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Author: topstuf
Date: September 20, 2019

Best ATV Sprayer - Top 5 Reviews and Buying Guide

Do you need to spray chemical solutions and water on the tight, small areas? You may find difficulty to do it in a manual process. Especially, the pastures, potholes, field borders and road ditches make it much challenging for you to spray liquid solution. To solve this problem, you can invest in the best ATV sprayer.

All-terrain Vehicle sprayer is one of the innovative tools, helping you to spray pest control chemicals and pesticides on your farm, garden and lawn. With this sprayer, you can cover a vast area within a short time. We have reviewed the most popular ATV sprayer models.

Top 5 ATV Sprayers

Chapin 97300 15-Gallon 12v ATV Spot Sprayer

Chapin 97300 15-Gallon 12v Deluxe Dripless EZ mount ATV Spot Sprayer
192 Reviews
Chapin 97300 15-Gallon 12v Deluxe Dripless EZ mount ATV Spot Sprayer
  • Configured to mount to your standard ATV, UTV or lawn tractor
  • 15-Gallon heavy-duty, translucent, chemical resistant tank with a 5-Inch wide tank opening...
  • 2.0 gpm, 12-volt diaphragm pump with quick connect alligator clips
  • Maximum pressure of 70 psi delivering a 26-foot max vertical spray and a 30-foot max...

When you are looking for ATV mounted sprayers, Chapin 97300 is the right option to you. The tank, integrated to the sprayer, has the capacity of 15 gallons. Moreover, the corrosion-proof design has made the model long lasting.

Chapin has offered one of the powerful models, as the sprayer includes 12V diaphragm pump. The alligator clips help with the faster attachment. Another thought of this product is the double filtration unit. It helps the sprayer to work fast and to serve you for several years. The liquid content, sprayed by this sprayer, can reach a distance of 26-30 ft. You can spray both vertically and horizontally.


  • The tank has chemical resistance
  • Tank opening is wide, making it easy for you to fill with the desired content
  • High-performance sprayer
  • Heavy-duty construction​​
  • Translucent tank


  • Risk of crack for the intense pressure to the shut-off valve​

Precision Products TCS15 Spot Sprayer

Precision Products TCS15 Spot Sprayer, 12-Volt, 15-Gallon , White
203 Reviews
Precision Products TCS15 Spot Sprayer, 12-Volt, 15-Gallon , White
  • 15-gallon, 12-volt spot sprayer; up to 60 PSI
  • Thumb control with adjustable tips and 15' hose
  • Attach to any 12 volt battery to spot-spray weeds in yards or other areas
  • Heavy Duty plastic tank with drain plug; can be mounted in the rear basket of ATV's or...

We have chosen it as the best sprayer for ATV, mowers, UTV and lawn tractor. You can find this product with two available sizes- 15-gallon and 25-gallon. You can spray the chemical at a pressure of 60 PSI. Precision products has offered a battery-operated sprayer, and this sprayer works with 12 V battery.

The manufacturer has used heavy-duty, quality plastic for designing the tank, integrated with a drain plug. You may install it in your tractor or ATV’s rear basket. You can easily spray on the weeds. Every minute, the pump can turn out 1 gallon of water. From the customers’ reviews, we have found that your spray may reach a distance of 10 to 15 feet. Most of the users think it to be the best performance of the sprayer.


  • Easy to mount on your ATV
  • Thumb control
  • The attached wand helps in controlling the spraying activities


  • Loose bolt and screws

Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer

Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer - 8-Gallon Capacity, 1 GPM, 12 Volt
189 Reviews
Ironton ATV Spot Sprayer - 8-Gallon Capacity, 1 GPM, 12 Volt
  • 1 GPM Ironton pump with durable chemical-resistant Santoprene and Viton components
  • 8-gallon tank is UV-resistant and compatible with virtually all pesticides
  • Gallon marks molded into tank make it easy to monitor fluid levels
  • Tank has a 3 1/2in. opening and an easy-empty bottom drain

We have picked it for you for its sturdy design. Its 8-gallon tank is the best for your everyday spraying activities. This chemical-resistant and UV-resistant tank is made of Santoprene. Thus, tank does not react with the pesticides and fertilizers, put into it. The width of the tank opening is 3½ inches.

Although other sprayer tanks are wider, this product does not cause any issue to you. It enables you to pour the liquid into the tank very easily. The tank structure has also gallon marks. You can check out the amount of fluid, present inside it. You can find a spray gun nozzle with the package.

Horizontally, the spray distance can be 20 feet. However, vertically, it may reach up to 12 feet.


  • Boomless design
  • High-quality tank
  • Bottom drain feature for easy empty
  • High spraying distance
  • Versatile sprayer


  • Pump is not of high standard

Happybuy Spot Sprayer 15.8 Gallon

SEAFLO ATV Spot Sprayer - 12 Volt, 3 GPM, 15 Gallon
32 Reviews
SEAFLO ATV Spot Sprayer - 12 Volt, 3 GPM, 15 Gallon
  • 4 Year Warranty comes standard on all Seaflo products
  • 12 Volt, 3 GPM, 60 PSI, Self priming diaphragm pump
  • 100% Continuous Duty
  • Santroprene diaphragm and Viton valves for superior reliability and chemical resistance

Integrated with a high-capacity tank, this ATV sprayer is the best choice to spray the chemical solutions on your lawn, garden or agricultural land. The tank is capable of holding 15.8 gallons of liquid solution or water. This is one of the highly durable parts, and you may use it for your everyday spraying activities.

In addition, the tank design is unique, as the manufacturer has used polymer for the thicker walls. This material is UV resistant and chemical resistant.

The perfectly engineered sprayer helps in dispersing the water uniformly all over the area. Due to the micro-flow action, the sprayer enables you in the distribution of water droplets.

Overall, the structure of the system is not much complicated. Thus, you may invest in this 12V ATV sprayer to save your effort and time.


  • No risk of corrosion from the chemicals
  • Long lasting sprayer
  • Easy to operate
  • Works as the best boom sprayer
  • High-performance diaphragm pump


  • Tubes can be loose

Seaflo ATV Spot Sprayer

SEAFLO ATV Spot Sprayer - 12 Volt, 3 GPM, 15 Gallon
32 Reviews
SEAFLO ATV Spot Sprayer - 12 Volt, 3 GPM, 15 Gallon
  • 4 Year Warranty comes standard on all Seaflo products
  • 12 Volt, 3 GPM, 60 PSI, Self priming diaphragm pump
  • 100% Continuous Duty
  • Santroprene diaphragm and Viton valves for superior reliability and chemical resistance

If you are looking for a four-wheeler sprayer with automatic water pump, you can invest in this product from Seaflo. With a capability of working consistently, this sprayer has gained the trust of most of the users.

The water pressure of the sprayer is 60 PSI, while the flow rate of this system is 1GPM. The tank is stable and is made of polymer. You can find it to be much long lasting. Viton valves is also reliable with high chemical resistant capability.

Due to this valve, you can find better pressure relief and pressure discharge. The dial readings are also much user-friendly, and you may adjust the program easily with this part.


  • Translucent tank helping you to see the content from outside
  • Large handles
  • Easy to store


  • Wand has to be of higher quality

How To Choose the Best ATV Sprayer

For selecting the best ATV sprayer, you need to understand your requirements first and then look for the features into the product before making the final decision. Take a look at the factors below to understand better.

Is the sprayer tank size important?

Tank capacity is one of the major factors to the ATV sprayer users. Based on the tank size, you can find a difference in the frequency of refilling it. After choosing the tank, you may also decide on the amount of chemicals that you should purchase. For instance, while it is a small garden, and your tank is very big, you have a chance of wasting the chemicals.

What is GPM, mentioned by the ATM sprayer manufacturers?

GPM indicates gallons per minute, and the manufacturers mention it to denote the flow rate of their sprayer. When the GPM value is higher, the liquid will flow at a faster rate. Conversely, the lower GPM value represents that less amount of liquid can come out of the sprayer in a particular duration.

However, you must also check the PSI value of the ATV sprayer. The best fact is that most of these modern sprayers help in adjusting their flow rate. Thus, you do not need to set the highest rate in all cases.

How does an ATV sprayer perform its function?

One of the major tasks to you is to ensure that you have secured the tank firmly to your tractor or ATV. You can fully mount it to your ATV. You may place a strap on your tank for having the measurement. Based on the amount of surface needed, you can prepare the chemical solution for pouring it to your tank.

What are the various parts and features of the ATV sprayer?

ATV sprayers or fourwheeler sprayer comprises different parts, and the most important one is the pump with a definite output capability. Another part of the sprayer is the tank that has to be easily cleanable. There is also a pressure controlling system. While you are on your ATV seat, you can control the sprayer pressure very easily. Moreover, the sprayer comes with various attachments. Other notable things of the sprayer are Forkable points that help you in lifting the sprayer very easily.

What are various types of ATV sprayer?

One of the categories is boom sprayers, fitted to bigger tanks and pumps. You can find a spot wand with a boom sprayer. It is better to have a larger vehicle for your boom sprayer. However, another option for you is the boomless sprayer, attached to your vehicle’s side portion. You may also find angled sprayer, intended for the sprayer to any direction.

What are the materials, used for ATV sprayer?

You may find the difference in the materials, based on the manufacturers of ATV sprayers. In some units, you can find plastic parts. However, they are not much chemical resistant. You may also check out the valve materials. Cheaper plastic valves do not have high efficiency. The sprayers are also equipped with brass nozzles with long lasting design. Thus, you need to know about the quality of materials, applied for the ATV sprayer.


From the above review and comprehensive guide, you could easily make out the ATV sprayer of your choice. As you have no time for researching on various ATV sprayers, we have picked the most reliable ones for your purpose. We have analyzed the feedbacks of various customers to know the sprayer that fits best for your needs. Choose the high-quality sprayer for ATV and use it for spraying the pesticides, fertilizers and other fluids. In most cases, the gardeners and farmers look for these tools for their user-friendliness, portability and controllable features. You can spray the solution over a large area within a short time.

The top 5  ATV sprayers that we have reviewed are the most popular models in the market. You can go through the details of those sprayers and the integrated parts to make a purchase.

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