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Best Makeup Sponge

Applying makeup can be done via a number of different ways. However, the most effective method is by far using a dedicated makeup sponge. These convenient items will help you achieve the coverage that you are hoping for in a convenient and effortless manner.  If you want to learn more, scroll down to check our reviews of the best makeup sponges on the market today.

The factors that you should consider when picking the best makeup sponges

While sponges are fairly simple products, there are still some moving parts that you need to be aware of. Below is a brief overview of the two that you should prioritize.

The Shape

Makeup sponges come in different shapes and sizes. The teardrop design is the best one due to its ability to apply makeup across a much larger area. With that being said, other shapes offer their own set of benefits. For example, a flat sponge is better suited for liquid foundations.

The materials

The materials that were used to manufacture the sponge play a significant role in determining its softness and absorption of makeup products. In recent years, silicone has emerged as the preferred option for makeup sponges. This is mainly due to their durability and the ease with which they can be cleaned.

Reviews of the best makeup sponges in 2020

1 – Premium Beauty Sponge Makeup Blender for Powder

Premium Beauty Sponge Makeup Blender for Powder, Concealer and Foundation Applicator - Make Up...
  • EDGELESS DESIGN FOR EFFORTLESS BLENDING – The rounded sides blend large areas of the...
  • ELEGANTLY SIMPLE – YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE AN EXPERT – Discover how easy it is to use...
  • PRESERVES YOUR VALUABLE MAKEUP PRODUCTS – Your new Zenda Naturals beauty sponge will not...

This sponge is characterized by the standard teardrop design that is ideal for applying foundation and reaching every part of the face in an effortless manner. The Zenda is especially adept at covering blemishes and small imperfections in narrow areas. Using this sponge is extremely simple and its capacity to squeeze out excess liquid and disperse makeup products in an even fashion is simply immaculate. More importantly, this sponge is highly effective when it comes to preserving your products due to its minimal water retention.

The pros

  • The sponge is very easy to use
  • It does not waste your makeup products
  • It is affordable
  • The coverage is tremendous

The cons

  • It might be too stiff for some users
  • It can leave small black specks

2 – jane iredale Flocked Sponge

jane iredale Flocked Sponge, 0.07 Oz
  • The look - professional
  • The feel - luxurious
  • Cruelty-free

While this sponge is mainly designed for applying powder foundation, it is still effective with concealers and other liquid makeup products.  It features elements from the aforementioned teardrop design in conjunction with several design elements that are unique to it, namely a much flatter shape. This characteristic makes it much easier to clean and dry due to low water retention. In addition to this, professional makeup artists appreciate this sponge because of its ability to boost the staying power of the products.

The pros

  • It is effective with both power and liquid products
  • The flat shape makes for easy cleaning
  • It contributes to boosting the staying power of makeup
  • It does not irritate the skin

The cons

  • It is relatively small
  • The price to quality ratio is not very high

3 – Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Makeup Blender, Set of 2 Beauty Sponges
  • THE MIRACLE COMPLEXION SPONGE allows you to apply liquid and cream foundations for a...
  • A MAKEUP BAG ESSENTIAL: Stock your makeup case with Real Technique brushes to layer on...
  • REAL TECHNIQUES QUALITY: We're dedicated to providing high quality brushes, sponge...
  • THE REAL TECHNIQUES COLLECTION: With the makeup brush name clearly on the handle, you'll...

This sponge boasts several great qualities that ensure a smooth and hassle-free application of your makeup. It is bouncy, latex-free, and has the capacity to offer great blending. This sponge’s effectiveness is owed to a revolutionary foam technology that enhances the finish by evenly blending the makeup. While the sponge might feel a little bit stiff when it is dry, its texture becomes much more cushiony and soft. Another great thing about this product is the fact that you are getting two high-quality sponges for the price of one.

The pros

  • The package comes with two sponges
  • It utilizes a cutting-edge foam technology for superior blending
  • It does not irritate sensitive skin
  • It is adept at applying both liquid and powder makeup

The cons

  • It feels somewhat sticky
  • It is not designed to handle frequent cleaning

4 – Pro Beauty Makeup Sponge Blender

Beauty Junkees Foundation Makeup Sponge Blender - Soft Green Oval Blending Sponges, Make Up...
  • THE BEST MAKEUP BLENDER SPONGE YOU WILL EVER USE! Tired of cakey, stubborn foundation?...
  • SOFTER, SMOOTHER LOOKING SKIN: Use wet or dry, Latex Free makeup blender sponges apply an...
  • BUILDABLE COVERAGE: Get lighter or heavier coverage depending on how you apply. It absorbs...
  • AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVE: Pro quality makeup sponges for ¼ the price of sponges we’ve...

The eye-catching green color of this sponge is not the only that is noteworthy about it. This oval-shaped blender is ideal for applications that require a great deal of precision, namely work on the bridge of the nose and just under the eyes. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the sponge is also adept at covering blemishes in hard to reach narrow areas of the face. The buildable coverage that it offers coupled with its softness makes it the ideal applicator for people with sensitive skin. For a relatively low price, you are getting a level of versatility that is unmatched at this range.

The pros

  • The sponge is effective in narrow areas
  • It ensures long staying power
  • It is latex-free and does not cause irritations
  • The price is great considering its quality

The cons

  • It does not apply foundation smoothly
  • It takes too long to dry

5 – Pro Beauty Sponge Makeup Blenders – 4 pc Sample Set

Beauty Junkees Makeup Sponge Blenders Set - 4pc Blending Sponges, Make Up Applicators for Liquid...
  • THE BEST MAKEUP BLENDER SPONGE YOU WILL EVER USE! Tired of cakey, stubborn foundation?...
  • SOFTER, SMOOTHER LOOKING SKIN: Use wet or dry, Latex Free makeup blender sponges apply an...
  • BUILDABLE COVERAGE: Get lighter or heavier coverage depending on how you apply. It absorbs...
  • AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVE: Pro quality makeup sponges for ¼ the price of sponges we’ve...

The last option in our list offers the highest amount value for the money. It includes all the sponge designs that we have seen so far; regular teardrop, oval, pear shape, and sculptor. This is ideal for people who are still not sure about which design is best for their needs. While the durability of these products is not irreproachable, the versatility that they offer and the extremely low price make this set a worthy investment.

The pros

  • You are getting four different sponge designs for the price of one
  • This is an ideal option for beginners
  • The package comes with comprehensive instructions
  • The sponges are easy to clean

The cons

  • They absorb too much of the product
  • The sponges might be too dense for some applications

The verdict

If you have never applied makeup with a sponge, we hope that this guide has convinced you to get one. Once you use it for the first time, you will notice an immediate improvement in every single aspect of your makeup and you will never be able to go back to other methods of application.

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