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Author: topstuf
Date: August 25, 2019

Best Golf Bags - How To Buy One & Top 5 Products Reviewed

Whether this is your first golf bag or your current one has fraying pockets and a dead stand, investing in quality is a must. You probably wonder what to pay attention to in a new bag – no surprise with so many options out there. You will find reputable brands, as well as no name manufacturers.

Golf bags have come a really long way over the past years. They are no longer basic and coming with a simple stand and a few pockets. Instead, they feature all kinds of fabrics and materials, designated pockets and an ergonomic design to ensure portability.

A simple search over the Internet will most likely confuse you. There are literally hundreds of models out there. Most importantly, the one you choose must match your personal needs and not the other way around. Second, you have to research products in this range. This is when it gets overwhelming.

Some of the best golf bags stand out in the crowd, whether you count their popularity or the amount of positive golf bag reviews. Those are the front runners and the main recommendations from any professional – they are durable, solid, convenient and will last.

What to look for in the best golf bags

Considering each of these factors will lead you in the right direction.

Walking or riding style

Golf bags come in different styles and designs. For instance, you can run into hybrid, staff, cart, stand bags and so on. If you are the walking type on the golf field, you most likely need a classic stand bag. You may also find Sunday bags, which are much lighter to carry. A hybrid golf bag tends to have more space on the inside, but it can also be easily carried away due to its adjustable straps.

On another hand, if you are into carts and you enjoy the ride, a staff or a cart bag will do the trick. As you can see, different purposes ask for different bags.


How is the best golf cart bag organized on the inside? Again, different bags have different styles, hence the necessity of analyzing your necessities. A proper bag is supposed to prevent your clubs from smashing or scratching one against the other. Some of them rely on dividers from top to bottom. They separate a series of pockets. You can have three, five or more pockets. The rule is pretty simple – make sure you are comfortable.

Most beginners can get along with one pocket for woods, another one for irons and a few more for middle and long irons.


The bag must be comfortable if you plan to carry it. In other words, you need a good strap. At this point, it should be properly padded, but also wide. Adjustability is a must too – it must fit your body. Basically, the bag should be square on the shoulders, but also has a lean for the clubs to stay inside.


A single club is not too heavy. Add a few more and you are still alright. Bring in a heavy bag and you might feel uncomfortable. Top manufacturers try to keep the weight to a minimum – just enough to stay sturdy. But then, some of them are lighter than others and can go down to three pounds in weight. It is all in the materials used in its composition.

While not always a general rule, it is said that a lighter bag will last less than a heavy one. You have to choose – comfort or durability.


No one pays attention to hooks for random stuff, but you will realize their importance when you actually need them. A clip for an umbrella? Plenty of bag tags to display? A place for your towel? All these little details make the difference. More hooks will not add too much to the bag weight, but they can make your life easier.


Finally, consider a bag that will store everything you need for a round – gloves, tees, rangefinder, some snacks, balls, clubs, water and so on. A small pocket for valuables will also help.

Now that you know what to look for in golf bags with full length dividers, what are the best rated products on the market?

Top 5 Golf Bags

Founders Club Premium Cart Bag

Founders Club Premium Cart Bag with 14 Way Organizer Divider Top (Orange and Black)
670 Reviews
Founders Club Premium Cart Bag with 14 Way Organizer Divider Top (Orange and Black)
  • Club Management Design Top- Molded 14 Way Top Organizer protects irons from damage as well...
  • High Quality lightweight construction – This cart bag comes with a large, reinforced and...
  • Equipped with 9 zippered pockets and 2 mesh pockets for ample storage for all your gear...
  • Plenty of add on features to make your time on the course more enjoyable and easy to...

Founders Club has created one of the best golf bags out there. It comes in a few different color combinations and it has a large reinforced base, so it can stand by its own. It has a comfortable carry strap for your shoulder, as well as two handles to lift it up and carry it.

Other than that, it features a rubberizes protective slot technology that will add to the protection of your clubs and its durability. You have a small pocket for balls and tees, as well as an insulated fridge pocket and a separate one for valuables.

It has a few outside holders and hooks, not to mention the six side pockets. On the inside, you got a 14 way divider for your clubs.


  • Clubs stored separately
  • Lots of pockets
  • Insulated fridge pocket
  • Reinforced base


  • Heavier than average

Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag

Himal Outdoors Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag with Wheels- Heavy Duty 600D Polyester Oxford...
201 Reviews
Himal Outdoors Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag with Wheels- Heavy Duty 600D Polyester Oxford...
  • Made of premium 600D heavy duty polyester oxford, tough enough to protect your golf clubs...
  • Universal size 13 x 15 x 50 inches fits all the needs of everyday life. Enough space to...
  • Advanced smooth zipper design is usable several times. The quality wheels make your trip...
  • The golf bag travel case itself comes with soft cushion and carrying handles. The velcro...

Coming in a simplistic and elegant black design, this bag from Himal Outdoors is made of 600D heavy duty polyester oxford. In other words, there is nothing to worry about in terms of durability. Plus, your clubs will be safe during transportation. It has a universal size – 13x15x50 inches, so it has enough room to store everything – from shoes and keys to clubs and balls.

Zippers are smooth and durable. In terms of transportation, you also have strong wheels for convenience. Simply grab the handle and move.

An extra double handle is on the side of the bag if you want to carry it horizontally.


  • Universal size fits most clubs
  • Can store all your golf equipment
  • Smooth zipper design
  • Durable wheels for transportation


  • The bottom is not too strong

TaylorMade Golf 2019 Select Stand Golf

TaylorMade 2019 Golf Select Stand Bag, Gray/Black
115 Reviews
TaylorMade 2019 Golf Select Stand Bag, Gray/Black
  • Bag features: 5 pounds, 6 pockets, 7 dividers, multiple grab handle top, velour lined,...

TaylorMade is known for creating some of the best golf bags for push carts, but its portfolio is much more diversified. This model only weighs five pounds, so it is easy to carry around without any strain on your arms or shoulders. It has seven dividers for a top notch organization of your clubs.

There are six pockets altogether for golf equipment and valuables. On the outside, you have a water bottle pocket too, not to mention the extra large ball pocket. You can carry it as a backpack too.

The base is solid and can stand by its own, as it has two legs.


  • Comes with a reinforced base
  • Plenty of pockets, including an extra large one for balls
  • Two legs to stand by itself
  • Multiple ways to carry it


  • Stand feels a bit fragile when the bag is full

Sun Mountain 2019 C-130 Cart Bag

Sun Mountain Golf 2019 C-130 Cart Bag GUNMETAL-BLACK-RED (Gunmetal-Black-Red)
228 Reviews
Sun Mountain Golf 2019 C-130 Cart Bag GUNMETAL-BLACK-RED (Gunmetal-Black-Red)
  • 14 individual full-length dividers
  • Ten pockets including an apparel pocket, cooler pocket, two velour-lined valuable pockets...
  • Smart Strap System attaches the bag to a riding cart with two Velcro straps which stop the...
  • Matching rainhood included

Sun Mountain golf bag comes with 14 full length dividers, so each of your clubs will be stored separately – no banging or scratching. It comes in more than 10 different color combinations. No matter what color you choose, the package comes with a matching rain hood too.

There are 10 different pockets – one for apparel, one for cool items, a few for valuables and so on. One of these pockets is water resistant, so use that one for important accessories.

It is worth mentioning the smart strap system too, which can be attached to the bag to prevent it from twisting on the cart.



  • Available in plenty of colors
  • Lots of pockets
  • Rain hood included
  • 14 full length dividers for club protection


  • Cannot really sit upright

TaylorMade 2019 Flextech Crossover Stand Golf Bag

TaylorMade 2019 Flextech Crossover Stand Golf Bag, Black
28 Reviews
TaylorMade 2019 Flextech Crossover Stand Golf Bag, Black
  • 14-Way top provides a slot for every club
  • Cart strap passthrough for easy access to all pockets; 10 Pockets
  • Large internal insulated cooler pocket
  • Easily accessible insulated water bottle pocket

Known as one of TaylorMade's best golf bags out there, this model comes with not less than 14 dividers – each club will have its own slot for a better protection. Given the amount of dividers and pockets, the bag is a bit heavier than average – 10 pounds.

Altogether, it features 10 pockets. Some of them carry special characteristics. For example, one of the internal ones is insulated, so you can keep fridge stuff in there. You also have an easily accessible insulated pocket that can hold water bottles.

The bag comes with two stands for an upright position, as well as a few straps to allow you to carry it in a few different ways.


  • Multiple pockets, including insulated pockets
  • 14 dividers
  • Can be carried in more ways
  • Lots of colors


  • Might feel a bit heavy


Bottom line, now you know what to look for in a bag, not to mention discovering the best golf bags on the market based on buyers' reviews and ratings. No matter what you are after, chances are at least one of these bags will raise to your expectations and – more importantly – your needs.

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