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Author: topstuf
Date: September 3, 2020

Maternity Belt Reviews - Top 5 Best Maternity Belts 2020

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey undertaken in 9 months. Despite the hurdles and challenges it comes with, the result is a lovely bundle of joy. Over the years, women have braved the pains that come along with pregnancy with the help of innovations and technology. Growth of babies in the womb inevitably gives an added strain to the body, most times, causing waist pain and backache. Here is a detailed guide for Maternity Belt.


With the advent of maternity belts, the weight has been lifted, literally. Maternity belts are made with the intent of releasing a significant chunk of the pressure off your back. It could be worn under or over your clothes, specially designed for women who stand for a long time or workout. The belts are adjustable with particular attention to the size of your pregnancy as it grows.

Picking the right maternity belt for you is very important as each has a specific need or preference, which is why we have compiled a list of the best pregnancy support belt found in the market. This review also contains a comprehensive buying guide.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Maternity Belt

Pregnancy belts come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, designs as well as prices. It is advised that before you make any purchase, you should consider the followings to get the best pregnancy belt for you.

Belt Design

Pregnancy support belts come in different designs to choose from. Most brands make different designs available for buyers. These designs are Simple Pregnancy Belt, Pregnancy Belt with Support, Maternity belt with Cradle.

  • Simple Pregnancy Belt: This model is made with an elastic material and usually holds fast with the aid of hooks and eyes or Velcro. It is recommended for expectant mothers with round ligament and lumbar pain. These belts are available in a range of sizes, or a one size fits all for the extent of the pregnancy. Simple pregnancy belts can be worn under or over clothing and can as well be used postpartum.
  • Pregnancy Belt with Support: The second belt design comes with an added strap that sits across the belly to give extra support and hold the brace in place. This design is recommended for women experiencing severe pains or carrying multiples. They come in a range of sizes from small to large with adaptable bands that grow alongside your below.
  • Maternity Belt with Cradle: The belt with the cradle is complementing as it spreads the pregnancy weight to other parts of the body like the upper back and shoulders with the help of a support strap. If you are suffering from pelvic girdle pain or hip separation, this belt is highly recommended. The extra straps aid the belt stays in place and can be removed if not needed. Band and straps are adjustable to give a custom-made fit during pregnancy. It is better worn over clothing as it will look bulky under clothing.


This is one crucial factor to consider when purchasing a maternity belt. If too tight, your uterine pressure increases while a loose belt won't give adequate support to your belly. Before buying one, know that the measurements of the belt are in par with your belly circumference, not pant size. While choosing a belt, choose belts with adjustable straps to serve throughout your pregnancy.


Belts will most likely be worn inside your clothing expect your choice differs. However, belts with straps are better worn over clothing as they may look chunky under clothing. Choose the style that works well with you.


The material used for the belt should be taken into consideration; some materials may be coarse on sensitive skin type or cut into the skin; this will instead lead to discomfort. Some materials also cause itching and may start a rash eventually.

The very reason you stumbled upon this review is to choose which brand of pregnancy support belt to purchase. In no particular order, the five best belly belts for pregnancy are enlisted below.

Top 5 Maternity Belts

NEOtech Care Brand

This belt possesses extra support and is adjustable to accommodate further growth of the abdomen. It has a multilayer of nylon and cotton, which aids ventilation. Its fastening system is the Velcro band; specially designed to assist those with back pain due to the pregnancy. The pressure is evenly distributed across the area the belt covers. It has a wide range of sizes from S to XXL; the size specifically being the circumference of your belly.


  • Possesses a customizable double-sided Velcro band.
  • The abdominal pad is comfortable.
  • It is made with an elastic, breathable fabric.
  • It is easy to wear and carry around.
  • Possesses a lift attachment to hold the belt in place.


  • Its smallest size; S is too small.


AidBrace Maternity Support Belt

AidBrace Maternity Back Support Belt - Breathable Prenatal Pregnancy Belt, Belly Band Back Brace for...
  • IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF - Gently lifts the abdominal area to relieve back, pubic, and pelvic...
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT AND SUPPORT - The extra strength band helps reduce joint fatigue and...
  • VERSATILE - Our belt promotes proper posture and balance during pregnancy while being able...
  • RECOMMENDED BY MOMS! - Every Mom knows the hardship and pains during pregnancy. The most...

This is an uncomplicated pregnancy belt which lifts the abdomen when in use and immediately relieves pain at the back and pelvic area. It is made with soft, multilayered nylon and cotton lining; hence, aiding ventilation; Proper posture is also promoted while using this belt. This belt is also enhanced to stall the formation of stretch marks across stretched skin to avoid restriction of the baby’s movement. This belt also relieves muscle soreness and joint fatigue. It is highly recommended during the 2nd half of your pregnancy.


  • Made of lightweight material.
  • Aids proper posture while in use.
  • Relieves back pain immediately when in use.
  • Aids stall stretch mark formation
  • Soft to the skin.
  • Easily adjustable.
  • Can be used postpartum.


  • Not durable over a long period.


NU MOMZ Belly Band

Nu Momz Maternity Belt, Breathable Belly Band for Pregnancy, Premium Pregnancy Belt for Back, Hip &...
  • PAMPER YOUR PREGNANCY with our exclusive comfortable and breathable abdominal liner...
  • STAY COMFORTABLE Our abdominal binder not only wraps firmly and comfortably around your...
  • MAINTAIN CORRECT POSTURE Maintaining comfortable and stable support greatly helps to...
  • The Nu Momz Belly Band is an all inclusive maternity support band for sizes up to 50"!...

This product boasts of being the best support belt for pregnancy. It comes with a one size fits all feature. Possesses an abdominal liner that is breathable and provides comfort. The elastic material it is made from gives it its durability and support around the waist. This band also relieves pain in the pelvic region and aids the abdominal muscles. Bladder pressure is said to be released as well as lessening the strain on the spinal cord. The wrap also helps in spreading the baby weight across the abdomen evenly.


  • It Possesses a breathable abdominal liner.
  • Relieves pelvic and pubic pain.
  • Reduces bladder pressure.
  • It aids in maintaining correct posture.
  • Has a convenient size that fits all.
  • Backed with one year warranty.


  • Not suitable for everyone.


Matterna Pregnancy Belt

MATTERNA Pregnancy Belt, Maternity Belly Support Band, Breathable Pelvic & Back Support Brace
  • Helps ease the discomfort of pregnancy by supporting your baby bump and providing gentle...
  • This elastic maternity belt gives support for pregnant women who seek relief from hip and...
  • A belly wrap that supports the excess pregnancy weight to prevent straining your back by...
  • Ideal for correcting poor posture and supporting weak abdominal muscles during pregnancy...

The Matterna pregnancy belt is made with breathable fabric that acts as a cradle for your baby. Just like any good maternity belt, it reduces the discomfort that comes with pregnancy by holding up your baby bump and giving light compression in the abdominal region. It is made with an elastic material and provides support to women with pain at the hip and pelvic area. This belly belt also supports the excess pregnancy weight; this reduces strains in the back by reducing the pressure in the spine. Good posture is guaranteed when using this belly wrap.


  • It can be worn under clothing as it doesn’t bulge out.
  • Its size can fit as large as 46 inches.
  • It can be used to support the abdominal area during and after pregnancy.
  • Possesses breathable, elastic material that cradles the baby.
  • Corrects bad posture as it lifts the baby bump quickly.
  • Supports the pelvic and back region.
  • It stays firm while in use.
  • It is easy to use.


  • The belt doesn't fit all sizes, especially small-sized belly.


Sui Song Maternity Belt

SUISONG Maternity Belt, 3D Design Elastic Maternity Belly Band Pelvic Pressure Relieving Pregnancy...
  • Unique Shoulder Straps: It does not hold the abdomen under pressure like other belts, but...
  • 3D Ergonomic Design: Shoulder, back and abdomen constitute three-dimensional lifting...
  • Professional Elastic Materials: Three-dimensional elastic materials can do the function of...
  • Adjustable Pregnancy Band: With our specially designed shoulder straps and belts, you can...

This is among the best pregnancy support belts because of its fashionable 3D stereo design. The mechanism behind this belt with the cradle is that of a multi-triangle principle. The fulcrum is borne by the shoulder, aided by the extra straps provided. This design reduces the joint pregnancy pains in the hips, back, pelvis and other areas prone to pain. This belt supports the uterus and lowers the pressure on the lower abdomen, helping to reduce the risk of stretch marks as well.


  • This belt possesses bionic hands design that cradles the baby.
  • It has a belly bottom brace of up to 45 degree.
  • Its bands are adjustable.
  • Its straps are removable, especially when you want to wear it under your clothing.


  • The belt is not recommended for those pregnant within 3-5 months.



Based on the buyer's guide and preferences of most expectant mothers, we rank NEOtech as the best pregnancy support belt of 2019 with 4.9 on a scale of 5 points. With a total of 4.6 out of 5, NU MOMZ is our second best, closely followed by SUI SONG with 4 points of 5. MATTERNA comes 4th with 3.8 out of 5 points while the last but not the least is AidBrace with 3.5 points of 5. We believe this review will aid you in making the best choice for you that will make your pregnancy journey bearable.

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