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Author: topstuf
Date: October 27, 2020

Best Baby Alive Dolls - Make your toddler responsible!

The toddler is the life phase of the kid in which they are competent in learning and grasping several things with ease, in this stage of their life they need to get the right equipment or the toys that help them to learn things effectively. More often, kids are fond of dolls, so being a parent, you need to buy them the most exquisite quality dolls that are laced with numerous features. These features will enable the kid to learn new stuff efficiently.


Here, we have identified a doll that will help your children to start learning effectively, and these dolls are proficient in providing the potty training to kids effectively. We are here with the best baby alive dolls which have been made considering the child's necessities; the baby alive dolls are capable sipping milk from its feeder, wow! Isn't these features are amazing.

The baby alive that eats and drinks is endowed in making the kids more responsible at an early age; numerous developers have been manufacturing several reliable baby alive dolls. Still, here we have categorized the finest quality product that will enable your child to take care of their young one as their mother does for them. The baby alive dolls have a vast bunch of its fans and lovers, preferably get one doll and look at how your baby is going to love it.

Top – 4 Baby Alive Dolls Reviews

Due to the various products availability, we have classified some of the finest quality goods, which will help your children to be proactive and the classification was entirely based on reviews. The following products are worth buying, and they have been manufacturing several reliable products for a prolonged period. Have a look at the following products to know more:

1. Baby Alive Shimmer ‘n Splash Mermaid

Baby Alive Shimmer ‘n Splash Mermaid (Blonde Hair)
  • Baby doll transforms into a mermaid with just a swish of her skirt
  • Kids can play with doll in and out of water
  • Drinks her bottle and wets her diaper
  • Includes Doll, removable top, removable mermaid tail swimsuit bottom, bottle and a diaper

here we are with our primary product, that is, the baby alive shimmer n splash mermaid who can be easily transformed into a baby by removing the skirt. This doll is waterproof, and kids can easily play with it in the water and outside as well. The developers of this product are providing several attachments as well, this doll is capable of drinking water, and it wets her diaper. These were some of the adorable features of such a doll.


  • It can be transformed to the baby by removing mermaid skirt
  • The developers are providing removable outfit
  • This doll can drink water from her bottle


  • Price is a bit higher than the product's quality


2. Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin' Lily

Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin' Lily (Blonde) (Amazon Exclusive)
  • Baby doll that eats: feed this adorable Baby Alive Super snacks doll with her special...
  • Prepare her food: Includes snack Shaper and two cans of reusable Baby Alive doll food so...
  • Baby doll poops and eats: Put baby’s diaper on and she “poops” after she eats. Kids...
  • Includes doll accessories: Doll comes with everything little ones need to take care of...

The developers of this product are providing a baby alive doll that eats and poops; the owners of such a doll need to feeds her with the give special spoon. It is a doll that can poop, and it poops after having her special meal. The developers are providing diaper, and they are also offering several accessories as well, like the outfit, spoon, snacks shaper, bowl, two reusable cans, and they are providing instructions as well. The younger mommies and daddies can feed their baby doll with ease.


  • It is recommended for the kids who are 3+ of age
  • The developers are offering various accessories as well
  • This doll is capable of eating and pooping


  • Sometimes food can be stuck in its mouth


3.Baby Alive Step ‘N Giggle Baby Black Hair

Baby Alive Step ‘N Giggle Baby Black Hair Doll with Light-Up Shoes, Responds with 25+ Sounds &...
  • Shoes light up – Baby Alive step ‘N giggle baby doll has shoes that really light up...
  • 25+ sounds and phrases - this doll responds to playtime with 25+ giggles, sounds, and...
  • Doll drinks and “pees” - all that playing is sure to make baby thirsty. Give her a few...
  • Fun accessories - lots of little mommies and Daddies wear glasses and step ‘N giggle...

Here we are with the most amazing doll that is capable of speaking along with numerous features as well. The developers have been manufacturing a doll that can speak 25+ sounds and phrases, although the developers are offering language option as well that includes English and Spanish. It is a doll that can drink and pee; these are the most lovable features which make this baby doll alive. There are various accessories that you are capable of getting, and they are the glasses, removable outfit, a bottle, a comb, and a diaper as well.


  •  It can be the finest gift to give a kid
  • The developers are providing a doll that can speak 25+ sounds and phrases
  • You will get various accessories along with this doll


  • No cons found


4. Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin

Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin' Lily (African American) (Amazon Exclusive),Multicolor
  • Make her favorite pretend snacks
  • Feed her with the special spoon
  • She “poops” in her diaper
  • Includes doll, outfit, 1 diaper, 2 one-ounce containers of reusable doll food, 3...

The developers are offering a doll that is capable of pooping in her provided diapers, and they are also offering several accessories, and that is the outfit, a diaper, two ounces containers which are reusable, three accessories along with the instructions. The buyer can feed this doll with a special spoon that is included in the packaging.


  • The buyers will get several belonging of the doll
  • You can feed her with a special spoon
  • This doll has adorable features


  • Food can leak from the doll


Here we are with some FAQs

What does the baby alive doll can do?

The baby alive dolls are capable of doing several things, e.g., they can drink, eat, pee, poop, and there are some dolls that come with a moveable mouth.

Are the baby alive dolls can speak?

There are some developers that have been manufacturing some dolls that can speak up to 30 phrases and sounds in English or Spanish, but this varies from one product to another.

Does the baby alive dolls really pee and poop?

Yes! Some of the baby alive dolls are capable of peeing and pooping; they pee and poop in the diaper, which has been provided by the manufacturers.


The final verdict

We are here with the final decision that is the baby alive dolls are capable of helping your children to become more responsible and proactive. These things will enable the child to learn several essential things at an early age. The baby alive dolls come with numerous realistic features, and these features make them more adorable and loveable. We hope the information mentioned above have helped you to know more regarding the baby alive dolls and what is the primary benefit of using them.

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