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Date: June 28, 2019

Best Video Baby Monitors - Top Models Tested And Reviewed 2020

After pregnancy and childbirth comes the baby cries, the long nights of staying up, and breastfeeding. These first few months of the baby’s life are incredible and special. The babies grow up so fast so these first few months should be treasure. Most parents don’t want to miss out on any aspect of this stage, and with the constant evolutions and advancements in technology, it is very possible.


Through the aid of a video baby monitor, you can constantly watch your baby. The first smile, those times they just produce a cheeky appearance, and those absolutely relieving times when they finally succumb to sleep. You can watch all these and more through the video baby monitor. Moreover, there’s a video baby monitor that is ideal for you irrespective of your family lifestyle. You can easily notice when the baby face scrunches, that it’s time to eat. You can detect movement and know when to change the nappy. In all, the video baby monitor can make the difference between a stressful experience and an awesome one.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Video Baby Monitor

There are several factors to consider when making a choice for the best video baby monitor. This buying guide should help you in making the best choice.

Audio Quality

Babies cry, especially when they need something. As a parent, you have to be attuned to the cries of the baby no matter what corner of the house you are in. This is why the best video baby monitors should come with a topnotch sound quality.

Range capabilities

This is another essential factor you have to take into consideration. What is your need for the baby monitor and what range will be most appropriate? If you have a large house, you have to make sure that the video monitor will be accessible to you from any corner of the house. There are some very long range video baby monitors that you can access from remote locations.

Camera Option

If you want to view all angles of your baby nursery, then it is important that the video camera supports multiple cameras. For instance, with the Infant Optics DXR baby monitor, you can view from four cameras at the same time.

Battery Life

This is another factor that you don’t want to joke with. Ensure that you read reviews to know the quality of the monitor battery. The best video baby monitor is one with a battery that allows you to continue streaming for a long period of time just like the Eufy Security Spaceview Video Baby Monitor.


You don’t want to spend much time setting up the baby monitor. So, you have to ask the question of how easy it is to set up. While some topnotch devices require zero installation, you can just start using it straight from the box. Others have a very easy and quick installation process.


You should also check the display quality of the video baby monitor. Does it offer high-resolution? A good display should offer high quality video and picture quality.

If you’re a new mother or father and you’ve spent an excessive amount of time searching for the best video baby monitor, read on to learn more about the top three best video monitor for baby.

Top 3 Video Monitors for Baby

Eufy Security Spaceview Video Baby Monitor

Video Baby Monitor, eufy Security, Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio, 720p HD Resolution,...
  • Sweet Dreams on the Big Screen: The large 5" 720p video baby monitor display shows a sharp...
  • Ready for Their First Steps: When your baby starts to walk and run around, just attach the...
  • Pan from Pillow to Pinky Toes: Pan the lens 330° to see corner-to-corner and tilt 110°...
  • Instant Alerts: Get alerted immediately from the video baby monitor when your baby is...

This video baby monitor has only been on the market since September, 2018 but since then, it has topped the charts as one of the top best baby video monitors. Its features are superior to the majority of video baby monitors on the market. The Eufy Spaceview monitor is a monitoring system (high-resolution) that enables you to constantly watch over your child from any location in the house. This monitor/camera combination will make you aware of when your baby starts crying.

Even after the babies become kids, this monitor is still useful. Its resolution display produces clear and sharp pictures. It has a tilting functionality that sees corner-to-corner of the nursey at 330˚ and floor-to-ceiling at 110˚. Rather than Wi-Fi, the Eufy Spaceview monitor depends on reliable local video feed.


  • It can be used straight from the box with no installation
  • Parents can know the temperature of the nursery room through the included thermostat
  • Direct communication with the baby is enable through the inbuilt speaker and microphone
  • It can be used throughout the day without a need to recharge


  • Without Wi-Fi, remote viewing while you’re out of the house is not possible


Infant Optics DXR 8-Video Baby Monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens
  • 2020 Award Winner: Babylist Best Baby Monitors Of 2020 *(Awarded On January 8, 2020)
  • Perfect Size & Weight Ratio - No Large Batteries To Power Energy-Hungry Large Screens. The...
  • Full Viewing Control - The Dxr-8 Is A Baby Monitor With Camera Features Such As...
  • Robust And Mature Hardware - The Dxr-8 Is Fine Tuned And Refined Over Years Of Iteration...

Of course, the Infant Optics DXR made it to this list of the top three best video baby monitors seeing as it reaches the standard and goes further to include extra features, making it an outstanding unit. Moreover, the Infant Optics brand is recognized for delivering the highest quality of video monitors for babies since 2011.

This DXR unit boasts of secure video and audio footage, great battery life, and compatible lens technology. This incredible unit requires zero setup, you can simply plug it in and enjoy its awesomeness. Its LED bar is activated with sound such that even when the screen is dark, or it’s night, you can still maintain awareness. For its standard and compared to most of its competitors, this DXR monitor is an inexpensive video baby monitor. It is designed not to hog the screen of your phone and it has high security from hackers.


  • The display has the capacity to view up to four cameras simultaneously
  • Provides a long battery life that can last up to 6 hours as live screen, and 12 as audio-only
  • Charging issues are eliminated with the extra cable included


  • It lacks a HD screen resolution
  • It cannot detect movement


ANMEATE Digital 2.4Ghz Wireless Video Monitor

Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera, ANMEATE Digital 2.4Ghz Wireless Video Monitor with...
  • High quality color screen: This unique baby monitor features a High Resolution Display...
  • High definition night vision & temperature monitoring: This baby monitor with camera has 8...
  • Two way talking & long transmission range: The video monitor covers a transmission range...
  • Easy installation & high capacity battery: Simply plug in camera and monitor to use this...

This Anmeate Digital is one of our top choices because of its incredible features. This impressive Anmeate unit is designed with a high-resolution display that covers a wide range due to its 2x magnification and gives you clear pictures. This unit is ideal for proper monitoring of your baby irrespective of your location in the home. With the screen, you can clearly stream the actions of the baby as well as zoom in to know the ongoing in the environment where your baby is.

Amazingly, it is manufactured with an 8-infrared LED Lights digital camera that enables high contrast in darkness. This way you are guaranteed to see your baby from your location either day or night. The Two-Way Talk Back Communication mode allows you to relate and communicate with your baby directly.


  • There are four lullaby songs included that you can play to your baby
  • Loud speakers ensure that you hear the sound of the baby
  • Installation is easy
  • You can monitor the temperature of your baby’s room to know when it is too hot or cold
  • A full money back warranty within 3 months
  • The picture quality is awesome


  • The camera can’t be moved remotely as it has to be manually operated.



If you want to improve the techniques you employ in monitoring your baby, then you should greatly benefit from video baby monitors. We have reviewed the top three best video baby monitors on the market today. They each have impressive features such as bright display, great battery life, quality audio and a standard range. However, it is still imperative to ensure that your chosen unit is the best for both you and your family, hence we have also included a buying guide to help in simplifying the decision process.

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