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We all like birds and we enjoy them singing. Sadly, affection stops here. Birds can be a threat to your patio furniture, to your car, your backyard and even to your pets. Their droppings are a nightmare to clean. If you got a problem, you would need a solution. It comes in the form of a bird deterrent.

These gadgets or tools if you like are designed to scare the birds and help you get all the peace you like. There are countless options on the market, but these 5 are simply the most effective and therefore deserve a place on our list.

Top 5 Bird Deterrents

Bird-X Stainless Steel Bird Spikes Kit

Bird-X Stainless Steel Bird Spikes Kit, Covers 10 feet
777 Reviews
Bird-X Stainless Steel Bird Spikes Kit, Covers 10 feet
  • BEST-SELLING Stainless Steel Spikes provide 10 feet of coverage
  • 100% Effective, safe, permanent solution
  • Bird control spikes stop pest birds from landing on surfaces
  • Flexible base for mounting on curved & uneven surfaces

Bird-X Stainless Steel Bird Spikes Kit is a bird deterrent that changes the situation as soon as you install it. It is the most effective solution out there and it works with all kinds of birds you may have issues with. Keep in mind that this is a set so it comes ready to cover a large area.

The entire kit is sufficient for 10 square feet of area which isn’t much but is decent coverage. All the components are made from stainless steel and immune to rust corrosion and anything else. All you have to do is to install them and you are done, permanently.

The base of each unit is made to be compatible with all kinds of surfaces and to be installed on curvatures. You can even install it on uneven surfaces.


  • Very effective
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Permanent solution
  • Effective against all kinds of birds


  • Average coverage
  • Small birds may make nests inside the spikes (rare)

Dalen 016069000301 OW6 Gardeneer by Natural Enemy Scarecrow Horned Owl

Dalen 016069000301 OW6 Gardeneer by Natural Enemy Scarecrow Horned Owl
2,343 Reviews
Dalen 016069000301 OW6 Gardeneer by Natural Enemy Scarecrow Horned Owl
  • Gardener By Dalen Great Horned Owl Life-like, Natural Enemy Scarecrow helps repel birds...
  • 16" tall and hand-painted for maximum realism and effectiveness
  • This product is made in China

Dalen 016069000301 OW6 Gardeneer by Natural Enemy Scarecrow Horned Owl can be the best bird deterrent due to two reasons. The first one is efficiency, it is very effective and secondly, it can be used as a decoration for your backyard.

The tested model is well-made, strong and can withstand all the weather conditions for years. The only drawback here is the fact eyes will fade over time so you may want to protect them with lacquer or transparent tape.

The next best thing is the realistic look. The owl is made to look as much as possible to the actual predator. Thanks to this, all small birds will be scared every single day and they will obviously keep their wings away from your property. They will keep their droppings away as well.

The bird repellent here is a decent option and the best one for those who want to make their backyard look a bit better. There is no need to add that the unit is easy to install, wherever you want.


  • Realistic look
  • Effective
  • Value for money
  • Looks nice


  • Eyes will fade
  • May become useless if there are larger birds in the area

De-Bird Scare Tape – Simple Control Device

De-Bird Scare Tape - Reflective Tape Outdoor to Keep Away Woodpecker, Pigeon, Grackles, and More....
976 Reviews
De-Bird Scare Tape - Reflective Tape Outdoor to Keep Away Woodpecker, Pigeon, Grackles, and More....
  • Durable holographic pest control reflective tape. Extra thick, weather resistance and long...
  • Easy to use DIY bird repellent. Cut strips of flash tape and tie anywhere.
  • Scare birds away! A pest repellent that will save your money on bird damage to homes and...
  • Safe iridescent reflector tape entirely harmless to birds & works to protect your House

Here we have one of the best-selling bird scaring devices of all times. Basically, it is a tape that comes with a unique pattern. The pattern will create a stunning effect when combined with the sun and the wind which will, therefore, scare all the birds in the area.

You may believe that the tape can be used only once. Actually, you can reuse the tape as many times as you like. The installation is straightforward. All you have to do is to cut the desired length and tie it to a tree. You are done.

The tape is effective, easy to use and it will scare a lot of birds, all possible species in fact. All of this made us believe it is the best bird repellent tape and the one we recommend.


  • Easy to use
  • Reusable
  • Large package
  • Customer support


  • Not for windy locations
  • Fades over time so you will have to replace it

HOMESCAPE CREATIONS Owl Bird Repellent Control Scare Device

HOMESCAPE CREATIONS Owl Decoy Bird Repellent Control Scare Device - Hanging Holographic Reflective...
1,348 Reviews
HOMESCAPE CREATIONS Owl Decoy Bird Repellent Control Scare Device - Hanging Holographic Reflective...
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE – Produces the ultimate bird control combination by refracting light,...
  • PROTECT YOUR ASSETS – Easily hang and create your anti-bird zone to keep unwanted pests...
  • NON-TOXIC AND HUMANE – Scare birds away responsibly. Made from eco-friendly and...
  • PROTECT WILDLIFE – A recent study made by the AOS estimates that an average of 600...

It is a bird deterrent like no other. The package includes 2 of them and each one can be placed literally anywhere. Thanks to the unique combination of the sound, movement, and light the device will scare of all the birds. It is also a durable option.

The main advantage here is the fact this unit is 100% humane and it won’t affect birds in any way. On the other side, we have the overall simplicity and the ability to use it throughout the year, although it works the best in the summer.

The product looks nice but not especially beneficial to your backyard. You can move it to another place when needed and you can enjoy the sounds it will make while moving on the wind. Just make sure to position it with a strong medium in order to eliminate the risk of wind carrying away the device.


  • Easy to install
  • Humane option
  • Effective versus all bird species
  • 2 units in the package


  • Fades over time
  • Requires plenty of sunrays to work

Bird Blinder Repellent Wind Twisting Scare Rods

Bird Blinder Repellent Wind Twisting Scare Rods (12 inch) (Set of 5)
365 Reviews
Bird Blinder Repellent Wind Twisting Scare Rods (12 inch) (Set of 5)
  • Perfect for keeping unwanted birds and pests out of your garden and off your property
  • Protect your vehicles, property, pool, crops, siding, and more with these reflective...
  • Spiral Rods spin in the breeze and create strong reflections scaring birds from the area
  • Deterrent rods can also be used as a decorative feature

Bird Blinder Repellent Wind Twisting Scare Rods is one of those products that comes with a lot of benefits and advantages. The product we tested came in a product of 5 which allows you to cover a massive area. You can literally place it anywhere you like and it will stay there.

The main material is steel and it is coated with chrome. Thanks to all of this, the rods are immune to bad weather, water, and moisture. This makes them a permanent solution.

One package is sufficient for an average property. The design of the rods will make all sorts of sounds while spinning on the wind and repel all birds. It is even effective against large birds that cannot be scared using some other method.


  • Durable construction
  • Strong
  • 5 units in a set
  • Easy to place


  • Effective only when there is wind
  • You may need to reinforce the connecting link

How To Choose The Best Bird Deterrent

In order to find a bird deterrent that will actually help you, there are a few questions you need answers to. By obtaining the answers, you will learn how to get the most desirable product that will make sure your property is safe from birds and their droppings.

How effective it is?

The first question is used to define the efficiency of a product you are planning to purchase. Some of them are ineffective and they may look like a nice addition to the property, they don’t have a second purpose. The models we tested above actually work.

You need a product that is effective through the year and against all bird species. You probably don’t know which species live around your home, so it is better to play safe.

Is it a durable solution?

As you were able to see, some deterrents are made to last for a short period of time. They are not great and you will probably want a permanent solution. Those made from iron or stainless steel are the most durable, due to obvious reasons. They don’t require any maintenance at all.

How it will look in your garden?

One of the important factors to consider is the look of the device or a deterrent you will use. If you want to get looks and scare off the birds, use a product such as an owl mentioned on the list. Some models are made to repel birds only, while others can make your garden look better.


Bird-X Stainless Steel Bird Spikes Kit gets 4.9 out of 5 stars and it is the bird deterrent we all loved. First of all, it is made from stainless steel, which makes it extremely durable and obviously a permanent solution. It can be easily installed literally anywhere and it is effective against all kinds of birds. You get 10 square feet coverage, sufficient for most homeowners. Get a second kit and you can increase the coverage by 100%. The bottom line is that this right here is highly appealing and recommended product.

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