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Author: topstuf
Date: January 12, 2020

Best Cod Liver Oil - Top 3 Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Cod Liver oil is one of the fish oil supplement types, which is a lot more like regular fish oil, which is high in Omega-3 fatty acids to provide a range of health benefits. It includes so many inflammatory properties, and you can expect lower blood pressure, which makes it a highly reliable choice over others. Having vitamins, A, and D in excess, you can expect it to enhance skin health, boost immunity, and lot more things. Consuming it on a regular basis can boost your overall health, that's why you can rely on it.


A variety of manufacturers is offering the best Cod Liver Oil, and if you want to grab the best one, checking several factors can come in handy. Here is our list of top four picks from the plethora to help you out and grab the best deal with ease.

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Let’s get started by checking out the top 3 products to learn about more –

  1. Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil

BLUE ICE Fermented Cod Liver Oil -Non-Gelatin 120 Capsules
  • Premium Quality Fermented High Vitamin Cod Liver Oil, Capsules
  • Manufactured Date indicates freshness and date of bottling. Bottle does not provide an...

In case you want to buy capsules, you can go for fermented high vitamin cod liver oil in BLUE ICE Fermented Cod Liver Oil, which comes for quite an affordable price. It is a pure option in the whole list, and it is manufactured in a manner to offer you higher freshness. Even it is Unbleached Beeswax, which makes it highly reliable over the other ones.

Pros –

  • Unbleached Beeswax of choice.
  • It comes for an affordable price.
  • Available in various sizes.
  • Help reducing redness over the skin.

Cons –

  • Few negative reviews.


  1. Nordic Naturals - Arctic CLO capsules

Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil, Lemon - 180 Soft Gels - 750 mg Total Omega-3s with EPA & DHA -...
  • WHY COD LIVER OIL - Our classic Arctic Cod Liver Oil supports the heart, brain and nervous...
  • AWARD-WINNING FORMULA - This fish oil supplement is the winner of numerous awards,...
  • BETTER ABSORPTION, BETTER TASTE, NO FISHY BURPS - All of our omega-3 fish oil products are...
  • PURITY & SUSTAINABILITY - Nordic Naturals fish oils are third-party tested, surpassing the...

Due to a huge number of positive reviews, you can rely on the purchase of Nordic Naturals - Arctic CLO, which will be a reliable option over others. It offers you a great taste, and you can find that it is available in two different sizes to fulfill your needs with ease. It offers you a great freshness, which can make you rely on the deal.

Pros –

  • A number of positive reviews.
  • Good for heart and brain health.
  • Boost immunity and make your bones strong.
  • Break into pieces to dissolve quickly.
  • Good for people with omega-three deficiency.

Cons –

  • Few fake product deliveries report in the review.


  1. Carlson - Cod Liver Oil, 1100 mg

Carlson - Cod Liver Oil, 1100 mg Omega-3s, Liquid Fish Oil Supplement, Wild-Caught Norwegian Arctic...
  • HEART, BRAIN, AND JOINT HEALTH - A single teaspoonful of Carlson Cod Liver Oil provides...
  • AWARD-WINNING TASTE AND QUALITY - Carlson Cod Liver Oil has received numerous awards for...
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED - We source the highest quality Arctic cod off the coast of Norway...
  • IFOS AND IGEN NON-GMO CERTIFIED - To protect the effectiveness of the nutrients found in...

In case you want proper Cod liver oil, then the purchase of Carlson - Cod Liver Oil, is an effective choice. It comes for an affordable price, which can easily make you grab it. There is a number of people preferring it for liquid foam. This product is IFOS, And IGEN Non-GMO certified, which makes it highly reliable over the other ones to fulfill your needs with ease.

Pros –

  • It is IFOS, and IGEN NON-GMO certified.
  • Effective to boost immunity.
  • Available in the liquid form.
  • Freshness and purity guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  • It has a basic taste, which is easy to prefer.

Cons –

  • Retinyl Palmitate is a synthetic vitamin A.


Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Consuming Cod Liver oil on a prescribed basis will let you get several health advantages. All the advantages vary from person to person, but you can expect the below-mentioned advantages for sure. Let's have a look –

  • Vitamin A and D – People suffering from joint pain and want to treat rickets will love to prefer it. Due to the high nutrition profile, you can expect the effective result to treat pain in a couple of days.
  • Reduce Inflammation – No doubt that inflammation is a natural process and good, but if it is occurring at a slow rate, then it might be harmful. It is called chronic inflammation, but if you use Cod liver oil to treat it, you can expect reduced inflammation.
  • Bone Health – Over time, bone health is getting a common issue. To treat bone strength, you can consume this oil, and it will provide a higher amount of calcium to treat them better.
  • Eyes Health – For people with farsighted diseases, Cod liver oil is good to treat eye health. It will help to boost the eyesight and making them better with ease. Even your eyes pupil will relax and get better to light sensitivity.
  • Reduce Heart Diseases – Bad cholesterol can cause high blood pressure and clog the vessels. This oil will reduce bad cholesterol, which is good for your skin as well as for your heart health in various manners.

These are some of the major reasons that you should consider the purchase from the best cod liver oil brand to grab all the advantages.

Buying Guide – What Are Important Factors to Consider?

To select the best oil, checking Cod Liver Oil reviews, along with the below-mentioned factors, will help grabbing a quality deal.

  • Quality – You can find quality options among Cod liver oils, which will help you know which one is better and why you should grab them over others. Freshness depends a lot on this factor.
  • Nutrition Value – Always check out the nutrition value in the description section or on the website to know about vitamin A and D to get the best out of them. Make sure that there shouldn’t be any preservatives.
  • Purity and Freshness – Most of the companies are choosing their own method of extracting cod liver oil which means, all of them are not reliable at all. You have to know about the purity of content and how fresh it is.
  • Reviews – By checking reviews, you will learn about the good factors of a product. Even, it will help you know about the cons, that's why you can consider it without having a single issue with ease.

Among these factors, nutrition value and purity are two important aspects you can’t skip. Considering these will help you grab the best deal.

So, What’s The Final Verdict?

Selecting the best quality fermented cod liver oil is a bit typical as if you don't consider the top pick or buying guide. Make sure to take suggestions or consider getting examined by a doctor to ease up during the purchase.

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