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Author: topstuf
Date: April 15, 2020

How To Find The Best Wine Opener - A Complete Buying Guide

Most of us find it tough to detach the cork from the wine bottle. We face the most frustrating situation while we are unable to get the cork out of our favorite wine bottle. It damages the enjoyment of sipping wine. That is why the choice of the best wine opener is a must. You may have started looking for a durable and user-friendly wine opener. However, we have saved your time by choosing the most popular products for you. These wine openers let you open your bottle easily and comfortably. Regular wine consumers will surely get value from our comprehensive reviews.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Wine Opener

Style of the wine opener

While looking at the styles and designs, we have categorized the wine openers in different ways-

  • Lever Style – Although it is slightly pricey, it is best for all the novices. You have to press down the lever and then lift it up for opening the cork. We also call these lever corkscrews as the bunny ears. There are two handles, intended for gripping the top portion of your bottle. The lever helps in pushing the screw into your cork. You will then find the lever, lifted, with a minimum amount of effort.
  • Butterfly Style – It is a very small wine opener and is available at a lower price.
  • Table Top Style – It is the right choice for any home bar. However, this wine opener is slightly heavier in size.

These are very common wine opener styles, available in the market.

Size of wine opener

Most of the travelers and waiters look for the portable corkscrews. These corkscrews can easily fit into their pockets. However, while you love storing them in your bar or kitchen counter, you can look for the bigger ones.

Designed for all corks

The best wine openers, including the corkscrews, are able to open corks of any design.

Length of the corkscrew worm

The size of this worm must not be very long or short. Too much short worm may cause the cork to get torn. However, the longer ones will puncture the cork. That is why the best length of this worm may be 1.75 inches. The size makes sure that you will be able to detach the cork easily without affecting the cork’s integrity.

Length of the screws

The minimum length of the screw has to be 1.75 inches. The shorter ones can damage the corks.

Other kits in the package

Some wine opener brands include different other accessories in the package. For instance, you may get wine glasses, wine books, drip stoppers and other relevant items.

Top 3 Best Wine Openers

RedNoel Wine Opener

Wine Corkscrew Opener Rabitt - Style Set Bottle Opener Wine Opener Wine Accessories RedNoel Opener...
  • 🍷 - RedNoel WINE TOOLS SET FOR WOMEN'S - This stylish corkscrew uncorks any size wine...
  • 🍷 - LIFETIME WARRANTY: We appreciate the choice of our clients. That’s why the main...
  • 🍷- THIS UNIQUE WINE TOOLS SET- No struggles with broken and stubborn corks any more!...
  • 🍷 - EASE OF USE and LEVER PRINCIPLE - will make your life easier. Due to its excellent...

Known for manufacturing the high-quality wine accessories, RedNoel has offered you a reliable wine opener. Without breaking the cork, you can easily take it out of your wine bottle. The design of the corkscrew is elegant, and this small device is able to unseal the wine bottles of all sizes. With one pull, you can open the bottle and enjoy your wine flavor.

RedNoel has offered an all-inclusive set that comprises a corkscrew (spiral and worm), corkscrew stand, foil cutter and rabbit opener. The manufacturer has used the best quality stainless steel for each of these accessories. Thus, by investing in one package, you will get four different tools. You can choose it as a gift set for the wine lovers. All the tools are very lightweight, and you may easily hold them with one of your hands.


As one of the new users, you can read the manual, included in the package.


  • Includes different kits
  • Best quality corkscrews
  • Easy to use


  • Difficulty in positioning the screw


OXO SteeL Vertical Lever Corkscrew

OXO Steel Vertical Lever Corkscrew with Removable Foil Cutter
  • Lever removes cork in seconds with two easy motions
  • Works with natural and synthetic corks
  • Die-cast zinc handle with soft, non-slip grip provides leverage for comfortable use
  • Removable foil cutter stores on the Corkscrew for quick access and convenient storage

It is one of the reliable wine openers, having a simple design for opening the bottle. The lever and other parts of this corkscrew are highly durable. The lever is effective at removing the cork within few seconds. You need two steps for opening the cork. Position the handle vertically and place it on your bottle. Push down the handle and then, pull it up. These steps will remove the cork from your bottle.

The cork works with both synthetic and natural corks. The handle of the corkscrew is made of die-cast zinc. The non-slip grip is one of the best features of this handle. The foil cutter is easily accessible. The device helps in releasing the cork automatically. The screw is non-stick and can glide into your cork very smoothly.


  • Comfortable to grip
  • User-friendly
  • Includes one additional screw


Must have better durability


Brookstone Compact Wine Opener

Brookstone Compact Wine Opener
  • Brookstone Compact Wine Opener
  • Open any wine bottle in just 3 seconds
  • Lever-pull design makes opening effortless
  • Extra-long handle provides greater leverage

Are you looking for the most portable wine opener? Brookstone has offered the best product to you. The overall design is very stylish and sophisticated. In terms of functionality, this wine opener performs the best. Most of the users have found that this accessory is capable of opening the bottle within 3 to 4 seconds.

The effortless opening is one of the advantages to the new users. The ergonomic and comfortable shape helps you in gripping the system easily.

The handle of the corkscrew is much long, and one motion is effective at the removal of any type of cork. However, this long handle will not cause a problem in storage. The metal handle, combined with the metal screw, has created a durable unit. You may buy it for your bar to open several wine bottles.


  • Ergonomic
  • Sleek in design
  • Compact for storage
  • Smooth action


  • Costly



To conclude, we can say that we have reviewed the best wine openers. You must not try out any other DIY tool to open the bottle. The specially designed openers help in unsealing your wine bottle very easily. These kits are the most essential items to the wine enthusiasts. For a wine party or any other social gathering, you may invest in the wine openers. We have analyzed the featured of all the wine openers. You can have a view at them to make a purchase.

If you are looking for the electric wine bottle opener you can read our reviews here.

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