? Our guide will help you to find Instant Pot Reviews – 2019’s Best Instant Pots.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Instant Pot

The fast and technologically advanced multi-cookers have grabbed the attention of lots of chefs and home cooks. Most of these cookers work 70% faster than other cooking appliances. However, the availability of different instant pots may make you confused. That is why we have presented you with a brief guide on the way of choosing the right instant pot for your purpose.

The number of functionalities

The instant pots are mostly electric appliances, capable of functioning in different ways. One instant pot helps you in preparing various foods. For instance, you may use it as a pressure cooker, which accumulates steam pressure in the airtight pots for cooking foods very fast.

Other common functionalities of the appliance are- sauté pots, slow cookers, warmer and steamer. The manufacturers mention all the functionalities of their products. You have to check them out to find the best instant pot reviews. In some instant pots, there are more than 10 functionalities.

Size of your instant pots

You can find 3 to 8-quart instant pots. Some models are available to you in different sizes. However, in a few cases, there is one size option. 6-quart is a very common size to most of the instant pots.

3-quart pot is best to prepare the side dishes. The most reliable choice to you is a 6-quart pot, and 2 to 4--member family may easily rely on it. While your family has more than 4 members, you can choose 8-quart pot. The largest one is also best to serve guests at a social gathering.

Safety mechanism of the instant pot

You have heard that the electric cookers can cause risk at any time. However, instant pots come with the safety systems to prevent all the risks.

  • Pressure regulator helps in controlling the pressure automatically.
  • Lid Lock averts the risk of opening the cooker lid due to pressure
  • Food bits cannot block the vent for anti-blockage vent
  • Temperature monitoring system keeps your foods from getting burnt
  • Temperature controller also works automatically
  • Leaky lid detection capability
  • Sensor for checking the position of the lids
  • Power protection

The reliable instant pot brands offer most of these safety mechanisms.

Accessories included in the package

The accessories that come with instant pots help you in enjoying better performance. Steamer basket is one of the common accessories. There is also a large sized steaming rack. Some packages include the baking kits, and they are useful to prepare cakes and brownies. Thus, while you are buying the instant pots, you must check out these accessories.

Materials used for cooking pot and inner pot

Food grade and safe 304 stainless steel is the best material, used for the instant cooking pot. You can find a stainless-steel bottom of the cover disc. For the inner pot also, the manufacturers use FDA-approved steel.

Smart features of the pot

Microprocessor, helping in temperature adjustment, is a smart feature. LCD display and Smart WiFi are other attractive technologies of the pot. You can find apps of some brands, and these apps present you with pre-programmed recipes.

Top 5 Instant Pots

Instant Pot DUO80

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt...
  • 7-IN-1 FUNCTIONALITY: Pressure cook, slow cook, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, sauté...
  • QUICK ONE-TOUCH COOKING: 13 customizable Smart Programs for pressure cooking ribs, soups,...
  • COOK FAST OR SLOW: Pressure cook delicious one-pot meals up to 70% faster than traditional...
  • QUICK AND EASY CLEAN UP: Finger-print resistant, stainless-steel sides and dishwasher-safe...

Available in different sizes, this instant pot works as a multi-use cooker. You may choose it as the best 7-in-1 kitchen appliance. This programmable unit is able to work as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, rice cooker, sauté, warmer and yogurt marker. For the faster performance, most of the modern users buy this instant pot. You can program the system in 14 different ways. For instance, you can prepare rice, porridge, meat, soup and various other items. Press a button for preparing your dishes. The manufacturer has used the food grade stainless steel for the inner portion of the pot. The presence of 3-ply base helps in the uniform distribution of heat. The latest technology adjusts the intensity of heat. The package also includes rice paddle, measuring cup, handles, soupspoon and a resource recipe book.


  • No harmful chemical coating
  • Functions in different ways
  • ULC and UL certified


  • The pressure valve is small


Mealthy MultiPot

Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker 6 Quarts with Stainless Steel Pot, Steamer...
  • 9 Appliances in 1: Cook meals in mere minutes & in less than half the time Also get...
  • 2 dishes at once & stainless steel pot: The included stainless-steel steamer basket...
  • 14 easy-touch cooking programs: poultry, meat/stew, Bean/Chili, Soup, sauté/simmer, cake,...
  • We've thought of everything: an extra silicone gasket, silicone mitts, steamer basket,...

This 9-in-1 appliance is the best choice for your investment. Within a few minutes, you can cook your favorite meals. You can slow cook or pressure-cook your foods with this appliance. However, pasteurization, cake preparation, steaming, sautéing, yogurt preparation, warming and rice cooking also become easy with this instant pot. The steamer basket, made of stainless steel, helps you in making two dishes at the same time. 14 cooking programs are user-friendly. There are also options for manual settings.

You can get different other accessories in this package. The manufacturer has included silicone mitts, steam rack, rice paddle, ladle, measuring cup and a silicone gasket. Thus, by investing in this best instant pot, you will avail various cooking accessories.


  • LCD Panel having different icons
  • Progress indicator
  • Customizable presets
  • Silicone mitts for safe pot removal
  • Steam vent handle is wide


  • The user manual has to be better


Instant Pot LUX60V3

Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Sterilizer Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer,...
  • Cooks fast & saves time: The Instant Pot Duo Multi-Cooker combines 6 Appliances in one:...
  • Consistently delicious: 12 one-touch smart programs put cooking ribs, soups, beans, rice,...
  • Easy to clean: Fingerprint-resistant stainless steel lid and components and accessories...
  • Advanced safety protection: The 10+ built-in safety features, including overheat...

This instant pot has 6 different capabilities, and you can use any of them to prepare your delicious dishes. The appliance plays the role of the warmer, steamer, sauté, rice cooker, slow cooker and pressure cooker. To enjoy better and faster performance, you can invest in this instant pot.

The microprocessor technology is one of the innovative parts of this appliance. This microprocessor helps in checking the temperature, pressure, duration of food preparation and heat intensity.

There are three temperature levels for simmering, searing and thickening purpose. While you have a very short time, you may cook with high pressure. This helps you in saving energy.

The manufacturer has used brushed stainless steel for the outer part of the instant pot. The use of food grade materials ensure safety. The lid, steam rack and inner cooking are dishwasher friendly.


  • Stain-resistant design
  • Energy saving
  • Display panel is large


  • Cannot make cake rightly


Yedi Total Programmable Pressure Cooker

Yedi 9-in-1 Total Package Instant Programmable Pressure Cooker, 6 Quart, Deluxe Accessory kit,...
  • OPRAH’S FAVORITE THINGS: The Yedi 9-in-1 Total Package Pressure Cooker is the only...
  • 9 APPLIANCES IN 1: Cook meals in mere minutes & in less than half the time. Pressure cook,...
  • 15 INSTANT-TOUCH MICROPROCESSOR COOKING PROGRAMS: Poultry, Meat/Stew, Bean/Chili, Soup,...
  • DELUXE ACCESSORY KIT: Included is a tempered glass lid (perfect for slow cooking and...

Designed by Yedi Houseware, this instant pressure cooker presents you with a 9-in-1 system. This appliance is able to cook your foods within a few minutes. You can slow cook, steam, sauté, pasteurize and warm your meals. You may also prepare rice and cakes using this appliance.

There are 15 cooking programs, and you can turn on any of them with a touch. Most of the users have found it easy to prepare egg, porridge, rice, veggies and different other items. You may set the cooking time manually. The pressure levels are also controllable.

Different kits, included in the package, are ladle, steaming trivets, egg racks, sealing ring, cooking mitts, a measuring cup and a steaming basket. You will also get a Recipe Book in the package.


  • Available in different colors
  • FDA certified and UL certified
  • Big pot
  • Custom cooking


  •  Lids making sound


Potastic 6Qt Instant Cooking Stainless Steel Pot

Potastic Pressure, LCD Display,Instant Cooking with Stainless Steel Pot, Multi, Slow, Rice, Yogurt...
  • [10-1 multi function and easy to read LCD display] Potastic replaces 10 common kitchen...
  • [16 smart cooking programs with dual pressure setting] poultry, meat/stew, Bean/Chili,...
  • [Every thing you need in one box] A recipe book, Extra silicon sealing ring(you actually...
  • [Comes with recipes and instructions] Comes with a recipe book, cooking time tables and...

It is an amazing and the best instant pot in our list. You will get 10 different functionalities in one appliance. The LCD screen is easily readable. These 10 roles of the appliance are- yogurt maker, steamer, rice cooker, sauté, cake maker, egg cooker, sterilizer, food warmer, slow cooker and pressure cooker.

The package also includes 2 silicon sealing rings. The inner cooking pot and the steam rack are made of stainless steel. The steamer basket helps you in preparing two dishes at a time. You have 16 options for programming and 2 options for pressure adjustment.

The manufacturer has integrated special safety mechanisms for the users. You may visit the Potastic website to find various recipes of dishes, prepared with this instant pot.


  • Anti-block shield
  • Automatic control of pressure
  • Lid locking system
  • Versatile pot


  • No negative comments



Now, you can find the answer to your question - What is the best instant pot to buy? We have reviewed the most popular models for you. The smart programmable instant pot with sleek design is one of the best cooking appliances for your modern kitchen. Turn on your instant pot and make your delicious foods ready to serve your dear ones, we have even reviewed the best instant pot cookbooks. You will get fun in your everyday cooking activities.

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