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Author: topstuf
Date: September 18, 2019

Best CBD Oils For Sleep – Top 5 Reviews and Buying Guide

CBD is the new hype these days. It is not a new idea, but it came into public attention less than a year ago with plenty of benefits. You can find the best CBD oils for sleep, products for painful sensations, stress and all kinds of other modern affections.

At a first glance, most people see the CBD as a sketchy product. They know it comes from cannabis, so they assume it is part of a nonregulated market. In other words, they think it might be illegal, yet it is still legal.

The truth is that cannabis is not illegal, but a certain substance in its composition – THC. The THC is responsible for the so called high. CBD is yet another component of cannabis that has no THC in it, so it is perfectly legal.

Now, how do you choose the best CBD oil for sleep on the market? A simple search over the Internet will provide plenty of positive results – reviews all over the place, recommendations and so on. If you choose to see a doctor first, chances are you will get a completely different recommendation.

This is when you start doing your research. You need to go with a top manufacturer to prevent counterfeits, but also choose a product that works for thousands of people – in other words, lots of positive reviews.

Here are the leading products in this segment, as well as the other benefits of CBD oils and what to look for when buying one.

Top 5 CBD Oils For Sleep

Natganics Hemp Oil 1000mg

Organic Hemp Oil 1000mg - Ultra Premium Hemp Oil Drops 1000mg - Natural Hemp Oil Extract Tincture -...
263 Reviews
Organic Hemp Oil 1000mg - Ultra Premium Hemp Oil Drops 1000mg - Natural Hemp Oil Extract Tincture -...
  • ✅ Best Value: We offer our High Quality & Ultra Strength Hemp Oil in 1000 mg, Mint...
  • ✅ Health Benefits Beyond Relief: Best Hemps tincture oil drops rich in Omega fatty...
  • ✅ The Difference Is In Our Process: Our hemp is organically grown on certified hemp...
  • ✅ Extra Strength For Effectiveness: Our Hemps Oil 1000 mg potency effectively supports...

Made in the USA, the top selling CBD oil from Natganics is 100% organic. There are no chemical elements in its composition, preservatives or fake ingredients. It comes in a large amount – 1,000mg – and provides great value for money. Based on how intense your sleeping problems are, it should be more than enough for one or two months.

The oil is specifically formulated to help against sleep related problems – from insomnia and nightmares to trouble falling asleep and restlessness. This is not everything though, as you will also benefit from pain relief, omega fatty acids, heart health advantages, anxiety relief and other similar issues.

The oil is available in a minty flavor. Natganics relies on carbon dioxide extraction to sort it out. There are no solvents used in the composition. Given its organic profile, it would have been a shame to do it through another procedure.

What we like about it

  • Organically grown and fully natural
  • Helps against a series of problems
  • Great value for money
  • Minty flavor

WellGrade Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil for Anxiety Relief - 5000 MG - Premium Seed Grade - Natural Hemp Oil for Better Sleep, Mood...
1,940 Reviews
Hemp Oil for Anxiety Relief - 5000 MG - Premium Seed Grade - Natural Hemp Oil for Better Sleep, Mood...
  • FAST AND FRESH – We select exclusive fresh hemp to make an efficient and therapeutic...
  • CALMNESS AND COMFORT – Made with the 'the feel-good plant,' our oil is formulated to...
  • THE FEEL-GOOD HEMP – Unlike many other hemp oils, it includes Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty...
  • WE TAKE QUALITY SERIOUSLY – The Wellgrade Est. 2017 supplements are manufactured in CA...

WellGrade does not fool around when it comes to quality. Its CBD oil for sleep comes in 60mg bottles, yet you need to pay attention to the amounts of CBD instead. You have 600mg of CBD in a bottle, which is more than enough for two to six weeks of treatment – depending on how severe your problems are.

The oil is extracted through CO2 cold extraction procedures – the more efficient way that does not involve solvents. It is a cleaner and safer alternative to the classic option. It is specifically formulated to help you overcome sleep related problems, regardless of their nature. But then, it will also help your brain function, joint mobility, heart and mood, among many others.

Furthermore, the oil is rich in omega fatty acids that will add to your appearance. The oil is manufactured in the USA from hemp harvested from local farms – mostly from Colorado. The facility is FDA approved for quality standards and safety. There are no GMOs or fertilizers used in the process.

What we like about it

  • Extremely efficient against sleep related problems
  • Made from organically harvested hemp
  • Lots of extra benefits
  • Good dose of CBD

Wise Help Hemp Oil Drops 3000mg

Hemp Oil Drops 3000 MG - Made in USA - Premium Hemp Extract - Optimum Absorption & BIOAvailability -...
1,601 Reviews
Hemp Oil Drops 3000 MG - Made in USA - Premium Hemp Extract - Optimum Absorption & BIOAvailability -...
  • HEMP SEED OIL FOR PAIN RELIEF - The highest therapeutic grade! Hemp Oil with the most...
  • WHOLE PLANT HEMP OIL - Made from the full hemp plant (including leaves, stalks, & flowers)...
  • DELICATE CO-2 EXTRACTION - CO-2 Extracted from non-GMO Hemp Plants & Seeds. All-natural...
  • 100% USA GROWN & MADE - Grown on selected farms in Colorado. Gluten-Free. GMP & FDA...

Wise Help has created  CBD oils for sleep. Made in the USA from organically grown hemp, the CBD oil is pure and safe for most people. It is made through natural procedures, so there are no issues regarding the addition of GMOs, preservatives, solvents or other harmful substances.

Unlike other manufacturers, Wise Help uses the full plant when it creates its oils – leaves, flowers and stalks. It aims to grab all the potential benefits associated with it. Apart from providing a healthy sleep and clearing all the associated problems, it also calms anxiety, heals stress and inflammation, boosts the appearance and mind.

The CO2 extraction preserves all the healthy components of the plant, including amino acids, vitamins, omega fatty acids and other vital nutrients. It is worth noting that these drops are vegan, kosher and paleo. They are gluten free, FDA and GMP certified because of the natural manufacturing procedures.

What we like about it

  • Organic components with no chemicals at all
  • Made from the full plant for maximum amount of nutrients
  • Beneficial against plenty of health related problems
  • Improves your mood and appearance too

Half Dome Hemp Oil 35 000mg

3000 Hemp Oil Extract for Pain & Stress Relief - 2 Pack - Hemp Extract - Grown & Made in USA -...
1,378 Reviews
3000 Hemp Oil Extract for Pain & Stress Relief - 2 Pack - Hemp Extract - Grown & Made in USA -...
  • Hemp Oil That Works - Made with enhanced Hemp Oil 3000 mg, 2 pack, and loaded with healthy...
  • Quality Sleep - Our easy to take Hemp Oil makes dosing quick and easy without the bad...
  • Rich In Natural Nutrients - Hemp contains a wide range of valuable nutrients, flavonoids...
  • Grown & Made In America - New Age Naturals hemp extract is made in USA from certified 100%...

If you struggle to fall asleep and you feel restless after a long night, chances are you need a deeper sleep. Half Dome might have created the best CBD for sleep in terms of dosage. The high dose is mostly suitable to those with moderate to severe issues – 100% natural, no solvents, no GMOs and no chemicals.

Sleeping problems will be drastically reduced after the first dose, but the CBD oil for insomnia will also work against other issues. For example, you can ameliorate painful sensations, joint pains, back pains and so on. Hemp oil will also help balance your mood and reduce the feelings of depression, anxiety and stress.

It is worth noting that Half Dome produces its own CBD oil. It uses a CO2 extraction method, which is entirely natural and uses no solvents. As a direct consequence, the oil is pure and has a fine quality. Also, the oil is available in drops.

What we like about it

  • High dose for moderate to severe sleeping problems
  • Naturally produced from organic hemp
  • Suitable for a series of other health related issues
  • Easy to administer

Cannable Hemp Oil Extract 52000 mg

Hemp Oil Extract 104 000 mg, All-Natural Drops for Pain, Stress, Anxiety Relief, Deep Restful Sleep
1,591 Reviews
Hemp Oil Extract 104 000 mg, All-Natural Drops for Pain, Stress, Anxiety Relief, Deep Restful Sleep
  • CAN HELP WITH PAIN RELIEF: Studies have shown that hemp oil can help cope with pain.
  • SUPERCRITICAL CO2 EXTRACTION: The pure pressed organic extraction is processed through a...
  • BODY BALANCING NUTRIENTS: The hemp plant's unique combination of terpenes, essential fatty...
  • GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE: Our team of scientists, herbalists and nutritionists have...

Cannable is responsible for one of the best CBD oils for sleep. The product comes with a high dose, so it is excellent for all kinds of sleeping problems. You can use it for insomnia, trouble falling asleep, nightmares, a restless sleep and so on. It works against both mild and severe problems. Those with mild sleeping issues should start with a lower dose to see what it feels like.

The CBD oil is just as efficient against other issues. It may help with pain relief – all kinds of pains, heart related problems and even your appearance. It is extracted using a CO2 method. It makes it more expensive, but this option involves no solvents. The hemp oil is pure and fine. There are no chemicals in its composition, artificial flavors, colors, GMOs and so on.

For this reason, it has high amounts of omega fatty acids, which will add to your natural glow, hair and skin. The oil is rigorously tested before being bottled – there is purity and potency in literally every single recipient.

What we like about it

  • Works against both mild and severe problems
  • No artificial flavor
  • Improves hair and skin glow

Benefits of CBD oils

Most people get CBD oil for one reason or another. When hunting the CBD oils for sleep, you will obviously get all the benefits associated with the oil. However, they are formulated to work on sleeping issues before anything else. Now, what other benefits are you likely to get?

Pain relief

According to tests performed on mice, CBD oil will ameliorate all kinds of pains. In other words, it will calm painful sensations caused by injuries, recovery procedures, fatigue, tiredness, accidents and even chronic affections. How come? Easy – the oil reduces the activity of pain receptors. Instead, it boosts the natural production of dopamine and serotonin – hormones of happiness.

Anti-inflammatory capabilities

A few similar studies have shown that CBD has anti-inflammatory capabilities and will help patients suffering from all kinds of affections – joint issues, muscular pain, multiple sclerosis, arthritis (even severe cases) or migraines.

According to other studies performed on animals, CBD will work wonders against lung issues, bowel affections and pancreatitis.

Anxiety and depression

CBD oil is one of the most common recommendations against anxiety and stress. As mentioned above, it boosts the production of happiness hormones throughout the body.

There is a bit of confusion here. Those who have tried cannabis will claim that they used to feel anxious or even paranoid at times. However, such effects are psychotic and caused by the amounts of THC – none of it in the composition of CBD.

Better immune system

Most cannabinoids (components of cannabis) have been proven to boost the immune system – especially the CBD. How come? Once inside the body, it regulates overactive system. Your immune system will no longer work too hard or too little.

In other words, you can forget about random allergies and autoimmune affections – some of the most sophisticated medical issues because treatments are not clear and involve trying out different medications.

Appetite control

CBD oils tend to keep the appetite under control. When taken on a regular basis, it will release particular hormones that control hunger and help with satiety. When properly balanced in the body, these hormones will promote a healthy appetite.

Appetite issues have multiple reasons and may be caused by particular illnesses, injuries or surgeries.

Skin maintenance

If processed correctly and naturally, CBD oils will promote a healthy and beautiful skin. It is also known to keep symptoms of acne under control, not to mention dealing with eczema. When taken for skin related issues, CBD oils must be applied topically.

The severity of your skin affection defines the application. If the affection is too bad, it must be applied in an undiluted form.

Other benefits of CBD oils include:

  • Relieving nausea
  • Preventing the Alzheimer’s disease
  • Preventing cancer
  • Antipsychotic properties
  • Controlling diabetes
  • Promoting heart health
  • Reducing drug relapses

Potential side effects of CBD oils for sleep

Most people never experienced any side effects when taking CBD oil. Make sure you take the oil according to the instructions and based on the affection you suffer from. None of these effects are dangerous though:

  • Dry mouth
  • Lightheadedness
  • Fatigue
  • Hypotension

There are, however, some precautions. You should be more careful with the dosage if you suffer from any of the following:

  • Blood pressure issues
  • Motor issues
  • Being overweight
  • Being pregnant

To prevent any potential issues, make sure you stick to high quality CBD oils.

How to take CBD oil

The dosage varies from one patient to another. There are more factors to help you decide, such as the affection you try to ameliorate and its severity. When choosing the CBD oils for sleep, you should start with a low dose – 5mg or 10mg doses, twice a day. If you suffer from severe sleeping issues, you can start with higher doses too – such as 25mg.

Doses can be smaller for other affections, such as chronic pain – 5mg a day. Those who take CBD oil for multiple sclerosis should take 80mg a day for at least a couple of weeks for the symptoms to soothe.

If the dose is not enough to calm such symptoms, you can double up the dose over three or four weeks. The higher the dose is, the more likely you are to experience any of the side effect – nothing to worry about though. Ideally, you should gradually play with the dose until you find the right one. What works for some patients will not work for everyone else.

Now, what do you have to look for in the best CBD oils for sleep?

What to look for when buying CBD oils

When thousands of people recommend a particular CBD oil, there must be something good about it. Simply put, it pays off learning from others’ past experiences – just make sure they have the same problem.

While many CBD oils are similar in price and concentration, there are a few general aspects to pay attention to.

Extraction method

CBD oil is extracted from cannabis. There are a few different ways to do it and just like you have probably guessed already, some of them are better than others. Some of the cheapest oils are done through inexpensive methods that involve using lots of chemicals and solvents – butane, propane and so on. Is this the kind of substance you want to take, even if the oil helps with various affections? Exactly!

Some other companies rely on ethanol – a grain alcohol – that will clear some toxins. But on a side note, it is quite good at clearing the natural wax off the plant too, which means the oil becomes less potent.

Instead, you have to focus on manufacturers using the CO2 extraction method. It involves carbon dioxide at high pressures and low temperatures. This way, the oil is successfully kept pure. The method is quite expensive and involves using more sophisticated equipment, but it is qualitative and safe.

Such methods are also environmentally friendly.


There have been multiple tests performed on CBD oils, only to be proven fake – hence the necessity of buying from a reputable company. Practically, low end manufacturers advertise for CBD, yet they only bring in similar flavors – no actual CBD at all.

On another note, bioavailability also targets the manufacturing process. Again, the CO2 extraction is the most efficient one in terms of preventing degradation.

The industry keeps pushing for more tests – there are thousands of ongoing research studies on CBD and most of them are encouraging. CBD can work wonders, but it can also get expensive as a long term treatment. Maximizing its bioavailability can lower prices in the long run.

As for the actual ingestion, it seems sublingual and rectal administrations are the most efficient ones. Ingestion is also efficient, but not as much. Some experts think that vaping will also come up with a high bioavailability.


The best CBD oil comes from the best source, so you need to consider this aspect as well. Where was the cannabis grown? How was it grown? What kind of species has the manufacturer uses?

Why is this so important? Easy! Cannabis is a hyperaccumulator. It absorbs anything around it. It absorbs the good things, as well as the harmful ones. From this point of view, organic cannabis is the optimal solution for quality.

If the soil is polluted, those plants will be polluted as well. To make sure you do not expose yourself to harmful chemicals or heavy metals, opt for manufacturers that source their oils from organic and certified farms. Many of them are established in Colorado, USA, but you will find just as many in Europe – Germany in particular.

Besides, rules in Europe – especially in Germany – are much stricter than in the USA, so you can leave yourself in good hands. A reputable manufacturer will also be able to provide certificates of provenience for its customers’ peace of mind.

Greenwashing techniques

Even if you can actually save some money by buying no name CBD oil, most experts recommend legally sold products with 100% transparency.

For instance, some companies mix their CBD oils for sleep with various superfoods to give you even more benefits – more likely, moringa. But for moringa to be efficient and useful, the antioxidant requires a relatively large dose. If a CBD oil dose barely has 2mg of moringa and you require 7,500mg of it for maximum efficiency, it is obviously useless.

Such techniques are referred to as greenwashing solutions. When you see a superfood in the composition that adds to the price, make sure the oil dose has enough of it to actually benefit from its use.

Full transparency will give you precise amounts of all ingredients. You can then research them and figure out yourself whether or not the dose will give you enough. Otherwise, they become nothing but marketing gimmicks.

Is CBD oil legal?

Most people associate the CBD oil with cannabis, which is perfectly true – it is a component of cannabis. However, the THC is what makes it illegal pretty much everywhere, which is another component. With all these, CBD is not legal everywhere.

Some countries in the Middle East have restricted it. In the USA, there are some states that have made it illegal, yet it can be taken with medical purposes. The same rule applies in Europe. While you can find CBD oil everywhere, doses are limited and controlled. When used with medical reasons, everything changes.

When not sure whether or not CBD oil is legal in your area, double check with a specialist doctor.

Frequently asked questions

Who can take CBD oil?

Given the fact that many research studies are still ongoing (yet most of them have encouraging results), CBD oil should be limited to those without any severe medical conditions. Children, pregnant or nursing women and those with severe affections should not use it, unless directed by a specialist doctor.

How much CBD oil should I take?

It depends on what you need it for, as well as the severity of the affection. Most people start with a small dose to see how their bodies react, then they increase it gradually until they reach the optimal dose for positive effects and no side reactions.

Is CBD oil psychotic?

No, the THC is psychotic – a completely different component of cannabis. This is why CBD is legal in so many places.


As a short final conclusion, CBD oil can be extremely useful against all kinds of sleep related conditions. It makes no difference what the causes are or what kind of issues you have. At the same time, it does not matter how aggressive these problems are. There are certain situations when CBD oils might represent your one and only solution.

When it comes to identifying CBD oils for sleep, a little research is mandatory. This is not the time to go cheap, thinking that you will save money if you buy a worthless product made by a random company in the middle of nowhere. If you want results, you have to opt for a quality manufacturer and a well rated product – simple as that.

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