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Author: topstuf
Date: November 22, 2020

Best Toy Fire Trucks – Top Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Children love to play with their toys though they don't like to share it with anyone except their reliable friends. Children usually take their favorite toy along with them anywhere, either it is a park or a school; they carry it along with them because they feel accomplished. So it is mandatory for the parents and their loved ones to get them reliable and safe toys.

There is an enormous range of toys available, and you have to classify which one will be best for the kids. As some toys have sharpened edge and it can hurt the kids, here we have organized some of the most demanded toy, and that is the best toy fire trucks. Fire truck toys are attractive, and several colored lights are here so the kids will love it, and those lights can move as it rotates continuously.

In this review guide, we have selected some of the most consistent and in-demand fire truck so you would be at ease while classifying the best one according to you and your child's necessities. These trucks have been manufactured by mainly reputed manufacturers to serve those little wonders with ease and effortlessness. Such trucks have classified considering the price, looks, consumer reviews, reputed manufacturers to serve you with our paramount choices.

toy fire trucks

Our apex – 3 categorized considering toy fire trucks reviews

Due to the numerous options availability, you may get distracted from buying the right one, so here we are to guide you towards the proper selection with our pinnacle choices. The classification was based on consumer reviews, and the following product holds a massive horde of happy and satisfied consumers. Have a look at them:

  1. WolVol Electric Fire Truck Toy with Stunning 3D Lights

WolVol Electric Fire Truck Toy with Stunning 3D Lights and Sirens, goes Around and Changes...
  • Bump and go action; children can watch the fire truck move forward, backward and spin 360...
  • Imaginative play; kids will love being called to an emergency to save the day; inspired to...
  • Light display; equipped with beautiful, flashing lights, this truck will deliver a...
  • Fun entertainment; children love toys with vibrant colors and sound effects; furnished in...

The wolvol electric fire truck has some 3D lights in it, and the siren is here, which provides a realistic feeling and similar to the actual fire truck. The children can watch the fire truck moving forward and backward automatically; it can also spin at 360 degrees on a flat surface. If this fire truck gets crashed, then it can automatically change its direction, which is very cool and attractive. Kids can watch it moving around, and they can learn directions through it, if you are a parent of a kid then you must tell them about the direction and how this truck is moving here and there. Kids love being called in case of emergency because their imagination is beyond our expectations; they have highly developed and enhanced learning skills due to this, they can quickly grasp several things and tries to imitate it.


  • This fire truck can move automatically
  • It consumes 3AA batteries, and that lasts long
  • An ideal gift item for the kids


  • It's sound is too loud to bear


2. Friction Powered Firefighter Rescue Fire Truck

Friction Powered Firefighter Rescue Fire Truck 1:16 Toy Vehicle with Lights, Sounds, Extendable...
  • FRICTION POWERED: Just push the vehicle forward several times, then let go and watch the...
  • LIGHTS & SOUNDS: Press the button on the driver side to turn on the lights and engine...
  • REALISTIC ACTION: Extendable Ladder and 360 Degree Swivel Rotation
  • OPERATION: Batteries already installed and included. Ready to play out of the box!

This is a friction powered truck; if you don't like the sound that the standard toy fire trucks made, then this is a toy that you was looking for. As this truck is entirely battery-free noise-free and entirely depends on the friction force, a kid can easily operate it as it is very convenient to use. For lights and sounds a kid can press the button on the driver side to turn on the lights and engine, this button works as a key to operate fire truck. The manufacturer of this truck are providing those little wonders a unique feature in which they can take out the ladder, this ladder is entirely extendable and it also have 360 degree swivel rotation. The developers have pre-installed batteries, and it is ready to play out of the box, this fire truck has a dimension of 12" length, 6" height, 4" width or breadth.


  • Easy to operate as it entirely depends on friction force
  • This toy can rotate up to 360 degrees
  • The developers are providing pre-installed batteries


  • It comes with coded batteries, and you cannot replace those batteries


3. Fire Trucks Toy Vehicle Set, 2 Pack 5" Metal Die-cast

Fire Truck Toy with Lights and Sounds, 10.5" Friction Powered Car Fire Engine Truck with Water Pump,...
  • ☞【Classic Toy Firetruck】: This big fire truck is 10.5inch, the ladder can be...
  • ☞【Real Function Truck 】: This kids firetruck toys with water tank and a water pump...
  • ☞【High Quality】: Our firetruck toy made of premium ABS plastic, non-toxic, BPA free,...
  • ☞【Great Gift Idea】: Whether you need a gift for your child's birthday, Christmas,...

This toy fire truck is unique as it has 5" ladder and 5" fire engines, which is made of high-quality die-cast metal. These things make it durable; it is made of 100% non-toxic and reliable materials to serve those tots with reliability and convenient usage. The ladder of this fire truck can be extended and rotating as well, the ladder can be extended smoothly, and the kids can also take it out. This toy requires no batteries as it is also a friction power-based toy; the best thing about this is the manufacturers are providing two fire trucks on the price of one. You can say it is the best in the world, and the kids will be happier whenever they see these two fire trucks. It is the perfect toy to keep your child engaged and diverted whenever you want to keep them busy.


  • No batteries are required
  • Entirely friction-based toy
  • The ladder can come out


  • No cons found


Here are some frequently asked questions:

What is the purpose of buying your kid a friction-based toy?

The friction-based toy will help them to enhance their fine motor skills, and they can learn directions easily.

Is it mandatory that toy fire trucks have a battery?

No! Some friction-based toys don't require a battery to operate them, and such toys are reliable and durable.

Why are the toy fire trucks red?

They are red because the red color shows the signs of danger and teach kids the water inside the fire trucks can extinguish the fire.

The closure

The toy fire trucks can teach your child a concept of hot and cold through its features, and the extended ladder will help them to learn the concept of high and low. Multicolored lights help them to recognize several colors, so you must buy the right toy for them and guide them to learn several new things on their basis.

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